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  1. Okay, Fogel, you convinced me to get a better PSU. Now i just need somebody to answer my question about the fans. Yes, my lich sig is back online!!
  2. We can consider adding bestbyte computer to the list www.bestbyteinc.com. I'll let you guys know if they are any good after getting my stuff. They have Xp-120 for just $33.99 and XP-90 for $22.99. Plus they combine shipping. So if you order the Xp-120 withthe recommended panaflo fan, it would cost you 33.99+15+8=$57 via USPS Priority. Let's hope they are a good e-retailer. Xoxide also has the XP-120 on sale for $33 but it's out of stock for a long time(i couldn't wait anymore) Their shipping is expensive though. Update: Just got my Xp-120. Bestbyte seems to be a good e-retailer. They shipped on time and the HSF arrived on time.
  3. No, I didn't use save for web. I save it on the harddrive then uploaded it to Photobucket. A question for PSu. Are dual 80mm fan quieter than single 120-140mm fan? Cause the aspire with dual 80 is pretty quite and reviews on newegg complain a single fan gets loud. If that is true, I'll consider the fortron for $20 more. Also, do fan grills cause less noise than mesh? I was thinking about cutting out mesh and putting in grill for the exhaust fan.
  4. &^%%$, photoshop tricked me. Well, it was my first time using that program so i'll compress it some more. Okay, i'll get the Xclio from the list.
  5. that is worse than having 100 posts. My sig is 47.9kb the last time I checked.
  6. I'm reconsidering my PSu choice after consulting my bank account, will let you know. BTW, how do I add an avatar?? Plz don't tell me I need 100 posts like THG does.
  7. I am ordering the Xclio 500W since I will never go SLi in the next four years. I really didn't wanna get an OCZ 'cause it's an overkill(although it's not bad to overkill on pSU since they degrade...). Should that Xclio break, I'll just buy another one and still spend less than the OCZ.
  8. You guys are trying to get me to spend more money........my total for upgrade is at $270 right now and i really don't want to go over $300(Conroe checkpoint). The other reason i don't want the OCZ is because my rig is pitch black on the outside so any LED only ruins the look. Besides, the PSU will be the only LED in the case and it would look lame. My theory of computer building: no more than $50 on the PSU.
  9. thank you reelfiles for spending so much time on my post. I meant that i can't have LED flashing in the dorm at 2 in the morning when everyone is asleep. So if i had bought a regular steel box i could use the OCZ PSU without annoying everyone.
  10. I'll upgrade the entire system in four years--when i finish undergrad.
  11. okay, i don't wanna clean out my proc again to read the stepping so is there a way you can tell teh stepping from the serial number?? it is a really old manchester 3800 x2. it's like one-year old so do those oldies OC well?
  12. XCLIO GOODPOWER 500W ATX 500W $49: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16817189005 how's this one from the list??? It's not modular like the list says, but certainly cheap enough for me!!!!!
  13. Oh, the one on the list that says $61. But now the price is like $75+10 shipping. Why aren't there any Good non-led psu for cheap???? the Noisetaker is like $150+
  14. yes that would get me the powerstream 520W or for $10 more i can get the 700W GamerXstream with free shipping. However, I cannot have any LED going on since im taking my rig to college dorm. (maybe shouldn't bought a side-window case......) I think i'll get the enermax for $75.
  15. well, it's more like this.... the original build only cost me $700. I'm upgradig now and has spent: $130 X2 3800 $94 DFi LP ut sli-dr ~$170 for 2gb g skill or ocz or patriot ddr500 2g (still bidding on ebay) I'll look into the PSu issue, maybe i'll spend $100 max.:eek:
  16. that part is true, mine has a 6.5 % variance. The recommended PSu's are too expensive. how's ANtec truepower?
  17. Okay, i have an ASPIRE 500 watter. It supports S939 X2 3800+, MSI K8N Neo4-F, 2x512mb ddr 400, 6800gs, 1x 80g HD, and 1x DVD-RW right now with no problem. Since it is rated as dangerous on the list, i wonder if i should use it... Newegg review has been quite good for the PSU. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817148027
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