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  1. ahhhhh, i download Data Lifeguard Tool instead of Diagnostics. I well test once my rams come back
  2. i suspect something might be wrong with the mobo so i'll rma it to make sure it'll be non-faulty. I can't find a error-checking or diagnostic option in Lifeguard Tool. Is there another tool that can check HDD??(besides windows's disk check) I still doubt the HDD is faulty. It was working perfectly when plugged into the MSI board. When I moved it over to the LP, stuff happened. Since the Patriot ram i used were good too, i highly suspect the mobo as the culprit. so, how to i get a RMA # again?
  3. sent the rams back to g skill today. hopefully i'll get it back next wednesday. Will RMA the DFI mobo tomorrow. Oh, how do i get a rma # from DFI? Their rma department is always "busy".
  4. I tested the DOA ram in different slots, same result. Correct, with the patriot RAm i had the same slownes so it might be the hard drive after all. caffeinejunkie: where is the checking option in lifeguard tool? i don't see any......... I already sold the MSi and patriot (bad idea). I'll see if those samsung DDR266 will fail memtest on the DFi. My dad probably won't let me test the HDD on his system, but i'll try. SMART still shows everyting as healthy. There is sometimes a loud metallic vibration sound during startup, i'm trying to determine whether it's the XP-120 or the HDD.......... I'm curious, plugging my sata I HDD into the SATAII port won't cause this right since it is backward compatible??? This has been one unpleasant upgrade.
  5. It's easy to tell that one stick was DOA---3 red LED + loud beep + no video. The other stick was 9 and half hour memtest stable. When ran together, memtest test #1 stops at 75% generating 1000 errors per second. I had 1gb before, and right now IT IS slower than both the previous build and the 4-year old emachine. I will "try" to RMA both sticks since i bought these from ebay. Do you think G. Skill will honor their lifetime warranty? They only have e-mail based RMA and i can't even find a phone number for USA office. Anybody work at G Skill here???? Yes, defragged, did disk check, looked at SMART, and defragged again. No help at all. This extreme slowless continued from XP install to driver install to tweaks to switching rams. So that's why i'm thinking something's up with the DFI board. Although the MSI board couldn't clock at all, it did run smoothly. PF was set at 1.5 times the ram Note: I do have a 6800GS, but it does NOT have that DPC(or whatever it is) problem sucking away my CPU. Edit: will try that tool to check HDD again and then i'll dual prime(this proc was never OC'ed)
  6. I'm going to college very very soon and i can't get this DFi system to work properly. I had first installed Windows on the system with 2x512mb DDR400 patriot ram(PSD1G400KH). Load times were extremely long for both the OS and apps. However, I can paly games like CSS fine once loaded. I got my G. Skill rams today and one stick was DOA so i'm can only the other one. Here are some questions: 1. Should my system be really slow with one 1GB stick running DDR400 3-4-4-8 single channel? Memtest shows the ram is only 1602mb/s (9 and half hours stable). This system is definitely slower than my dad's emachine running Celery 2g with 384mb of DDR200 single channel. 2. Windows is very prone to stutter and freeze, especially when opening and closing apps. Is this the RAM's fault or other component(like the used mobo)? 3. Any G. Skill reps here that can help me with the RMA? Any help is greatly appreciated. I upgraded my original MSI build to this one for speed and OC. Now i have a cripple that can't even run stock speed safely......... The BIOS is 6/4/2006 and 20 virtual ghz = 2ghz
  7. The reason I said it's dfi related is because I had first swapped my MSI mobo with the DFI one without reinstalling Windows. Everything worked fine as if no change occured. When Outpost started crashing, I thought about reformat for a clean system and prepare for some OC. Well, right after the reinstallation the lag came up. It continued after driver installation, sp2 installation, bios flash, etc...... I wasn't using the G. skill ram in the sig(it shipped today). The 2x512mb patriot Signature series had no memtest problem(i am 99.99% sure). Does DFI not like cheap rams?????? I hope the G skill will get rid of the problem, otherwise i will blacklist DFI. One more thing: none fo my case LED lights up(power and HDD). I did plug them into the right spot.
  8. I just did a fresh install of windows and the following problem came up. Windows would hang at the "welcome screen" for 30 seconds before seeing the desktop. It seems that Dfi mobo does not want my harddrive to work at full speed-2 min to open up device manager??? 5 min to open up Fear installer??? I've done everything possible to get my machine working "properly", but it still lags and hangs. I've installed the latest driver, updated bios, did the tweaks, installed the patches, etc... Could it be that I plugged my sata 1.5g HDD into the sata 3g port?? Everything in BIOS is on default. If I cannot fix this problem, I can only ditch DFI completely and go back to my cheap MSI mobo for stability.....:mad:
  9. I've done everything possible to get my machine working, but it still lags and hangs. I've installed the latest driver, updated bios, did the tweaks, installed the patches, etc... It seems that Dfi does not want my harddrive to work at full speed. 2 min to open up device manger??? 5 min to open up Fear installer??? Could it be that I plugged my sata 1.5g HDD into the sata 3g port?? Everything in BIOS is on default. If I cannot fix this problem, I can only ditch DFI completely and go back to MSI for stability.....:mad:
  10. 25-30 passes is very normal since your programs dump tons of DLLs and other stuff into the boot process. My problem is that after a fresh reinstall of WIndows, the computer hangs at the "welcome" screen for a long time(15-40 second). This is a continuing trend starting from fresh install, SP2 install, to Windows tweaking. The newer drivers reduced the time by a little, but it still hangs. I've never seen slow computer hang at the "welcome" screen, only at the loading bar. Anybody got an idea?? I think there's something in the DFI bios that's acting up.
  11. Okay, I will reinstall windows. However, the intake fan plugged into FAN4 won't start, any help?
  12. is this the first time laoding windows? IF yes, then no problem. If no, then obviously..... When I went dualie w/o reinstalling, windows boots faster but games load slower..
  13. Okay, I just set up my system my replacing a MSI mobo with the LP. Windows(i didn't reformat) booted up and is running fine, but a few problems. 1) I cannot find the Vitesse Gigabit ethernet, only the Marvel ethernet works. 2)two orange LED's are always on, are they for looks? can i turn them off? 3) Why does the BIos only see SATA 3 and 4? 4) can the second PCi-e x16 be used as the default? the chipset is running a bit hot with GPU blockage. P.S. The OCZ PSu doesn't give fantastic voltages(looks like my old Aspire), Vcore1:1.38V Vcore2:1.18V +3.3V: 3.26V +5V:4.97V +12V: 12.35V -12V: -9.23 -5V: -0.53V +5V:5.03V but it does have a fantastic cable mess for me to deal with.......
  14. just look on ebay. i bought my GSKill HZ DDR500 2gb last week for $166
  15. I bought a X2 3800+ s939 from my friend. The stepping is LDBHE 0537XPMW. Should i attempt to OC it or don't bother?
  16. I downloaded the day it was released from the official Austrailian server (8 hours). The game was good, but laggy as &^%$. MY bullets simply can't move. there are a LOT of noobs on there. I never play on punkbuster cause it costs $$$$!!!
  17. Do i need to download the NDIS driver to use ethernet on my lanpooty mobo? also, is this another way of saying cool n' quite? "AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor Driver for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Version (x86 and x64 exe) - Allows the system to automatically adjust the CPU speed, voltage and power combination that match the instantaneous user performance need. Download this Setup Installation program (EXE) to automatically update all the files necessary for installation. This package is recommended for users whom desire a graphical user interface for installation. This .EXE driver is a user friendly localized software installation of the driver designed for end-users. This driver supports AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core processors on Windows XP SP2, Windows 2003 SP1 x84 and x64 Editions."
  18. Enermax 535W FMA 535W From $61: http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=...e&sa=N&start=0 Actually, the OCZ 600W GX thingy is only $114 with $10 rebate and 5 bucks shipping from monarch!!!!!! Im getting that one. Screw my dorm mates, i'm gonna have LED blasting all night long, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Okay, i've made up my mind. I'll take the Enermax first since it can't be that bad if it made it to the A list. If that thing goes kaput, i'll buy the FSP Epsilon 600W
  20. this is making it hard to decide. the enermax has everything i like (dual fan, pci-e connector) and you guys are saying FSP is very good............HELP!!!!!!!
  21. any reason why you'd rec the fortron?
  22. Looks like the Fortron 550W is rock solid. Can anyone tell me if it has 1 or 2 fans on it? The thing doesn't have PCI-e connector but my adapter will do. The enermax 535W looks even better. I'll probably get it.
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