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  1. Selling my DFI Lan Party LP UT X58-T3EH8. Comes fully boxed and complete with all cables, manual ect. It has been run under phase with an i920, so the socket area has some "liquid Tape" around it at the moment which should come off leaving no trace. Looking for
  2. I'm a Sound Engineer, and have been since 1977. Although i have my own studio, 90% of my work nowdays involves live gigs. My work is my life, which sounds odd, but Mrs kitfit travels with me when i'm away and we both get to see the world. I can't imagine doing anything else for a living. The hours are very very long, but i enjoy every minute of it, get to meet loads of talented peeps and get paid very well for it.
  3. The way that Crossfire works has always been based on the clocks of the slowest card. Just think about it for a minute and i'm shure you will realise why.
  4. I use Riva Tuner, as ATI Tools has never been very successfull for me. Once i know i have my highest stable clock on the 4870x2 and the 4870, then i use ATI RBE to re-rite the bios of both cards, then i flash them. Doing it this way means i then never need to mess around in Windows clocking them again.
  5. Running the GPU's at different clocks is a complete waste of time and effort. It dosn't matter what each card is clocked to, when you run a game or benchmark the clockspeed and ramspeed is decided by the LOWEST clocked card.
  6. Stop cheating you tart, and get 3x2gb sticks in there for some Triple Channel goodness. Still a nice clock though Got a W3540 winging it's way to me at the moment, so some fun should be had Edit: by the way, ITB dos'nt stress i7's enough. To test it properly you need to use LinX.
  7. Guy's, i don't know if you noticed, but this is called "The AMD 3ghz Club". That is for AMD cpu's OVERCLOCKED to 3ghz and above. Running 3ghz cpu's at 3ghz is not what any of us would of called, overclocking.
  8. It handles my i920 well enough. Loaded with 1.45Vcore running 8 instances of Prime the evap goes up to -58c from an idle of -62c. That's a C0, i suspect a D0 would be a bit better.
  9. I take it from your question that you havn't done any reading up on phase change ? It would be a good idea if you did.
  10. In my opinion, yes it is bad. If a phase unit's temps start going up and then move into +C, it means the unit cannot handle the heatload. It needs to tuned to handle the load it is going to be fed. Apart from anything else, the main reason for running phase is to keep temps as low as possible. This in turn allows high Vcore to be run, which of course means higher clocks. If you are running into +C, then that high Vcore becomes dangerous for the cpu.
  11. 1.5v to 1.55 for 24/7 use should be ok. Then, as high as you need it for benching. You will have to make shure that the phase unit can handle the heat output at those sorts of Vcore though. Otherwise it will end up going into +C, which you don't want.
  12. Because, the unions won't allow it. The blindingly obvious, goes out of the window when unions become involved. We went through this in the 1970's in the UK with our unions, and it crippled the UK economy at the time. The problem for you in the USA, is that you have yet to go through the same thing. Your government has spent 30+ years sheilding you as US citizens from this, by throwing your money at these firms. Now has come the time for payback. So you have to ask the question, do i want to support this, or not. The obvious answer is dump the lot. If they can't support themselves, then what the heck should you.
  13. The scheme in Germany, is not all that it's cracked up to be. First thing, is that over 70% of the cars that are being sold under the scheme, are imported. This does not help the German car industry. Second thing, prior to this scheme Germany, like most country's had a large and vibrant second hand car market. That market has now been killed stone dead. With all the 10's of thousands of jobs that go with it. Not to mention the Millions of German people now driving cars that are worth nothing. Third thing, the scrap metal market in Germany has now dropped through the floor. With of course all the 10's of thousands of jobs that have gone with it. And all of this just to save some of the jobs of German car workers. Like most of these stupid ideas, it was'nt thought through and ultimately will cost the German people dearly, in hard currency and in even more jobs lost than would of been otherwise.
  14. Not to "rain on your parade" either. But in fact, you would need to be between 4.9ghz and 5.5ghz to be in the 8's or 9's, even using XP. Just check the Im Pi runs in the Socket 775 Oc Competition Thread.
  15. Nice one mk. Now you told me both your 920's were rubbish
  16. I don't know how old you are, so perhaps you don't remember the "Poll Tax Riots" It was exactly because of mass public anger and violent dissorder, that the Poll Tax was abolished and we went back to council tax. Mass public violence, and refusal to pay the tax were the only reasons the tax was abolished. I fully suspect, that had the millions of peeps who marched against the gulf war, done so in a violent manner, we may never have gone to war. Nothing scares politicians more then the certainty that the public hates them and they won't get re-elected.
  17. The i7 and the X58 don't benefit from "Clock Skew". There is a certain school of thought that thinks it may well make things more unstable in the long run. EVGA made it available just to see if anyone found it useful. In other words, you are guinee pigs. If you read the "Classified" threads at the EVGA forum you will see what i mean.
  18. Well, OverClockTheStock.... i hope you're going to be a bit faster off the block to potential customers questions than you are to our questions. Because if not, you may well be waiting a very long time before getting any orders.
  19. What Evap are you using ? Also what gas are you using ?
  20. You notice that when you go to any of the "Review" links, there arn't any actual reviews at all. What you get is a rehash of thier own publicity material. Anyone that does that has got to have an iffy product as far as i'm concerned
  21. Yes it can. The contact between the core and the Heatspreader can be anything between good and very bad. When most of us were running Opty's, a lot of us got around this problem by "De-Lidding" the cpu. When you look at the paste that AMD used, you can fully understand why you see such different temps.
  22. ^ Has been at a "Temporary" stage for some time.
  23. still waiting for mine to be updated ' The Smith'
  24. ^^ Nice one RR , looks like your getting a bit close to my time for comfort. May have to attempt to do something about that
  25. Awesome results there RR I can't quite understand your 01 score though. Mine's 104,716 with a single 4870x2 and your's is 100,046 with 2x4870x2's. I would have thought, and expect, yours to be much much higher than mine. Any thoughts as to why ? I've been racking my brain trying to come up with an answer, because if i can it may help to get the rest of my scores up a bit.
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