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  1. I'll give you another couple of pointers as well as XP. 1: The order that you run the tests in 01 2: LOD and the level of LOD that you run for each individual test
  2. I have had the same problem as you mk. For months i've been trying to get a clean 24hr Blend run. Then i was reading a thread at OC/UK with peeps having the same problem and one poster mentioned that when he run 25.11, he got clean runs every time. So i downloaded it, ran it at the same settings as the Linx run, and the result is above. Obviously the Prime peeps have re-coded it to resolve the problem. It's just very annoying the amount of time myself and others have wasted with earlier versions.
  3. 4.35ghz/24hr Prime Blend i975/Classified/G-Skill Perfect Storm/4.325ghz/Phase
  4. Me hopes that's all it is, a rumour. That's gonna hurt at that price. Anyway's, just done the screenie below. More of a ram exersise than a clocking exersise to be honest. Still looking for how high i can get the "Perfect Storms" at 6-6-6. i975/Classified E760/G-Skill Perfect storm/4.325ghz (Cpuz and the Classified don't see eye to eye, 206x21 is 4.325ghz not 4.315ghz)/Phase 20 rounds of Linx.
  5. Going to be looking at 5ghz+ over the next week or so, so that is unlikely to be my last run at that
  6. Don't need to wait after seeing shamino's reults Just want to know how much
  7. ^^ :thumbs-up: Nice one MK, that Vcore looks a nightmare though.
  8. With the Classified, it's well known that it overvolts the ram like crazy. With mine, for instance, 1.65v set in the bios is in fact 1.68v when measured from the measuring pad. To get 1.65v i set it to 1.63v in the bios. Forget about any readings in the monitoring section of E-Leet as well, they are ALL wrong. You also don't need 1.4VTT for that ram speed and timmings, set it to +25mv.
  9. 3D06 Score:31934 Evga Classified E760 i975 4.811ghz 1 4870x2 & 1 4870
  10. Apart from the mem tab RR, you only had Linx set to 772mb of ram. It should be set to all available ram (roughly 4.8gb to 5.2gb, if you are running 6gb of ram)
  11. 3d05, i920, Phase, 4.409ghz, 1x4870 +1x4870x2, score=38662 ORB
  12. 3d05, i920, phase, 4.2ghz, 1x4870 +1x4870x2, score=36956 ORB
  13. ^^ Sorry mate, probably me just being thick, but i don't understand what you mean.
  14. 3d06, i920, Phase, 4.2ghz, 1x4870 +1x4870x2, score=28490 ORB
  15. What's happened to RoadRunner, he hasn't updated for ages ?
  16. Yes, i was pleased with that AJ. It bodes well for any upward clocks.
  17. I'd tend to agree with Nerm. I run Phase 24/7 on my 2 rigs, and yes it does get me a very much higher clock than water or air would. But if you are wanting to do some serious benching, phase will not get you the same results as DICE or LN2. A Cascade certainly would if you can find a builder and afford to run it.
  18. This is the first part of the prossess of getting a clock out my Classified and 920. The clock is 221x19 for 4.2ghz HT on, for some reason the classified always reports the clock a bit lower than it actually is. It's under phase as well. I'd like to make a suggestion, do you think it would be a good idea to add 20 rounds of Linx set to use ALL ram. Linx is a killer of an app for sorting out the just stable and the truely stable, and it really comes into it's own on the 1366 platform.
  19. Bump before this goes on that auction site.
  20. Make me an offer then, and we'll see what can be done
  21. 27243 3D06 i920 @200x21 4870x2 & 4870 Tri Fire.
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