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  1. I am curretly trying to get the RAM to it rated speed (2000mhz) & playing with the XMP profile. I agree with u tighter is better..
  2. manage to get to 1850mhz with 10-10-10-27... QPI 1.40v.. i'll run it for 24hrs before going higher..
  3. I have tried 1.40 on QPI/VTT voltage.. no luck..
  4. I manage to get 1688mhz on 9-9-9-24, with XMP profile disable, 1800mhz on 10-11-11-28 with XMP profile enable.. wont pass inteltestburn at 1900mhz..
  5. Checked, its not in the list.. this motherboard is old, the ram in new.. does it mean it wont reach it's rated speed 2000mhz?
  6. Hi, I just bought my self triple channel Corsair Vangeance 12gb 2000mhz with XMP. In the BIOS, there is 2 option for XMP profile. Either 1 I choose, the max speed I can get is 1800+mhz. I have try 1900mhz, crash after a few second on inteltestburn. I have tried increasing QPI volt & CPU volt but no luck. Before this, I run ci7 920 4.0gb(211x19) with memory speed of 1680mhz only (SPD:8.0). I have reach the limit on bclock (211). I have try with different SPD, the highest I can get is 1800mhz stabil. Can anyone guide me how to properly use this XMP profile. Isn't it suppose to get to 2000mhz easily since it is 2000mhz memory. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks
  7. multiplier changed.. running 200x19 now.. but requires more Vcore to stabil.. I guess I'll get the temps issue handled first before going more..
  8. to get you in the ballpark 21x195 will net you 4.095ghz cpu volt 1.30-.33v qpi 1.30v PLEASE watch your temps, like i stated before you are already saying that your hitting 90*c you may not have a good overclcoking 920. once you set that in the bios change your ram speed back close to 1600mhz Could you please state what the timmings are on your ram, I tried to look up your ram but can only guess what the timmings are. from what i could deduct they are 8-8-8-24 @1600mhz to get over your 1680mhz problem you might have to open them up to 9-9-9-24. right now I am running 190x20.. timings are 10-11-11-29 @ 1600mhz (auto).. with SPD 8.0.. it pass inteltestburn with this setting, but sometimes it crash, sometime I got black screen after boot to windows.. if it's not stabil how can it pass inteltestburn..
  9. I started form 1066, now it's at 1600.. will try you're suggestion.. how much Vcore & QPI/VTT you had on your 920?
  10. I did enable turbo mode, but it run buy multiplier 20x on idle.. sometime 21x. Do you mean put the memory on it's stock speed 1600mhz? I start by ramp-up the bclock the see how high my memory can go.. highest I get is 1680mhz..
  11. Hi, I am currently OC'ing my ci7 920, with gigabyte x58 ud4p & corsair dominator ddr3-1600. I have reach 4.0GHz (200x20). It does boot to OS, but crash after few seconds with IntelTestBurn. Liquid cooled, max temp under load 90degC. (still 1 more fan can be installed on the rad) Right now I'm running 190x20 only. Hoping to go at least 200x20. These are my settings: 190x20 CPU Ratio Setting: 20.0 BCLK Freq: 200 PCIE Freq: 102 DRAM Freq: DDR3-1600MHz UCLK Freq: 3600MHz API Link Data Rate: Auto CPU Voltage: 1.30v CPU PLL Voltage: 1.80v QPI/DRAM Core Voltage: 1.34v IOH Voltage: 1.11 ICH Voltage: Auto DRAM Voltage: 1.66v I have increase the Vcore to 1.40v(200x20), still crash. While doing test on how high my bclock can go (stabil), I am able to reach 210MHz with QPI/VTT 1.34v. Highest memory stabil clock 1680MHz with DRAM voltage 1.66v. Have I reach the limit? what else can I do? thanks
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