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  1. I just set the jumper to normal, and put the battery back in to see if it would boot, because I thought that a shorter cmos clear might work, but now when I turn it on, it immediately shuts off when it gets to 3 lights, as if it's shorting out.

    I've tried to reseat the cpu, ram, and videocard, and I just checked the risers, to make sure that it's not shorting out from the chasis, but it won't boot and stay on. It goes down to 3 lights, then flashes up to 4 right before it shuts off.

    Any help for this new problem would be appreciated, and if anyone has had this problem, I would like to know what you did to fix it, or if it would be worthwhile to still do the 8 hour cmos clear.

  2. I've heard that about them, but after getting my opteron 165 up to 3.15 ghz, and wanting to tweak it more, I decided to go DFI, and when it gets running, I'm sure that it will have been the right decision.

    About RMA'ing it, I think I'll wait until I clear the cmos, but I don't think it's defective, because when i didn't have a cpu fan in it, it would have 4 diagnostic lights on, but when when I put it in, it changed it to 3 diagnostic lights, and it just won't detect the ram, so I think that I just need to trade ram with someone.

    A quick question though, if I were to get it working on supported ram, do the new bios' support more ram models?

  3. Thanks for such a speedy reply!

    Yes i do have all the other connections made (the 24 pin atx cable, and the 4 pin 12v connector), but I forgot to explain about the ram.


    First, I have never been able to get this motherboard to completely post, or even get video, or get past 3 leds. Also, the pc2700 ram that i was using, was just to try different chips on the motherboard. The Gigaram that I've been using is pc3200, and in my old setup, I was running it @ [email protected] volts, and at 435mhz ddr, so the ram actually isn't bad ram, but it might not be supported well, but I find it hard to believe that two other types of pc2700 aren't supported, with one having infineon chips, and the other hynix.

    I've also tried multiple cmos clears, but every time I get the same results.

    I've also been trying one stick at a time, in all the slots (although i've read that dimm2 is the best), and I only have the bare minimum plugged in.

  4. Hello,

    I just bought a new DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert board for my computer, because I wanted to be able to do more tweaking, and I heard DFI was the best for overclocking, and all the records are set on DFI's. All the components worked on my old motherboard, which was an Albatron K8SLi, so I know that it isn't the components.

    I'm using an opteron 165 (CCBE stepping), an evga 7900gt, 2 512 mb sticks of Gigaram, and a custom water cooling setup i built.


    When I boot up the computer, about half of the time it will immediately shut off, and the other half of the time, it will boot, but the diagnostic led's get stuck at 3 leds, which is cpu detected, and 2 is dram detected, so it is detecting my cpu.

    I have also tried 2 different brands of pc2700 I had lying around, but both still got stuch at 3 led's.


    Something I should also mention, is that without any ram in the board, it won't beep (like it did when I first built it), but will instead once again get stuck at 3 leds.


    Also, when I first assembled it, it would get stuck at 4 leds, but after plugging a cpu fan in, it would get stuck at 3 lights instead.


    Something else that could be causing this, is that I have the video card(single vga mode) in PCIE4, not PCIE1, but I think it should still work, or at least get past 3 leds, and get stuck at 2, because 1 led is vga detected.


    If needed I'm still able to rma the board if it's a defective board, although I would rather keep it, and try other methods on it. I've already read that these boards are picky, but once you get them running, they're amazing, and that's what I want to do. I'm also fine with hotflashing if needed, or doing more advanced methods as well.


    Edit: Because it seems that many problems have to do with the power supply on this forum, I would like to say that on my last motherboard, I was having problems with a cheap power suppply, so I bought an Antec TruePower II, 550 watt power supply. I've also plugged in the floppy power connector on the board.


    Update: Hi all,

    I'm back after trading my old gigaram with a friend, and I now have some ocz: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820227031

    Once I put this ram in, and tried to boot, the board gave me four diagnostic leds, and immediately would shut off. The board has repeatedly done this, and every time I try and boot it, it gives me four leds, and immediately shuts off. Earlier, I was able to get down to three, which just meant that it couldn't detect the ram, but now with it giving me four, I have no idea of what to do, except do multiple cmos resets.

    Anymore help would be appreciated.


    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you

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