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  1. Nobody should be surprised really. I've been in the music business for 35 years, and i can assure eveyone here that this was going on long before then. Almost without exception, there are departments in all the major record labels who's sole job is to search for ways to riggle out of paying anyone and everyone if they can.
  2. I never spoke to or PM'd Ryan, but over the years have read 100's of his posts. In the clocking community, there are at times very few people one can look up to. Ryan was one of the people that you could very definately look up to. He will certainly be missed by this forum, on a personal level for some, but on a much wider level for the vast majority of members. At this moment in time my thoughts are with his family and close friends. RIP Ryan.
  3. Flashing and editing your SPD's The above thread is 3 years old, and the ability to flash and edit goes back even longer. It wouldn't be a bad idea to use "Google" to check your facts before making catagorical statments, that are in fact untrue. Had you done so you would have realised your error before posting.
  4. Your problem is that you are trying to run 2 different types of ram together. They will both have different SPD's, even though both are rated at 1066. On the vast majority of mobo's, mixing different makes of ram just will not work. There are 2 ways out of this problem. 1: You could flash both sets of ram with the same SPD. 2: Buy another set that matches one of the sets you already have. As a sidenote, populating all 4 dimms is well known to have consequences to the clocking potential of both ram and cpu.
  5. ^^ You will get a better result if you just run the single version of PI. There is a download link on the 1st page of this thread
  6. Oh my oh my............................nice going guys. This forum never ceases to amaze me.
  7. My current car is an Aston Martin Vantage. Not as fast as either of my rigs, but more than fast enough on our pot-hole ridden roads here in the UK
  8. @ Bob16314, temps in the high 70's or low 80's are perfectly normal when running a clocked 920 at 4ghz/4.2ghz. But NOT when running at stock as the OP has said he is. If temps in the 80's were normal at stock, no one would be able to clock a 920 anything much above stock.
  9. High 70's low 80's at stock is very high IMO. I would re-seat the cpu cooler if i were you and try it again. Temps under load in the mid 60's would be more the norm i think.
  10. Thanks guys. Look forward to seeing the results from your Cascade RR. Me thinks i wont be able to compete with that though.
  11. After my last post i thought i might try for a higher clock OCCT 1hr i975 @ 4703mhz HT on Phase cooling
  12. Well, you'll be at the top 'till RR does an update. Fantastic clock on air, my hat's off to you on that one rourkchris. Working on a 4.6ghz as i type
  13. Just forced me to get off my backside rourkchris OCCT 1hr i975 @ 4515mhz Phase cooling
  14. To me this "award" has now been placed in disrepute, and in future will be meaningless. I do think though, it's obvious why he got it. A very large proportion of you Americans just do not understand how hated George Bush was and still is all over the world, especially in Europe. Obama got the award for simply not being Georg Bush. There can't possibly be any other explanation, regardless of the drivel that the Nobel commitee has published.
  15. Yep, found exactly the same myself. When it runs small fft's in blend the temp goes up at least as high as it does with Linx. Even with large fft's in Blend the temps are higher. It's not somthing i worry about myself, but on air it is something to watch when running 8hrs+. But i have noticed that over a 24hr run, at least the temps stay pretty much the same and don't just go up and up.
  16. Over the years of running different DFI's, one very noticable thing is cpu temp variations between bios's. This really isn't unusual, because of changes made between one bios and another. What you should do is use "Real Temp" to monitor you cpu temps (assuming it works with AMD cpu's), because it is consistant regardless of whatever bios you are using.
  17. There are some things that peeps are never likely to tell anyone on a forum, and the order of running 01 falls firmly into that catagory I think the fact that you have been given a pointer to the running order and LOD is enough. The rest is up to you to work on and find out for yourself. I'm not being mean or secretive here, but these things take hours and hours of work. No one in thier right mind is going to just "give" that to anyone that in fact competeing against them.
  18. No it wouldn't. "Default settings" refer to the screen resolution used for the runs, not the order of the runs. The rules here are the same as used for any Hwbot submission.
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