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  1. Of course i benched Vantage, it's been there for ages, you know that as well as i do. I,m not going to spend large amount's of time going through the whole thread myself. So, sort it out, as you did it in the first place. There is no point in running threads like this unless you are going to keep things accurate..
  2. Thanks "the smith", but why have you deleted all of the benchies with my 4870x2 and 4870x2+4870 ? ALL of Road Runner's old benchies are still there, so why arn't mine ?
  3. I have got this little lot together over the last few weeks for an upcoming project. As you can probably tell, it will be a Single Stage phase unit. Some componant's here, but also some of the tools i'll need.
  4. Quoted For Truth Even multi's with i7's just don't stand up to scrutiny, when it comes to stability. There is an exeption to that, but it's very cpu dependant. If you want to run an even muti, you will stand a much better chance of stability if you run it with an odd Uncore multi. This dosn't always work though. I can run this with my 975, but because it's got an unlocked multi, there really isn't any point. With a 920, i would think that you would always have the multi at 20+turbo anyway (21) so you would still be running with an odd multi.
  5. ^^ Lol...................how am i supposed to compete with a score like that. Maybe i could run at 150mhz or something
  6. It can help to get better clocks out of your GPU. It can also help to get higher BCLK's on the x58. But, and there always is a but. If you raise it too high it can and probably will corrupt the Sata drives you are using. So it's a very fine line between safe and not safe. To complicate matters further, ATI and Nvidia cards react differently to raising PCI-E speed. As a rule Nvidia cards can be taken quite high, 115/125 is not unheard of. ATI cards, on the other hand, don't tend to like being more than 110.
  7. Just a typo guys Corrected it now.
  8. i975 @5ghz Asus 5970 @ 975/1245 3d05 42949 Orb Link
  9. i975 @ 4.726ghz Asus 5970 @ 975/1245 3d06 @ 32124 Orb Link
  10. You may well, only a modest 4/5gb of porn here i'm afraid
  11. Nice one RR. Was that under Cascade ? If it was, it probably needs altering on the first page to show that.
  12. I've got aproaching 12,500 Vinyl LP's collected over the last 36 years or so. Along with even more CD's. As i've been a sound engineer since the age of 16, i wouldn't really call my collection anything out of the ordinary. I know plenty of other engineers with much bigger collections. But since i first started doing live work, at the age of 18, i have fimed every single gig i've done. Up until 2000, they were all on 16mm film. These, along with video since, have now been transfered to digital and sit on my server. In all, just over 2.5TB Finding what i may want to watch or listen to is the easy bit, finding the time, is quite a different matter
  13. An interesting mobo. But even though it is 1366, it's Server chips only. So no point in trying to fit 2 920's in there.
  14. Because the biggest gains to be had in Vantage are with the gpu. It may seem odd, but at 4.3ghz with my cpu, there is not a lot of difference to 4.7ghz/4.8ghz. But when the clocks on the card go up, it all changes.
  15. 2k more, once i get used to this card, may well be within reach. However, RR has a cascade at his disposal, and with the best will in the world, i very much doubt that i will beat that. Off course, i could LN2 the card and see where it gets me but that will have to wait for a while.
  16. Thanks cirro. I couldn't work out why the cpu and gpu scores were so close together either.
  17. First run with a 5970 i975 @ 4.7ghz 5970 @ 1000/1200 29462
  18. As long as your second PCIE slot is x16, adding another 4870 1gb is a very good and worthwhile upgrade. I have to agree with others as well, another 4870x2 is not worth the bother. Tri-Fire with an x2 and a single, has just about as good a scaling as you get. It's cheaper than another x2 and heat and power consumption is not as big an issue.
  19. Wow, you's gone and snuck up without me noticing. Nice one RR :thumbs-up: Looks like i gotta get me clocking head on again Not just on the 1m either, me thinks i might be slacking.
  20. When i first joined here i had a DFI Infinity NF2/XP1700/2xCorsair 512 PC3200. I think at the time it was clocked to 2.3ghz, which wasn't bad for a 1.4ghz cpu. Great chip and a great mobo.
  21. The origional question the OP asked was: "I wanted to know which DDR2 memory is the fastest and most stable on the market right now." The answer is, the OCZ Flex PC9600 that is in the 5ghz link in my sig. They now have a low voltage version of the same spec ram. The Flex that i have runs way in excess of 1200mhz, in fact over 1300mhz with a hike in Vdimm. At 1200mhz it runs with timing of 5-5-5-15-33-1T. If peeps can't notice the difference from running 800mhz and 1200mhz, then frankly they shouldn't be advising other peeps on what is a good speed to buy.
  22. :thumbs-up: Nice results with the Cascade RR. Glad you got it back working properly. Are you finding that the 960 tops out around the 210/215 point ? Most of the results i've seen, seem to suggest that.
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