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  1. I went traveling for 2 month and when i came back my rig won't boot. I get 3 led lit and single beep. So i do a cmos clear, no good. then i used just one stick, this time there's 3 led but no beep. All OC's are off. any advice on what to do next?
  2. the hr-05 sli wouldn't interfere with the cards. I don think it will work unless you place it diagonally above the top pci-e card. The best way to make sure is to take some measurements.
  3. I guess if i put a HR-03 on a x1950xt it won't work either? I'm trying to see if i can have all TR coolers in my rig if i upgrade my vid card(I have xp-120 and hr-05 sli). recently my chipset temp went up from 26 to 40C, is it because its summer? i just let the front fan blow on the cooler
  4. okay, since a lot of component have dropped in price, im thinking about upgrading the only thing i use my rig for is gaming. option 1: change the 6800gs to x1950xt 256mb. cheap upgrade, i think it can give me 2x the framerates option 2: go c2d mobo: not sure-p965(gigabye ds3), 975x(dfi), or 680i(evga) cpu: probably 6420, 6600 cost too much ram: the $70 crucial 2gb ddr800 cas4 kit looks good video:x1950xt i read many reviews that show new gpu being cpu bottlenecked so that's why im thinking about c2d. also, there aren't any dx10 games for a good time so i'll wait till next year to get dx10 card(when they are faster and cheaper). i don do fanatic oc'ing, so that's not a major concern. besides, my parent don use AC so the temps get very high. i want to get another dfi but their prices are insane($280 for the 680i version!!!!!!!). advices?
  5. At 260 HTT core 0 just doesn't wanna run 1:1 with the memory. Prime fails instantly if i set it to run on core 0 but runs flawlessly on core 1. Memtest shows the ram is stable at 260. Any help on working around the weak core? Current Vcore: 1.425V DRAM voltage: 2.6V
  6. i would first find the max for your ram since it is corsiar value select memory. then use dividers accordingly when you up the proc speed.
  7. just buy it from microcenter or local shop to save shipping. use credit card to scrap off most of the TIM and use #1, wait 30 sec, wipe it off, use #2 and you have shinny proc:D i wouldn't try acetone cause it'll eat away the PCB of your mobo and the plastic part of your proc.
  8. i think those gskills are good up to 2.2v. Any cas 4 ddr2-800 ram should be able to do ddr2-1000+. why is the ram limiting you? it's ddr2-800 so it should be able to handle 400fsb........
  9. After waiting awhile the problems randomly went away....strange so i guess 2.5g is fine.
  10. The ram will stay in the orange slot, but it is tricky. You must install the Xp-120 without the ram first. Then, tilt the ram at 45 degree angle to get the bottom of the ram to touch the slot. After that you gradually make the ram vertical as it slides into the slot. It a tight fit but its doable so long as your fingers can get in there
  11. it will fit it, but the pci-e 4x slot will be blocked. But i really suggest you get the SI version since it is a lot easier to put rams in with the SI. I got the XP and it's a pain in the butt to install or remove ram. definitely worth getting second had so long as the owner didn't abuse it. my dormmate got a si-120 with panaflo fan for $30 shipped off of ebay last week.
  12. I've got the dual-core patch installed and the memory is running at the default timing of 3-4-4-8. It's memtest stable for 12+ hours. So you guys suggest i go to 2T?
  13. I'm running my proc at 2.5g right now for 1:1 cpu:mem ratio. It's prime 18+ hrs stable and everything looks fine. However, FPS games like CSS and FEAR doesn't seem to like the OC. CSS will hard lock and FEAR runs very slow. But games like Oblivion and COH runs fine. The video card OC was turned off so it shouldn't be the problem. Any help?
  14. whatever you're comfortable with. The max temp for NB is like over 100C and the proc is like 90 for intel i think. You've got enough cooling for your rig.
  15. i dono what emulated bios is so i can't answer that question
  16. it doesn't ruin your warranty unless you use beta or modded bios. i think the official dfi forum can give you a better answer.
  17. http://www.nvidia.com/docs/CP/45121/nforce...verclocking.pdf This is the nvidia 680i chipset guide. hope it helps ps. check your pm and e-mail
  18. any of the ddr2 800 with cas4 timing are good. so gskill, ocz, corsair, patriot, super talent. they are all less than $250 too.
  19. nevermind, i found the solution. thanks for the help though
  20. I tried to mod the silverstone FN-121's power cables so it has a three pin header. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.as...+Fan+%2D+Retail basically i took out the two power pins out of the molex plug and opened them up. I only realized that it only has wires and no actual fan head-style connectors on it. so right now the fan has no power. Is there anyway to make my own fan header style connectors for those two wires?
  21. godlyatheist


    http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?s...=&fsop=1&fsoo=1 The above link has 3 Gskill ddr500 2x1gb sets on auction. They are very popular memory for DDR so grab them fast
  22. Newegg is out of them right now so i'm wondering if anyone is willing to sell theirs. I would like to get it shipped for under $20 since newegg charges $22 shipped. My ebay is godlyatheist and heatware is also godlyatheist(no evals right now) Edit: I need the HR-05 SLi, not the regular HR-05
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