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  1. I would hold back on parts of your list, and then go for the 7900GT, or the 7950GT, because you can get much more bang for your buck on those cards. Also, for the CPU, you might want to look at the Pentium D 805's, and the 820's, because they have been able to run at 4.5 GHZ on water, and up to 4GHZ on air, are cheap compared to the dual core opterons, and are also more powerful in an overclocked state, than even a [email protected] Note: If you were to do this, you would need to get a motherboard for LGA775, which could result in a different price again. Good Luck with this build, notroosmacfan
  2. I'm really not sure what the problem is now, because 1 light means that a video card has been detected, and 2 lights mean that it's detected the ram, but no video card has been detected. This means that your ultra-d has actually detected the video card, but that it's getting stuck at the boot-up process. From the ultra-d Manual: 4 lights: system start-up 3 lights: CPU has been detected 2 lights: DRAM detected 1 light: VGA detected 0 lights: system is booting-up I know this well, because while doing other builds, I've had ram compatability issues with the Expert, and when you know that it's the ram, and it's already detected the CPU, the board will show 3 leds(4 meaning it can't detect anything, and can't process). -notroosmacfan
  3. I know that this is in the wrong forum, but while I was waiting for a new card, I decided to try a pci card in my ultra-d. I've never fully booted with this board before(because of no video card), and now while using a pci video card(that I've verfied working), the board will get stuck at 2 lights, and not recognize a video card. Is this normal for pci video cards, and is there a bios setting that needs to be changed(I have no way of viewing anything). If you know of this problem, and know of a way to boot on a pci video card, then please post back. -notroosmacfan
  4. sorry, but this would be an eVGA one, and I would only be borrowing it. Maybe others can help you out. -notroosmacfan
  5. I just finished talking to newegg, and they said that they wouldn't accept it even because I no longer have the original box, but they also can't accept it because of the missing hs/fan, because eVGA imposes the same rules that they follow onto NewEgg. This means that I'm back in the business of using someone elses cooler to send it out. @BaDave: sending a PM now -notroosmacfan
  6. thanks for the offer, but that won't work because it's vastly different, with even the color being different. Please read my edit above, of what I'm now willing to do.
  7. That is actually a great idea! If anyone is willing to let me borrow(willing to pay) your hs/fan, then I will ship the new one back to you when the new card comes, because I will still be water-cooling it. Thank You, notroosmacfan
  8. @Yukon: that's why it's so hard for me to find anyone willing to give one up. I bought a rev.01 7900gt, and now I regret it, but I'm not able to rma it without the stock hs/f. @laserred, unfortunately, eVGA will only accept them with eVGA heatsinks and fans, so it won't work, but thank you for the offer. edit: if you have a later card (not rev. 01 or 02), then you don't need to worry about this happening, because Nvidia replaced the capacitors with higher quality caps, and changed the OCP, so you don't need to worry about this seemingly common problem. -notroosmacfan
  9. Hello again to the street! I'm in need of a stock eVGA heatsink and fan for my 7900GT, because it recently died, and I need to RMA it, but no longer have the stock heatsink, due to water cooling. I've talked to their customer support, and the techs said that without the stock heatsink, they would deny support. I will pay the appropriate price(incl.shipping) for the heatsink and fan if you have the correct one, and if you have an eVGA 7900GT, I am even willing to pay for another cooler if needed. edit: I'm now willing to borrow a hs/fan from someone(for a price), put it on my card, send my card in, then when the new card comes I could take off the new hs/fan(because i'm wc'ing), and send that back to you. I would still pay for shipping. Note to Admin's: BaDave has been very kind, and has agreed to let me borrow his HS/Fan. I would like this thread to now be deleted or closed. -notroosmacfan
  10. I'm back, and have tested it, but with slightly more luck now. It gets stuck at 3 lights since I've swapped it out with the new chip, and doesn't restart. I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me what this means. PS, this is the ram I'm now running: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227031 It's high quality ram, so I don't understand what the problem is. Also, I'm not able to see anything onscreen, because it gets stuck. I'm not sure if it can't recognize the ram or video card by 3 lights showing, so I would like a speedy reply to this. Thanks, notroosmacfan
  11. Sorry for the double post, but I don't think I should add another update to the previous post. Randomly, the board will now boot (not post, and no video), but get stuck at 3 lights. It now will also not restart. Tomorrow I'll be getting the bios chip that one of my friends has hotflashed, but I'm still open to suggestions, to this ever-changing problem. Update: I've got the hotflashed chip, but I won't be able to test it until late sunday, because I will be out of town, so to the many of you that are on the edge of your seat waiting for the results, I will [hopefully] post them on my new system, so please wait... Thanks, notroosmacfan
  12. I did the full proper 24 hour cmos clear, and it still won't boot. I'm now going to have one of my friends hotflash the bios to an nforce 2 bios chip, but if anyone has more suggestions, I'm open to them. I would really like to get this motherboard working, but when it shows 4 lights, and immediately shuts off, it doesn't make me feel so great about this board. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. Update:The system won't even start to boot now, even with using the buttons on the board. I really hope that nothing happened to my processor, or any major components with this board, but even then, shouldn't it should start to boot when I push the power buttons? I think this board will now be an instant RMA, because no power is usually a bad thing. update: ignore the last one, it's now doing what it was before the last update... thanks, notroosmacfan
  13. The only problem, is that I can't go into the bios to change settings, because the board will get stuck at 4 leds, which means it can't even detect a cpu. I think that somehow the bios got corrupted, so I don't know what to do to get it working.
  14. Hi all, I'm back after trading my old gigaram with a friend, and I now have some ocz: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227031 Once I put this ram in, and tried to boot, the board gave me four diagnostic leds, and immediately would shut off. The board has repeatedly done this, and every time I try and boot it, it gives me four leds, and immediately shuts off. Earlier, I was able to get down to three, which just meant that it couldn't detect the ram, but now with it giving me four, I have no idea of what to do, except do multiple cmos resets. Anymore help would be appreciated.
  15. A great and quick program to use is Systool, with an included pi testing module: http://www.techpowerup.com/systool/ It can't change the voltage, but it's very easy to use, and good to understand.
  16. @ExRoadie, Thanks for being so thorough about the battery. This is what seperates DFI-Street from other manufacture forums.
  17. Someone I know is willing to trade 1 gig (2x512) of ram that's OCZ, so I'm ready! The reason why I'm so interested in trading instead is because a trade=free!
  18. Thanks for the update, but better safe then sorry, and especially if removing the battery isn't even needed!
  19. OC Newbie, Thanks for the suggestion! I didn't even notice a for sale section on these forums. They're getting better and better! Also, this Patriot ram seems like a good buy: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820220084 Edit: MSB has sold the ocz and g.skill Edit: In case anyone here's interested, on Mushkin's site, they have a recommendation guide w/ DFI products, so you can see what is tested to run on your board (especially picky boards like the expert:p )
  20. ExRoadie, I've looked on many threads, and sites, and most seem to believe that the g.skill where the model number ends in HZ overclock extremely well, and that they work very well with DFI boards. When I also searched for gigaram on this forum, I found many people who said that they had similiar problems with gigaram on DFI boards, went to g.skill, and don't have any errors on memtest86, which also seems like a problem with some brands on this board. For the price this g.skill seems to be the best bang for your buck, but everywhere I look it's out of stock, so if anyone knows where I could buy 2 sticks, please reply. Edit: @Praz, those Redlines look really nice, thanks for the suggestion! Also, thanks for explaining about the CMOS battery, and why you need to keep it in. Thanks, notroosmacfan
  21. After some browsing suggested by Clark Hume, I found out that Gigaram isn't supported by the motherboard, and that I should probably start off by changing the ram, as that's most likely the problem. BTW, Here's the ram that I was looking into buying: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231021 If anyone knows where I could purchase that ram, or standard 1 gig sticks with the model number ending in HZ, it would be appreciated. Once again thank you for all of your help. Also, Praz, thanks for telling me not to remove the battery. I would hate to ruin my Opty!
  22. thanks, I will start the clear now, but does this mean that I do all the standard steps, just without removing the battery?
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