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  1. If the 233 divider can run stable, then I'd go with that! More bandwidth isn't usually a bad thing. Did you change the timings to get to either one of those dividers? More info would be nice. If you didnt' change the timings, and don't have stability issues, go with 233 divider imho.
  2. Come no guys! These are amazing prices! I would purchase if I actually had enough cash right now...
  3. oops, didn't notice the canadian dollar message at the top, so please don't ignore my offer... YGPM!
  4. Thank you for the speedy reply. It freezes at the first post screen when it detects the drives(it actually detects all the drives, but then it freezes when it should move on to the irq tables). I've left it there for up to 30 min., but it still won't go beyond this screen if I have any sort of hard drive plugged in. This makes me believe that it has nothing to do with the OS, or even the hard drives. I just did what you suggested(and even had only this hard-drive plugged into the same cable, and nothing else IDE or SATA plugged in), but it still won't get past that post screen. It seems that I can plug in any amount of disc drives I want...even sata drives, and it will get past this screen, but if I plug in a hard-drive, it freezes here. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hello, I've had this system running flawlessly for about 5 or 6 months, and now it's freezing at post(to the stage of showing ide and sata drives). I've found that when I disconnect my hard drives it's able to boot(I can boot onto a cd), but if I have any sort of hard drive plugged in(IDE *or* SATA), it freezes at post again. I've now tried 4 different hard drives(two were SATA, and two were IDE), and I've even tried all the sata plugs on the motherboard, but no avail. I've just tried a 24hour proper CMOS clear, but am still having the same problems, and have even tried flashing a few different bios versions(still doing a 8 hour proper CMOS clear after each flash), but the different bios' haven't changed anything in the land of freezing at post. I've really grown to like this board, and would hate to leave it. I can still get a replacement/refund from NewEgg because they're out of ultra-d's, but I can't find any comparable s939 board that's still being made, so I'm willing to try alot to get this board working again, but if needed, I can also say goodbye. PS, I didn't change anything physical, or in the bios before this problem occurred. I shut my computer off for the night, and when I turned it back on, it was freezing at the post screen. after many hours of troubleshooting, I found that it was actually by connecting any sort of hard-drive that 'causes this problem. PS2, I forgot to add that I've also tried different cd and dvd drives, and that those work perfectly in it, while it's only the hard-drives that cause problems for me. Any help would be appreciated, notroosmacfan
  6. Hello, I have what I believe to be the exact same problem (correct me if I'm wrong, and should create a new thread), but I think we might be able to help each other based on the troubleshooting I've been able to do with this issue. It also freezes for me before it finishes posting, but if i unplug my sata drives from the motherboard, then it is able to get past that post screen...so far I haven't found a way around this, other than not using sata on this system which is not a option. It has been working for ~5 months straight without issues, and out of nowhere this occured. I'm also running a Seagate sata harddrive, so you might want to try running it w/o any sort of harddrive to see what it does. I've also tried flashing every bios version that's on Tmod's disc, but no 'avail. Please message back if what i've found out seems to help you at all. EDIT: it seems that this actually occurs for me when any sort of harddrive is connected. You may want to try booting without harddrives conencted to see if that makes it post(if it does, then we're in the same boat here). -notroosmacfan
  7. @tasr, i understand that it voids the warranty, but i haven't been able to go above 345mhz on my fsb, and am looking to go higher. @CPDMF, I wasn't able to find any modded bios versions, only stock & beta, which i've tried. thank you, notroosmacfan
  8. I'm currently running Oscar Wu's 702-3 bios(i'm running an Opty 165 and TCCD ram), and was trying to find good sites that have more modded bios'. I've found this one: http://dfi.pajper.net, but it only has Oscar Wu bios versions, and have been looking for other options. I know the saying "don't fix it if it isn't broken", but haven't been able to go over 345mhz stable on the FSB, even with the multiplier down, so I know it's the board(not chip or ram). Any bios' that you would recommend for higher fsb's(or just diff. mods), and places to get them? Thank You, notroosmacfan
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