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  1. yeah i RMA'd my sticks once and they were lightning fast. If you email [email protected] they will respond within 15 min, i'm serious. After you get the RMA number just ship it to them and they will ship the replacement the day after they get it. It took less than a week to get mine back. btw, mine was a DOA from ebay
  2. The two samsungs can link up in raid 1 or 0, but I don't think can(or you want to)span an array across all three drives with different interfaces.
  3. kandalf looks so much better than the lian-li......lian-li cases are overpriced cases are all about looks, so pick which one you like the best
  4. I meant the ICFX-3200. The infinity board is capable of crossfire but not an "offcially branded" xfire board. That board is stable since the 975X chipset has been out a long time. Also, it OCs best with higher end chips like the e6600 you chose. As for the video card, I wouldn't buy the 8800GTS even if I have the moeny. First generation cards will be replaced so fast that you won't even have time to cry.....
  5. That is the timing of your ram. You can read the definitive overclocking guide in the AMD OC section to learn more. Generally, the lower that number, the better. If you must get DX9 cards, get the X1950XT 256MB. It's basically a XTX that's 25mhz slower on core and half the ram. But it's only ~230 USD on newegg(the HIS one) The corsair ram you chose can be had for $100 less on newegg. Those Seagate drives are too expensive. The WD ones are on sale right now. Pick some less expensive DVD-RW, like Lite-on and NEC. They work just as well. YOu can stay with stock cooling. Besides, it'll give you a decent OC and you can always pick up another cooler later. Oh, stay away from that crossfire board if you don't want to spend alot of time getting it to obey you.
  6. X1950XT-http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814161047 ocz psu is a lot cheaper on ZZF http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=316504
  7. he's newbie so stop pounding him with luxury stuff like raid 0. a single 7200rpm drive is fast enough i'd really suggest getting C2D but your call. take a look at these memory http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145034 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820609026
  8. I'm in the market for a 3.5'' fan controller that can control 3 fans(more is okay but not necissary). It has to be black and about $20. does anyone have experience with these? http://www.svc.com/fp206bk-22.html http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813999504
  9. You mean you want to replace a dying stock chipset fan? or watercooling your chipset. DFi recommended replacement is this Evercoool VC-RE As for water cooling, there's no need
  10. just use the 94.xx drivers. I got a 6800gs and it's fine.
  11. What monitor do you have? If you got a 17'' or 19'' one then 256mb is plenty for maxing out games
  12. Buy.com has XfX 7900GS 256mb PCi-e for $129.99 after rebate and google checkout. http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=...1612&adid=17662
  13. my computer has been acting wierd during cold boot these past few days. My saitek eclipse would not function during the boot process except in bios(can't choose windows startup option, can't exit memtest). Sometimes the computer gets stuck at the windows logo. On the second reset it would boot into windows and immediately BSOD after login. I wasn't fast enough to pause the bsod, will try. The next reset fixes it. I dono what is wrong. I've installed a couple windows update, MinGW, WMP11, MSYS, and Cygwin. This is at stock setting. Everything was tested a few days before during my OC session.
  14. looks like the minor timings were too tight. now oblivion and heroes V runs fine. I used the timing posted at XS for DDR500 but i guess it was too tight for my rig.
  15. I just oc'ed my x2 3800 to 2.5g and it passes 8 hours of memtest and dual-prime95. Windows runs great on it but games like Oblivion lags like crazy. Heroes 5 would crash after 20 minutes. I have enough cooling for the proc. So does this mean the oc is not stable after all?
  16. Okay, so x1950xt 256mb then. I have a 17'' with 1280x1024 res. Are you guys sure there aren't any issue with ATi card in my NF4 mobo?
  17. like the title says, which one is a better choice for me? The x1950xt has much faster speed but only 256mb and is Ati(i have a nvidia board). I play all the old and new games.
  18. if you already have a full blown s939 system then you're fine. Those considering to upgrade s939 rig already missed the time.............
  19. hey, can we get a sticky list of good OC pontential ddr2 rams on here? I don have the time to follow up on this anymroe so i'm gonna be lazy. looks like this 1gb kits: $100 xxxxxxxx $200 xxxxxxxx $300 xxxxxxxx ... 2gb ktis: $100 xxxxxxxx $200 xxxxxxxx $300 xxxxxxxx .... ____________
  20. hey, can we get a list of good OC pontential rams on here? I don have the time to follow up on this anymroe so i'm gonna be lazy. looks like this 1gb kits: $100 xxxxxxxx $200 xxxxxxxx $300 xxxxxxxx ... 2gb ktis: $100 xxxxxxxx $200 xxxxxxxx $300 xxxxxxxx ....
  21. my rma pairs have 3-5-5-10 on the stickers, but they run 3-4-4-8 DDR500 no problem.
  22. i've seen another bf2 mod that has the rig housed inside a M1A1 model
  23. I'm also considering the Tt armor as an option for full sized case. For people who has this case, doesn't generate alot of air noise? It seems to have the same design as the centurion(mesh bay cover) but i don know if the extra $100 is worth it. one stupid question: can you control a fan w/o rheostat/thermostat with a fan controller? speedfan can't to anything to my fans.
  24. Yes, many times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've raised vcore to 1.5v and chipset to 1.6v. If it takes more than .5v to increase 100mhz, then i don think the chip has that much potential...... any beta bios i can try???
  25. 10 multi max fsb= 265 HTT=x3 9 multi max fsb =300 HTT=x3 ram max = 265 I need help on going above the 2700mhz mark. The ram will have to run on dividers. Any settings I need to change? Different BIOS?
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