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  1. Just using Curve Optimizer to get the worst cores up a bit.
  2. I often wonder what become of "Angry" lol
  3. I certainly remember you "OLD GUY". Was lot's of fun here back in the day. Was even more fun in the "DFI STREET" days before the forums were merged.
  4. Cooling is a BeQuiet 360 AIO, voltage was 1.41v. That was just a benchie run though. 24/7 it runs PBO and maxes out at 4.25Ghz all core.
  5. Been a while since i posted any benchies on this forum. 3950x @4.45Ghz all core clock. Score 10575
  6. Lol, well done. I moved from Intel to AMD with Zen1 and a 1700 and have been on the Zen journey ever since Have been running a 3950x for the last year nearly. Not been at 5Ghz obviously, but the 3950x is so much faster than all the 5Ghz+ clocks from 10 years ago it beggers belief lol. What i am thinking of doing when i can get a 5950x is running my 3950x in my Asus CH6 under phase...............i think it could be a lot of fun. To be honest in these covid times, fun is something i defo need...............and maybe some others might need as well.
  7. Are any of the peeps that were involved and posted in this thread still around ? It's been a long time since the DFI days, so was just wondering if any of the old school clockers were still here.
  8. Good god........................................not been sent a message from this site for years But more than happy to say i is still alive.
  9. Not posted anything on this site for years but thought i'd post this up. Was great fun running such an old bench. https://www.3dmark.com/3dmv/5690249
  10. Assuming you are looking for the better out of the 2, then the obvious answer is the 2600x.
  11. It depends on what you call "a good price". I build my own...........................so price dosn't come into play. You tell me what you think is a good price, and i'll tell you if you could buy mine for that price lol.
  12. kitfit1 Linx 20 passes i7 990x 5009 mhz SMT on Custom SS cooling
  13. The SR2 would be of no use at all to anyone with either a 930 or a 920. It only accepts Xeon server chips, because they can "talk" to each other. In other words they have dual QPI, all the retail 1366 (920, 930, 975,980x) are single QPI parts and won't work in the SR2.
  14. As a participant in the competition, the only cost involved was getting to and from the venue. ALL the hardware is provided, along with food and drink as well. LN2 was provided, as was DICE. So i don't quite understand what it is you are getting at boinker. As Gigabyte paid for everything, i think it's up to them what bit's of thier own hardware they want us to use. After all, if it was a car racing contest, you wouldn't expect the manufacturer to give you a cheap 1ltr family car to race when they have a 5ltr muscle car at the head of thier lineup.
  15. kitfit1 i975 @ 5.04ghz HT on 20 Passes Linx Custom Built SS Cooling
  16. kitfit1 i975 @ 4.917ghz HT on 20 Passes Linx Custom Built SS Cooling
  17. Thanks RR. I don't know why, but i must have forgotten about the Prime run below. I did it in February and it went completely out of my mind. I'll re-do Prime Blend with the new SS at some point, but the one below will do for now. i975 4.611ghz Prime Blend 24hrs Phase cooling.
  18. Yes sorry RR, custom phase that i've just finished building.
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