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  1. Just got my 3D05 score up a bit. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=4768405
  2. That is the nub of your problem then. As i don't run a quad myself, i can't give you a lot of help as to what to set them to. But if you head over to DFI Club and look in the overclocking database, it should give you an idea of the sort of settings you might need at the clock your running. A different mobo to yours i know, but it will be a good starting point.
  3. I should have added in my last post, that VTT and GTL's come into play with quad's big time. They simply do not clock with any degree of stability unless you up the VTT. And of course if you up the VTT then you have no choice but to set GTL values to match. What is your VTT and GTL settings ?
  4. I have two stable clocks on my P45 and neither of them need the sort of NB voltage you are running Kingfisher. 500x10 (2000 FSB) needs 1.303v on the NB, that is running 4x1024 sticks of ram. 563x8.5 (2254 FSB) needs 1.408v on the NB, that is also running 4x1024 sticks of ram. To me, it looks like your Vcore is miles too low at 1.1875v for 453x8.5. For a clock like that with a quad i would expect a Vcore of at least 1.3V+ on air, with a NB voltage somwhere around 1.25v/1.3v.
  5. There is'nt any NEED to have it running at the time of the screenshot. But it does make sense to have it running for a number of reasons. The first and most obvious is that if you have EIST and C1e enabled, then your Cpuz tab will show the Vcore under load. And not the reduced Vcore when at idle. The second being, that this forum may not be the only forum peeps post in and some forums require that you don't stop it. That's the reason i told Kingfisher, in a PM when he asked me, to leave it running.
  6. Thank's King. I was'nt after votes though. It just seems odd to me that you can't cast a vote where you want to. If it was an election of any sort, you would be able to just cast a vote for whoever you wanted and ignore the ones that you did'nt want to vote for. Being forced to vote in ALL catagories before ANY vote counts, is just wrong and plain undemocratic. And any outcome from a poll of that nature would also be wrong. No wonder hardly anyone has bothered voting. Heck, i'm one of the candidates and even i can't be bothered to vote.
  7. Thanks for the clarification rr. If that's the case, then i won't bother voting at all. If there are any Admins or Mods reading this, i suggest you have a look at your own Constitution as a guide to how to run a vote/poll. Heck, even in the UK, we have a right NOT to vote for something.
  8. Are you saying we have to vote for ALL catagories, before a vote counts ?
  9. Well, the quote below is what i get every time i vote. "You did not choose a poll choice to vote against. Please go back and ensure you click on one of the radio buttons next to the choice you wish to vote for" And i do click on radio button, after all it's not rocket science.
  10. I just did, and it would'nt accept my vote.
  11. I can understand why a person can't nominate themselves to be in the poll. But i fail to see why you can't vote for yourself. After all, even the Presidant votes for themselves, i mean why would they vote for anyone else. And yet we can't vote for ourselves in this poll ? I'm not being vain or anyhting, because i won't win anyway (i'm not American ), but it stinks to me.
  12. If your using Vista guys, the way to do it is turn "Themes off". Then go to Control Panel/System/Advanced System Settings/Performance Settings, and tick "Adjust For Best Performance.
  13. If the guy really wanted edible and distinguishable food, he chose the wrong airline to start with. Virgin always have been rubbish. He should of gone Cathay Pacific, the best airline food by a long long margin.
  14. HWbot is here. It's the place where, if you want to bench in a big way, you post your benching scores for world rankings. As for "why", it's the rules, and as we know, rules for benching are strict and well defined. No where more so than HWbot.
  15. The site has been set up by the Greek overclocking champion "Unseen". It's fairly new, and to my mind a great idea. As more and more peeps start using it, it'll be a good place to just sit and drool over some very nice hardware.
  16. I've always disabled audio in the bios before starting any benching run. That would certainly be the reason i have never had the problem. If you are benching for HWbot, then HyperPi would'nt be allowed. So incase you get a really good run, it would be worthwhile just disabling audio and run the normal Pi.
  17. You said "The" issue. As far as i'm aware there is no particular issue with the 32m test and Vista (apart from being slower than XP). You probably need to tweak your clock a bit more.
  18. If your machine can't game and run Prime/Orthos blend at the same time, then there's something wrong and it's not stable anyway. Stop making excuses and get with it peeps
  19. But with a small addition. Most peeps seem to be able to pass Prime/Orthos for 8/24 hours, but then fail IBT fairly fast. For some reason, i've found it to be the other way around. When going for a clock i pass 24 runs of IBT but fail Prime blend within a couple of hours. For that reason, i think that IBT is only a good test of cpu stability. DON'T treat it as a test of memory or memory subsystem, for that stick with Prime/Orthos Blend.
  20. Do you know what guys. I'm amazed that hardly anybody has gone for the 24hr Prime catagory. It's remained the same for months and months. Come on, are you all frightened of really pushing your rigs ? Or is it because it's too much hard work ?
  21. I would of thought the same run of benches as the 775 comp uses. Peeps would then have an instant comparison between the two platforms on a clock for clock basis.
  22. The DFI UT-P45-T2RS would be a very good choice. As it happens, yesterday i borrowed a friends 4870x2 to try in my P45 in Xfire with my own 4870x2. So far it is a blinding combination. Running with 2 8x lanes dos'nt seem to have any adverse affect on throughput. All i'm getting from it so far is fantastic results. If you accept the above, then an X38/X48 would be a waste of time and money. When you take into account the FSB that the P45 is capable of as well, to me it's a no brainer.
  23. Eh, how did you work that one out. My old score was 89,555 my new score is 102,372. To my mind, that's a higher score
  24. My first bench "In anger" with the UT-P45-T2RS. ORB Compare URL
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