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  1. Well in the industry the recip saws are different from jigsaws, but a lot of people consider the jigsaws to be a type of recip saw (which it really is not); and technically the name sawzall is limited to the Milwalkee brand recip saws, but the term has been applied to just about every recip saw since the sawzall was the top dog when it came out (just like any skid-steer is known as a bobcat).
  2. Remember the 9800GX2 is 2 cards in 1 package; as such I would recommend at least the HX620
  3. Especially not enough power on the 12V rail. The only thing I'd use a second PSU for is running a TEC at it's native 24V
  4. I personally think it's better to have a single PSU for the system rather than using 2 since a single PSU doesn't have enough oomph. That said, if you tie the green lead of the secondary PSU (on the 24-pin ATX mobo connector) to the green lead on the primary PSU and tie the ground together as well, they'll both come on when the MB turns on the primary PSU.
  5. Isn't a sawzall a bit big for case modding; I'd think you'd rather want a jig-saw for that.
  6. I've actually got it in a single loop: pump>CPU>SB>NB>RAD1>GPU1>GPU2>RAD2>T-Line>pump it was only the blocks that I got for free; the Pump and Rads I got for about half off
  7. Why else would I be using 2 360mm radiators on my rig Got 1 rad for the CPU, NB, and SB and the other rad for my SLIed 8800GTXs
  8. Yeah I always use the get new link; unless I'm searching or going to a stickied and/or subscribed topic.
  9. Maybe I should have phrased it differently: Radiatorwise: I'd at the very least get a 360mm, but to handle a Quad as well as 2 GPUs you may need to go with 2 rads as I'm not 100% certain than even a 360mm rad would handle that load.
  10. I personally do not like the Zalman H2O products since they use aluminum in the tops, which can lead to corrosion issues. For a pump I'd recommend the LIANG D5 (aka Swiftech MCP-655) or the LIANG DDC with the Petra's Tech top. In terms of CPU blocks, the D-Tek /fuzion is currently the best block on the market. Radiatorwise: even with a 360mm radiator, you may not quite have enough to handle a Quad as well as 2 GPUs; so at the very least get a 360mm.
  11. I've made that same suggestion to one of the staff already; the other topic I think should be separated is overclocking and cooling.
  12. Classical, country, Bluegrass, Greengrass, Folk. I really like, Martina McBride, Sara Evans, and Alison Krauss
  13. It's very common to see temp differences between the cores; generally on quads there there will be 2 pairs oc cores with similar temps on that pair but different from the other pair, this is due to there being 2 native dual-core chips in 1 package to comprise the the 4 cores.
  14. I'm running a Q6600 G0 and I'm quite impressed; just started OCing it yesterday and I've already got it running at 3.26 (at 1.325V), running a Prime95 run ATM before bumping it up some more. I've got it running under water and right now the hottest core is at 51C; and that is with my rad fans turned down quite a bit.
  15. Have you made any hardware changes recently (i.e. around the time you noticed windows detecting less RAM)?
  16. I've got to agree that post count doesn't always relate with actual skills/knowledge. There are plenty of spammers/n00bs who know squat but have high post counts.
  17. Same here; it's really being a dog.
  18. well in a way the ammended post counts show that we aren't newbs to forums; but a DIY-vet image might be a nice touch.
  19. looks pretty nice; but we need some inside pics as well.
  20. Most of his are from DIY-Street as bosco transferred both the join date and post count as part of the merger. He was very active since at the beginning he was a techie for DFI offering support through the forums; but a few of them were his famed rants as well.
  21. Good to here; so far the merger seems to be going quite well and I'm getting to know some nice people.
  22. Here are the results from benching my laptop with TL-64 A64 X2 2.2GHz, 2.0Gb DDR2-667, 512Mb HD2600 3DM01: 13752 3DMarks 3DM03: 6246 3DMarks 3DM05: 4668 3DMarks 3DM06: 2416 3DMarks SM2.0 Score: 784 HDR/SM3.0 Score: 1033 CPU Score: 1511 Certainly a lot slower than my desktop, but doesn't seem too bad; I'll probably do some gaming tests soon as well.
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