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  1. Hey guys! I've been having a problem with my secondary internal hard drive. its a WD 1.5tb. I only use to to store movies , music and pics. But whenever I watch a movie my computer stalls out for a good 2-3 minutes and the same thing happens when I play music. But If I move the files I'm going to use to my master drive everything plays fine. Is this a sign that my secondary drive is bad? This has been happening for awhile. Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys I've had this Omaura TF8 HTPC for awhile now and I've upgraded it over time and now its getting to the point where I can only run it with the cover off. So I searched around and found a pump and reservoir that would fit just fine but I cant seem to find some type of low profile Radiator. I found out that if I dremel some small brackets down I can fit my 2TB hard drive under my cdrom drive leaving a bunch of space for the pump reservoir and radiator. But I've never put together a cooling set before so I was hoping what types of tubing you think I should use for use a such small case... or if that even matters... or any problems Id run into trying to set it up Any help would be great
  3. By the way its a GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L LGA 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
  4. Mobos Dead : i removed the mobo and replaced it with an old one with a bad bios chip and everything started up just fine, i then placed the newer mobo back in and didnt turn on, sucks only had it about 2 months. Is there a way to fix this mobo myself? or is it trash .
  5. So I just got back from vacation and went to turn on my HTPC and it wouldnt power on at all even though I had it connected to a surge protector. So I took out the power supply and it worked fine on my other pc... i just went to sleep after and now at work so I havent had a chance to test anything else but I feel the only possible thing that it could be is the motherboard because its not powering on what so ever. Other than that I thought it might just be the power button on my case but still that seems to be far fetched... Does anyone else have any idea what it could possibly be?
  6. On newegg it says the standard memory is DDR2 800 ... it is possible for me to go with DDR2 1066 ? im not sure heres the mobo: MOBO and this is the ram i wanted to get .. seems like itll work but not sure if this it too fast for that mobo: RAM also do u think i can get away using a DDR2 800 ... im getting the ram for gaming i like to play while listening to music and 2GB ddr2 800 that i have now isnt doin it that well
  7. So my 2 year old Foxconn MicroATX board just crapped out on me hard, I've been meaning to do some research on a new board but i've been swamped at work. Anyone purchase one lately? Its for my HTPC, I play a couple games on it as well.
  8. My HTPC has always had alot of heat and ive spent a couple bills for numerous amounts of fan and they still dont do the trick. I finally want to turn to water cooling but my HTPC is way to small as it is and cant fit a thing. SO i was wondering if there were any external systems that just run the tubes into the computer for the GPU and CPU then back out into the main unit ? Any help would be great thanks!
  9. I was looking to buy another Intel Core 2 Extreme X9650 for my HTPC but i cant find it anywhere for sale ... was there some kind of recall or problem with them that I should know about? I did a search couldnt find anything
  10. I feel like its obviously true but how much different is 720p power usage compared to 1080p?
  11. So my WD passport external HD just doesnt pop up anymore when i connect it to a pc. im not sure what happened to it does anyone know how I can go about getting the files off of it? I dont want to have to pay someone to do it but I have alot of important files on it from work !!
  12. I've been trying to clean my razer lachesis and its taking forever. I tried paper towels and windex with no luck is there any way for me to take it apart that seems like the only way it would work.. and still the top texture doesnt seem like an easy thing to clean.... any help?
  13. But wires make my desk look so messy! would u recommend that new Mamba wireless mouse?
  14. I've been trying to find a wireless keyboard that works great for gaming anyone have any reviews with the one you use?
  15. Is ATI's 5750 a Low Profile card ?? because it looks like one but isnt listed as one.
  16. Micro ATX** -I'm thinking about replacing the mobo in my HTPC and was wondering if anyone knew of any that have a feature similar to instant boot or quick boot. Any help would be great thanks
  17. Has anyone used Sparkle cards before? i really cant find any benchmarks on them i was looking at the Sparkle SX96GT512D3L Can anyone Vouche for them?
  18. So I've had a HD 3650 sitting in my HTPC for about a year now and have been thinking of doing more gaming on my HTPC then usual. Also if you think its not going to give me a major boost in fps I'll just forget about it and wait awhile for a better one to come rolling out heres the specs for the 3650 via newegg HD 3650 So I'm thinking of going with this Asus EN9400GT but all that looks different is that im getting double the memory (which is nice) but for some reason only 16 stream processers when my 3650 gets 120 - do stream processers really count for a graphics boost? heres the EN9400GT specs EN9400GT The reviews are pretty shifty thats why im here asking you guys Thanks in advance !
  19. is it possible to record hd channels with windows 7 media center? because i read u can watch it just wasnt sure if u can record it
  20. I just want the case not whats inside.... any clue where I can catch one?
  21. Omaura TF 11 or TF 8 Most people don't know about them here in the US I was lucky enough to find a guy on ebay that was selling it from the uk my tf8 is gorgeous and I'm dieing to find a TF 11 but the company just recently shut down but the quality of the cases are perfect you'll probably fall in love like I did !
  22. nope! Unless I make a hole in my power supply - the card fits perfectly snug between the power supply and the back of the case -
  23. So my NZXT Duet case has been sporting a 8800 GTS for almost 1.5 years and its been giving me some issues so I decided to upgarde to the HD 4890 - what I didnt no is that the card is an inch bigger and in no way possible can it fit in this case ( it fits but no way to plug it in with the power supply being so close ) - I really liked this case alot even customized it to have a hole for a fan on top and even put a temp gauge to always tell me what my cpu temp is. But I wouldnt mind a new project --- So Should I sell the Video card and maybe this case to get a new one so that I can use this HD 4890 or do I just send the card back and look up other card dimensions? -- any help would be great ! !!!
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