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  1. soccertl

    Premium or Ultimate

    I have Home Premium as well. I really like it and have not noticed any problems with performance. [EDIT] BTW, I have x64
  2. soccertl

    The almighty overclocking chip

    Just thought I would add this. Looks like the E8400 has a max operating temp of 61.4C.
  3. soccertl

    what slot?

    Well, there are quite a few ECS AM2 motherboards on NewEgg. However, if the specs say they are both x16 then I guess it really doesn't matter.
  4. soccertl

    My first overclock

    Nice. Just think what you could get if you overclocked even just a little.
  5. soccertl

    My first overclock

    Well, I said screw it and overclocked to 3600. Had to up the voltage to 1.3150 to get it stable. DDR2 timings now 4-4-4-12 2T, haven't tried 1T yet. 3DMark06 now gives 12922 on my last run. CPU heatsink is barely even noticeable for any warmth, the DDR2 is warm to the touch but not hot. NB is between the DDR2 and CPU for warmth. The hotest thing around is the video card. Here is the CPU-Z validation. And the 3DMark06 Score.
  6. soccertl

    help with monitor choice

    I looked at the 226BW and was not happy with it, so I returned it to NewEgg as a refused delivery. Why? I did not like the fact that I could look a little up or down and I would lose screen brightness and color. I like my LG. I can stand up or lay on the ground and still see the screen picture like I was looking at it head on. It doesn't lose anything. The response time is a little slower than ones that are not P-MVA but everything seems fine to me. Of course, they are more expensive as I got my LG 24" Flatron L246WP for $470 on sale. I don't know what they are going for now but I love this monitor.
  7. soccertl

    OCC Awards 07!

    Completed all polls
  8. soccertl

    Overriding max refresh rate on my LCD

    From what I have read, you don't want to increase the refresh rate on an LCD past the default 60Hz. It can cause damage on some monitors if they do not have the automatic adjusting, or something like that. It doesn't benefit you to increase it anyway on an LCD. They are 60Hz beasts for the most part, unless you have one of those expensive beasts that uses 120Hz. Either way, it would be 60 or 120. It's not like a CRT which can use different refresh rates to improve the strain on your eyes. So, in conclusion, even if the software allows you to change the refresh rate, I would leave it at 60Hz.
  9. soccertl

    My first overclock

    Well, I finally overclocked for the first time. Rather piddly but until I get the 120 Ultra Extreme I don't feel comfortable doing more. Anyway, what I did was run 3DMark06 a couple time in each mode. The result is this: ~12350 - Stock except DDR2 changed to 5-5-5-15 and 2.1V ~12533 - Changed FSB to 400 and multi to 8 for 3.2 GHz ~12550 - 4-4-4-12 DDR2 timings ~12580 - 4-4-4-12 1T DDR2 timings I was originally going to push the FSB to 400 and leave the 9x multi but since I can't read the temps due to a known problem I will leave it at that for a bit. I am running Prime95 now for 30 minutes and will leave it going. Next is SuperPI tomorrow and get back online to order the new cooler. So far I am pretty happy with the results. The biggest gain was from the FSB from 333 to 400 so I want to concentrate on that area when I get a better CPU cooler, Maybe I can tackle the video card next to see what I can get. Should be interesting.
  10. soccertl

    what slot?

    I guess that would depend on how your board is designed. Haven't looked at a lot but, for example, my IP35 Pro board says the first slot is the master graphics slot and the second is the slave. In further detail, the second slot only runs at x4 instead of x16, so that would slow down the data throughput potential. However, even at x4 you get 1GB/s transfer rate. So, you have to see what the data throughput is on your card. If it doesn't come close to that, then it won't matter. I haven't even looked at those numbers before so I would have to research it.
  11. Well, I installed the M629B_16.B04 beta build and that fixed my problems, sortof. Beware though the install disables all your integrated peripherals, like USB and ethernet, so you have to manually change them in the BIOS yourself. Idle temp is now 18C, which I don't believe but it is better than 245C.
  12. soccertl

    OCC Awards 07!

    OK, added more for a total of 8 votes now.
  13. Yes, including me. It is not isolated to the IP35 PRO or ABIT itself. Seems to be a general problem. Some are saying Intel changed the spec at the last minute causing the problem. I don't really know. ABIT is working on the problem it seems though.
  14. soccertl

    OCC Awards 07!

    Hardware Video/Monitor Help- Cpu/Motherboard Help- Modding/Case Help- Software Help/Programming Help- Overclocking Help- General Help- kingdingeling (I just see him everywhere) Member Coolest Member- Coolest Staff- hardnrg (Like his posts in general) Geekiest Geek- Most Lovable Member/Staff- Most Bannable Member/Staff- Best Rookie Member- Most Committed/Dedicated OCC Member- bosco Best Spammer- Most Annoying Member- Grouchiest Member/Staff- Funniest Member- Bleeble Worst User of English Language- Best Photoshopper/Graphics Designer- Most Improved- Best Gamer- Most 0wn3d- Overclocking Most Extreme Overclock- ccokeman Most Extreme Cooling- Coolest Cooling- Mods Best Case Mod- Most Ghetto Mod- Best Avatar-claymeow Best Sig-suchuwato Best User Title-suchuwato Best Username- kingdingeling Coolest Rig- The Awesomist Member- I can't add too much as I am still kinda new and getting used to everyone and what they say. So, I just went with gut feel and what I see in the posts I read.
  15. soccertl

    Best antivirus hands down

    I have AVG on mine and Norton's on my wifes. I like AVG much better since it is smaller and free. I cannot really say if it is technically better or equal to Norton's since I have never had a virus/malware on either computer.