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    E6750 Watercooled
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    Crucial 1066 x4 gb
    1.4 V, 35C under load, 26C idle.
  1. Thats all fine and good back in 1994 when bios .bins were like 300k. All the new super overclock boards Bios .bin files are well over 2M. So how am I supposed to do it when there is no floppy that supports the file? haha. I wish I could boot from a memory stick, but from what I have read it seems incredibly complicated. Thank you for trying. LAAkuma
  2. First of all, you cannot use Asus update program to flash the bios because it will stop you saying the bios version is not compatible. So thats out. So the only way to do it is boot, and somehow get onto the c: drive and do the afu236u method. However, with XP Pro, how the hell do you do this? I installed a floppy, and I can boot to it, but then when I try to go to C: it can't, all it can go to is the floppy or the memory stick, thats it. And you can't run AFU236u from the floppy or the memory stick. So how do I boot to C: Drive so I can flash the P5E Deluxe to the Maximus Formula X48 Bios? I have Sata II HDD's hooked up, and when I do the bootdisk, I can't get to C Drive! Does anyone know how to flash the bios to another MB make/model from windows or any other way? So here again: MB model: X48 P5e Deluxe (same board as a Maximus Formula X48) XP Pro Operating System Sata 2 WD HDD's I have floppy. Please help me. LAAkuma
  3. Easy, get this one. And put 2 fans on it, 1 push, 1 pull. Its going to clock you within 40 MHZ of the ultra extreme at the same temps. Coolermaster Hyper 212 LAAkuma
  4. LAAkuma

    What The..... 3dmark Will Not Start Up!!

    I have the maximum, and the 3870, with the 8.3 drivers. 3Dmark05 will not even launch. It just hangs and goes "program not responding" this is after I formatted from Vista 64, which worked for it, and put on XP Pro with SP2. Apparently, XP cant do it with the 3870, I dont know. LAAkuma
  5. LAAkuma

    Striker Extreme On H20

    Your northbridge is not hindering you at all. And on that cooler, you should be able to get closer to 4 GHZ. running in SLI creates a TON of more heat in the case than 1 CPU. I would suggest putting a 120 MM exhaust fan on your case, and another 120 MM fan bridges across both your video cards. One thing that is not talked about is how damn hot your northbridge and system temps get when you have multiple GPU's in the case. I took crossfire out of my case, and bam, I can clock it 200 More MHZ immediately. LAAkuma
  6. LAAkuma

    Water Cooling Setup.

    -might leak -might heat up water -don't trust it -not industrial thus it sucks Your making WILD assumptions that are based on no science, and believing its real. I do this constantly, with all kinds of pumps and water blocks. For a long, long time. If you get a good pump made in Germany, or one from Japan, and it spits out equal to 3 times the volume, is quieter, is cheaper, you would be insane not to buy it. I am just trying to save you money, with a better product. Thats what this site is for. I just used Maxi-Jet as an example, you have about 15 companies to choose from. Not to mention I find the fish tank pumps much much more compact than the CPU water block kit pumps, which are way large. Consider it, its good. Don't let your pride get in the way of purchasing a better solution. The fish tank pumps are definitely, no contest a better solution. I hope that doesn't offend you, but sometimes you have to study and observe another opinion before you can accept it. Since none of you have tried it, its hard to believe it I guess. But for under $30, its so cheap to try. I have tried almost everything out there, so I can tell you from experience, so you don't have to guess. LAAkuma
  7. LAAkuma

    Water Cooling Setup.

    Are you kidding? Not made for watercooling a PC? Dude, they can be submersable OR out in the air, and are just as quiet. If you think because its 1/3 the price, and used on a fish tank its not the same thing, your confused and just completely fooled by the CPU cooling companies that want you to believe that. I can assure you, its the same damn thing. Here are some serious reviews of every water block for your research. http://www.chilledpc.co.uk/forum/archive/i....php/t-760.html http://wiki.extremeoverclocking.com/wiki/Watercooling That one is funny, it has a picture of a fish tank pump for the high end watercooling setup, because the ones the CPU companies sell is low end. LOL http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=151627 THAt last one is MUST HAVE. You can design your system perfectly using that table. And LOOK the best system has what? a Fish tank pump. LOL Take into account, you need a stronger pump the longer your hose is. Many people have 4+ feet in their systems. When you hook up a pump with so many feet, using coolant, the flow rate is more than cut in half, so you need a strong pump for best effect. Use that last link to figure it out. And please, stop making us laugh with the fish tank pumps were not designed for water cooling CPU's. lol. Comedy. Fuzion is good, I have 1 fuzion block, and 1 aqua extreme block. Its good. LAAkuma
  8. I think you need more voltage in your ram. 2 volts on the ram only? Put that stuff at 2.2 and try it again. Your SB voltage is super high. Anything over 1.5 v SB is getting high, I see no need for that. NB voltages over 1.6 are high. But watch the system temp, and don't exceed 45 C on the board or it will have problems. LAAkuma
  9. LAAkuma

    E6750 Clock Problem

    Yes, I know the problem. Its the Ram voltage, it probably doesn't have enough. Alot of motherboards "under" value the ram voltage, and you have to manually tell the BIOS what voltage your ram needs. For example, Some P35 boards in the bios put all 1066 DDR2 ram at 1.8 volts, when they are actually 2.2 V. The computer will work, perfectly with the 1.8 Volts even overlocked to 3.5 GHZ from 2.66 with the E6750, but as soon as you go to play a game, and you stress the ram, it will crash after a few minutes. At 3.5 GHZ, in windows, you can stress it out with orthos, heavyload, whatever and it wont crash, its games that crash it. Alot of people on this site, and tons of others "bullS&^T" people by posting pics of their overlock "proving" it with orthos, or prime, or whatever, but they lie because its not really stable. You can overlock a system and run those programs and get 1 screenshot, that doesnt mean that computer can play games. Who knows who tells the truth and who lies, you have to try your settings for yourself. I build computers very frequently, and overclock them all, I know all the games people play. Ram voltage is wrong is my guess. Most DDR 800 ram is from 2.0 to 2.2 Volts. Depending what kind you have. You have a ram problem for sure, 99% sure of that, and all you have to do is adjust voltage. With your system, you should be able to do say 8x400. with the following. CPU voltage at or near 1.325 volts Ram voltage from 2.1 to 2.2 volts You have to use 1:1 ratio on the ram. Try that, it will probably work. make sure your temps under full load are under 50 C. Thats a good stable computer. People run BS orthos and all kinds of nonsense, but dont take into account the video card does almost 90 C when its running, alot of them, and that is close to the CPU cooler, and heats that up as well, so the only way to test a good overlock is stress it out for hours playing games. I hope I helped. LAAkuma
  10. LAAkuma

    E8400 @ 4.2 Ghz

    download "SPEEDFAN" And post a pic of that. So you can see the CPU core temp on every core. Your readings are way off, that program you use to check temps is not working. Using the program you do, with a HUGE overclock, mine says 9 C on my water system. The real reading is 26 C. That thing is broken. LAAkuma
  11. LAAkuma

    Water Cooling Setup.

    Hello, my setup is similar to that, except I was not going to get ripped off with the lame CPU industry pumps, which are overpriced 300%. Go to the pet store, get a 1200LPH, powerhead pump for $21.99 thats smaller, and just put it directly under the liquid in the res. That res is not that good, its too small. I made my own from plastic and silicon, like a little fish tank, and sealed it shut with the pump in it. My E6750 does 3904 MHZ, at 1.5Vcore @ 35 C under full load. I have the same radiator and coolant you do, except I have an Apogee Aqua Extreme 05 CPU block 1/2". Which I tested to 5C lower temps than the Dtek one there. Get this pump: See model 1200. 22.95. All these CPU pumps are such a rip off, not even close. Plus this pump goes UNDER the liquid so it makes 0 noise. Its no contest. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...amp;pcatid=4609 LAAkuma
  12. LAAkuma

    First Build/overclock

    My friend has the exact same setup that I put together for him, same CPU, same video card, same ram, and his CPU cooler was a coolermaster TX2, which is not as good as yours. And I clocked it up to 9x378 at I believe 1.325 volts after Vdrop. And playing a game at high resolution for 1 hour, the CPU temp was 48C. I did not lap the cpu or cooler plate either. Something looks like its weird on your system, that combination you have should go above 3.4GHZ on the cooler you have, and still run under 55c under load. Put anther 120 MM fan on your CPU cooler as a pull fan, so you have push pull, take it apart again, lap your CPU flat with a stone and fine grit sandpaper, and lap your CPU cooler plate with the same, then put it back together and set the CPU fan's, both of them to 100% operation and you better get under 55c at 3.4 GHZ or something is wrong. LAAkuma
  13. I got a huge fish tank wish Oscars next to my Computer. But I can't put fish in the Res because its not water its non-inductive liquid. Its very heavy and slimy I wish I knew what I was doing, after I go into the mid 3650 range the screen starts to "glitch" every few seconds. I tried raising the CPU core way up, that did not help anything. Then I tried raising the NB, SB, and CPU TT thing up, that didnt work either. Maybe 460 FSB is the most this ram can take? I even put the ram volts at 2.3v Can;t get it to 460. What could it be? the dram timings are 6/6/6/6/15 I loosened them all up. Its making me feel noob! lol. Jeff
  14. LAAkuma

    how is this overclock

    I have a similar setup to yours, with the Crucial 1066 ram. Watercooled. I messed with it some more, and I got the ram timings to 555 12 now at 2.2 volts All I needed was CPU voltage. Everything else is on auto. With the 8x multiplier I dont think 500 is possible unless you turn ALL the voltages WAY up. And I am looking for long term reliability. I benched the near 4 GHZ clock vs the 3.6 clock and it was the same framerate exactly, so there was no point. Its all GPU power after a certain point I would say. I run at 35-37 C at full load at 3.6 GHZ though, so I think my water block homemade pet store cooling system is pretty good. When I clocked the thing real high, and put the CPU volts at 1.65, I was getting under 50C at full load still. I also have the waterblock exhaust line going straight to the Northbridge directly, and the warmer water doesn't seem to affect the northbridge temps at all really, it just stays around low 30's C no matter if I single it out, or loop it directly off the CPU block. I am a noob overclocker, so I am just over here messing with it trying to learn all I can. So far, I learned that CPU voltage is the #1 thing that affects stability and really all that is needed to achieve 3.4+ GHZ on most E6xxx series Dual cores. I hope I helped. LAAkuma
  15. LAAkuma

    New build; opinions please?

    I went with the X38 on water, with Crossfire 3870 personally, as thats a $1500+ budget system. I build all my friends computers, and most of them are like what can I get for $1000 range without monitor? And after carefull study the answer is always the same. Q6600 Superior air cooling for like $60 range, IE ultra extreme 120, etc... P35 $90 board 8800 GT Good case Good PS HD, rom, etc 2 gigs of ram XP Thats called the best computer for the 1k range money can buy at this time, and will run at 3.4 GHZ solid and be able to play any game out. Then when 45 nano chips get cheap next xmas say, get one of those, clock it up to 4.4 GHZ or so, and update to the next video card. The upgrade in a year will cost about $500 and put you ahead of what you can buy MHZ wise on the market with overclocking, and video card wise within reach of the best of the best. Thats the budget wise play in my opinion. Tommorrow, I put together that exact system for my friend, then another next week, etc. LAAkuma