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  1. Good god........................................not been sent a message from this site for years But more than happy to say i is still alive.
  2. Not posted anything on this site for years but thought i'd post this up. Was great fun running such an old bench. https://www.3dmark.com/3dmv/5690249
  3. Assuming you are looking for the better out of the 2, then the obvious answer is the 2600x.
  4. It depends on what you call "a good price". I build my own...........................so price dosn't come into play. You tell me what you think is a good price, and i'll tell you if you could buy mine for that price lol.
  5. kitfit1 Linx 20 passes i7 990x 5009 mhz SMT on Custom SS cooling
  6. The SR2 would be of no use at all to anyone with either a 930 or a 920. It only accepts Xeon server chips, because they can "talk" to each other. In other words they have dual QPI, all the retail 1366 (920, 930, 975,980x) are single QPI parts and won't work in the SR2.
  7. As a participant in the competition, the only cost involved was getting to and from the venue. ALL the hardware is provided, along with food and drink as well. LN2 was provided, as was DICE. So i don't quite understand what it is you are getting at boinker. As Gigabyte paid for everything, i think it's up to them what bit's of thier own hardware they want us to use. After all, if it was a car racing contest, you wouldn't expect the manufacturer to give you a cheap 1ltr family car to race when they have a 5ltr muscle car at the head of thier lineup.
  8. kitfit1 i975 @ 5.04ghz HT on 20 Passes Linx Custom Built SS Cooling
  9. kitfit1 i975 @ 4.917ghz HT on 20 Passes Linx Custom Built SS Cooling
  10. Thanks RR. I don't know why, but i must have forgotten about the Prime run below. I did it in February and it went completely out of my mind. I'll re-do Prime Blend with the new SS at some point, but the one below will do for now. i975 4.611ghz Prime Blend 24hrs Phase cooling.
  11. Yes sorry RR, custom phase that i've just finished building.
  12. Of course i benched Vantage, it's been there for ages, you know that as well as i do. I,m not going to spend large amount's of time going through the whole thread myself. So, sort it out, as you did it in the first place. There is no point in running threads like this unless you are going to keep things accurate..
  13. Thanks "the smith", but why have you deleted all of the benchies with my 4870x2 and 4870x2+4870 ? ALL of Road Runner's old benchies are still there, so why arn't mine ?
  14. I have got this little lot together over the last few weeks for an upcoming project. As you can probably tell, it will be a Single Stage phase unit. Some componant's here, but also some of the tools i'll need.
  15. Quoted For Truth Even multi's with i7's just don't stand up to scrutiny, when it comes to stability. There is an exeption to that, but it's very cpu dependant. If you want to run an even muti, you will stand a much better chance of stability if you run it with an odd Uncore multi. This dosn't always work though. I can run this with my 975, but because it's got an unlocked multi, there really isn't any point. With a 920, i would think that you would always have the multi at 20+turbo anyway (21) so you would still be running with an odd multi.
  16. ^^ Lol...................how am i supposed to compete with a score like that. Maybe i could run at 150mhz or something
  17. It can help to get better clocks out of your GPU. It can also help to get higher BCLK's on the x58. But, and there always is a but. If you raise it too high it can and probably will corrupt the Sata drives you are using. So it's a very fine line between safe and not safe. To complicate matters further, ATI and Nvidia cards react differently to raising PCI-E speed. As a rule Nvidia cards can be taken quite high, 115/125 is not unheard of. ATI cards, on the other hand, don't tend to like being more than 110.
  18. Just a typo guys Corrected it now.
  19. i975 @5ghz Asus 5970 @ 975/1245 3d05 42949 Orb Link
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