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  1. I'm abandoning my C2D upgrade, moving to i5 instead OCZ platinum 2x2gb DDR2 1066 SOLD locally Used and works, but is not compatible with the gigabyte mobo Gigabyte EP45-DS3LR mobo SOLD locally Fresh from RMA, the cpu socket was malunctioning. No I/O plate, can include SATA cable if desired. C2D E7500, NIB retail REMOVED, lack of interest Has not seen any action since the mobo was sent back for a RMA You can pickup all three for $240 shipped, but bear in mind I could not get the mobo to work with the OCZ ram Will consider all reasonble offers, paypal only, lower 48 only. Local pick up in San Diego if desired, will discount to account for shipping Heatware: godlyatheist Edit: pix are up, added local pickup
  2. And I'm interested in the motherboard
  3. LOL, I reseated the video card and everything is fine now. Thanks for all the help though
  4. I took home an HP desktop a customer wanted to throw away at my store since he didn't do want to fill out the paperwork. The specs are as follows: P4 3.2gHz 800 fsb (Northwood) HP OEM mobo with i865 chipset 512mb ddr400 (single stick) radeon 9200 agp with 128mb ddr 250w oem psu When I got it home it booted to windows xp logon screen, but since I don't know the password I left it sitting there. When I came back from dinner I see BSOD with error code 0x0000000A. So I ran 3 passes of memtest and it passed and then proceeded to reinstall xp. Half way through the install I shut off the computer because I those the pc type(i chose 486 instead of standard pc). When I try to restart it the computer turns on, but there's no longer any display and the hdd does not have any activity. So, which part do you guys think went out? I can test the ram, put a 500w working psu in, or test with another harddrive. I don't have an agp or pci video card to swap out the radeon with(I can get one for like $15) and I don't know if the P4 will work in an emachine that previously ran 400mhz fsb northwood celeron.
  5. Item shipped, mods please close thread
  6. The xtremegamer replaced it as a low profile card, but people recommend this one over the gamer so I got it.
  7. I went from onboard realtek alc850 to x-fi and it's a BIG difference, but I can't say for Audigy. From what I've read people say it's better, both technologically and experience wise. Sound is very subjective so if you got good ears give it a try, you really can't go wrong for $30 ^^.
  8. I believe in Sli/Xfire you can exceed the 4x bandwidth of PCI-E 1.0 in certain games. Like IVIYTHOS said, if you have a 2.0 board you are good even at 4x.
  9. Diskeeper, been using it for 3 years now. It does a way better job than the windows one(which is a stripped down version). With the new versions just let it auto defrag and it'll defrag plus group your files by how often you access them so they run a little faster.
  10. Avira is one of the best anti-virus out there, for free. AV comparative, an independent test site, rates it #2 in detection rate. It is light on the system (a LOT lighter than AVG8, compare the startup time and memory use then you'll know) and the ad to upgrade can be easily disabled. I don't use "real time" detection (or resident/guard/autoscan, etc...) on antivirus since it eats your hdd i/o like crazy.
  11. Bump. Somebody has to be annoyed by their onboard sound.
  12. Up for sell is a used X-Fi XtremeMusic + original cd for $30 shipped . I bought it on mistake and now I have two of them. Sadly, you cannot run SLi with sound cards to get twice the quality so one has to go. I tested it and it sounds exactly the same as the one I'm keeping. It will be put in anti-static bag and bubble wrapped. SOLD TO AJMATSON Ships to lower 48 states only with USPS + confirmation, and paypal only please. My heatware is godlyatheist, only 2 evals on there though. This is my first sale on the forum so help me out. Edit: pix added
  13. Do you have any overclocking experience with the gskill zx? My hz just died and gskill is replacing it w/ zx. All the reviews say they do 250mhz but i think they got handpicked kits.....
  14. Okay, the noise generated from my computer is driving me insane now. My rig is about a foot and half away from me on the desk. The fan noises are just too annoying for me to study while having it on. The fans I have are Vantec Stealth 120mm and 80mm, Yate Loon 120mm, stock video card cooler, and the fan from the psu. I bought those fans cause they were suppose to be *really* quite, but they are not! I just don't trust "super quite fans" any more. My current solution is to at least replace the gpu stock cooler with Accelero S1 to reduce the noise a little. However, I don't know what to do about the other fans. Any ideas? After replace the chipset cooler with hr-05 sli, i plugged my front fan into its header, now it takes 10-12 seconds to just get the post screen. Is it draining too much power from my mobo? maybe a cheapo fan controller to fix it?
  15. i'm just intrigued by the price of the card and the term "quad-core quad-sli". Right now my 6800gs can handle all my games very well once i oc it so im not desparate for a card. thanks for the advice
  16. There are a few ebay auctions selling the 7800GT Dual for like $180. Do you think that card is worth buying? Cuz quad-core quad-Sli sounds very good.
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