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  1. After a lot of hunting around over the last week or so i think i'm going to stick with what i've got. Steelballzz's experience, plus a few others i've seen on other forums tells me it's a no-go on my rig. It could be that i would'nt notice much difference between Cas2 and 2.5 anyway. Thanks for the pointers shinobi, now lets see if i can get a bit more out of this anyway.
  2. J ust got an e-mail back from Andy at OCZ and the 4000VX is utt ch-5. So the the question is should i get some and hope that it will do Cas2 in my infinity at 250 fsb.
  3. Just e-mailed him, as soon as i know i'll post back with his answer.
  4. I did the check herehttp://www.techpowerup.com/memdb/ . what do you think? The ram by the way is OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold VX.
  5. Just done a quick check and it's utt ch-5. Any chance it would run in my rig?
  6. I think ive come to the end of the line as far as clocking with my present hardware goes. I would like to be able to run at Cas2, but can't with the Ballistix i've got. The question is would it be worth getting some OCZ 4000vx, it's rated at Cas2 at 250fsb but on A64 platform. Would or does it do 250fsb on NF2. Any help or comments on this would be very helpfull.
  7. Got the Thermalright NB1 on my rig as well. Its very good and even better, it's dirt cheap. I made a plastercine mould of the chipset and a friend copied a male image of it onto the base of the NB1, using a CNC milling machaine. Perfect fit.
  8. I'm thinking about moving on when LONGHORN is finally released, so more than likely summer 2006. Hav'nt got a clue yet what to, i guess i'll wait and see what's about at the time.
  9. As mentioned, your problem is more than likley the 3200 Barton. Not many Nf2's like them for some reason. Your best bet would be to get a Mobile 2500 and sell the 3200. If you do the 2500 will fly in your Infinity and should be rock solid.
  10. Mine runs as in my sig 24/7. It is'nt the maximum clock i can get, that's 250x10, but to get to that mem timmings have to be lowered a fair bit so i run at 240x10.
  11. My rig is fairly similar to you'rs and i have had a similar problem aswell. I was going for 255 fsb, rebooted and no post. After much fiddling the prob was a corrupted bios. Hot flashed it in an Nfs and prob solved. Although you hav'nt got a borked bios it might be worth a reflash just incase.
  12. I don't know how it compares to the Sp97, i moved from an Slk800 to it. As for fitting, it fits perfect no probs at all. Much cooler than my Slk800 and noware near as noisey.
  13. I'm running Ballistix at the moment as in sig, well impressed so far so would deffinately recommend giving ti a try.
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