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  1. HoboBen

    Lotus for Vista

    Howdy, My grandfather just upgraded to Vista, and was not able to transfer his old version of Lotus. Does anyone know if there is a sub $100 lotus spreadsheet program that is compatable with Vista? He uses it for personal use only, and he is half blind but familiar with lotus commands, which is why he doesn't want to use a different spreadsheet program. He is currently using excel, and has a hard time with it. Ben
  2. Those look pretty cool. The cowon says its tough for n00bs, I am sure i could set it up for her, do you know once that is done if it would be simple enough for her to use? Sorry for so many questions, I have never had any desire to own something like this so don't know the first thing about em.
  3. Not to say this is not an option, I am concerned with weight and battery life. It may be that this is comparable to other portables, then I guess it would be the best option.
  4. Hey all, my fiancee's little sister got diagnosed with breast cancer, and for her chemo treatments (can last up to six hours if veins collapse), we want to get her a portable dvd player or music player. Ideally one unit that does both. If it played games too, that would be ok, but not a big deal. Money is not really an issue, well, ideally under 500-600$. This is one area I have no knowledge in. I am going to start researching now, but we hope to get it to her by Saturday (this has all happened fast). Figured/hoped some of you might have some good ideas. Ben
  5. Not sure this is the forum for this. I know that having a TV plugged in to the wall pulls a nominal amount of power even when not on. My questions is, does a TV plugged in to a power strip pull anything? If so, what if I turn off the power strip? To take it a step further, my surge protector has an "always on" set of plugs, would those be the only plugs that still pull power when off? If so, are they still protected from surges even if it is off?
  6. Just want to make sure I read this correctly. Is the only difference with Systray vs Console that I don't start it via Run command, and I will have an icon in my tray? Is there any kind of performance boost to one or the other. Less resources used with one or the other? Any benefit one way or the other?
  7. You would be surprised what you can do if you go to the right people (probably fire dept in this case) and spend five dollars on a permit.
  8. Ordered the 32 bit by mail, that'll give me 4-10 weeks of research before it arrives. So long as I dont' get lazy or bored, am hoping to have a pretty good grasp by the time it gets here. I'm sure lotsa questions are coming. Thanks again guys.
  9. Does this mean some of you are chess players. Since I have moved to Maine, I haven't really met anyone who plays. Have to say, I hate playing on the computer, my brain doesn't seem to work as well in 2d. Maybe I should set up a board next to me while playing.
  10. Thanks guys, I'll give a ubuntu a shot and go from there. Just went to site and it has 32bit and 64. How would I find out which is best for me. Pros/Cons of each?
  11. Any advice on what version to start with? Where to get it? Thanks
  12. Over the next few months I will be building a HTPC. I plan to game on it also, would there be any benefit to getting MCE instead of vista? For that matter is there a better OS for HTPC than either of these 2?
  13. I have this for 360, but if its only 18 bucks on steam, I'll have to pick it up for PC too. Good game
  14. Currently googling "best geek website". This will solve everything.
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