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  1. I have done this before on windows 8 on a different computer. So it should be no problem, but I am really stuck
  2. Well I tried doing both. The VM failed with some error. The dual boot failed. I have have got windows to shut down properly so I can get into bios. BUt I have tried changing evrything... the boot priority... I have deleted the option to boot into windows but it just comes back. There is something called secure boot which I disabled. Whatever happens a usb boot disk will not boot
  3. I have just got a new computer and I am trying to install some linux system alongside windows. I tried installing it within windows and it came up with an error. I have tried to change the eufi settings and it seems to have no effect in bios. I simply cannot get it to boot from a usb (CD) disk. Not sure what to do
  4. Thanks That answers that question but why did they rename it?
  5. Sorry I may appear ignorant I have just got a laptop with windows vista home basic. I want to add or remove programs. How do I go about doing this. I have only just really moved over from XP to vistsa.
  6. I used to be able to stay logged into my various web forums and emails. I would not have to bother with passwords. But then firefox upgraded to a new version about a month ago and whenever I go to emails or forums I have to log in. What can I do to get round this. I use windows vista. Its the latest version of firefox. I am down to accept cookies and remember passwords in the options. Cannot think what else to do. I have used other computers and I can log on there and stay logged on Its a mystery to me
  7. I have a reasonably good laptop - its a bit slow. I have a couple of pen drives and when I have tried to use them with vistas ready boost it just tells me that they are not the right type or something like that... it will not make much difference. What sort of pendrive would I have to get? Does ready boost work ok. I might just go and get another laptop - but why if the one thing its missing is enough memory... if I can get ready boost working then I may not need it
  8. and MP3s - I have another phillips mp3 SA4340/02 This is another one which once set up properly just needs a couple of clicks with a button. This button is the only one used... as long as you have got random play selected .. shuffle .. then its ok
  9. I already have a DAB digital radio in mind. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...s%3DI%26otn%3D2 If you press the big on button on this twice it goes straight into radio. If a sighted friend has set up the presets then you just press the left or right key. These are easy to find. Its more done by touch than anything else
  10. I have a friend who is blind. She has not got a digital Tv as so many of the buttons are difficult to use. I thought of asking around about the best TV to use. I am thinking especially along the lines of a mini TV handheld thing. This could get freeview stations as we call them in the UK. A little MP3 type device mnaybe better for a blind person to use as they are often designed to be used withouit looking. I use my MP3 player without looking Has anyone got a little digital mini tv? What make and model is it? Could it be used by a blind person
  11. I think that the webcam was installed first. Its drivers and settings seem to have hung around. The headset just lugs into the front. I am not that skilled at changing drivers and things like that.
  12. I have a voice recognition program - Dragon Naturally Speaking 9. I have a headset which goes with it. I have also got a webcam. The computer is selecting the webcam. How do I disable this earlier piece of hardware and delete it from the computer. I cannot seem to get the headset to work at all. It is just not recognised Any ideas.
  13. OK thanks I have managed to buy one. Thanks for the responses. I am surprised the guy on ebay I bought it off did not have that information.
  14. Can someone give me some information on new forms of power supply. I recently bought a hard drive(sata). I already have one sata drive. yet this had a completely different connection point for the power supply. its not the usual power supply that has been going since the beginning of time(about an inch long with the three or four different wires). What do you call these new interfaces? I bought mine unknowingly and have had to send it back.
  15. Windows Xp was updating itself when the power was suddenly lost. Now the system has totally stopped. All I get is the flashing cursor when it boots up What could I do to get things sorted? Thanks in advance
  16. I want to install linux or some other free operating system. I have a laptop computer which already has windows xp on it. I want to whipe that and start again. Hiow would I format that hard drive? Can I do that using a free operating system?
  17. iTS SORTED NOW. THE PROBLEM WAS THAT ON THE MAIN COMPUTER i HAD ENABLED PASSWORDS. I know I found the network page on the main computer using vista and it had a list of things to check 1. network discovery 2. file sharing 3. publicfolder sharing 4. printer sharing(password required) 5. password protection I just enabled everything including the password protection. The password protection was the problem. It did not even show up. Soon as I unenbaled it showed up straight away
  18. Well the network is a LAN I suppose. Its a switch which has all the internet cables(lans) plugged in. The printer is working from the main computer. I seem to have set it as enabled to share but it says its set up with a password. Its vista home basic btw. I have found that printer on other computers and yet it does not show up when I go to print something. If you share files on the network then do how do establish a link to them. Do you simply use the wizard and it will find all the available network machines
  19. I am not used to setting up networks. I haqve one computer which I have installed a printer on. I have tried to make the printer shared. It works on the one computer but not on another three computers. The network setup in vista seems to say that the printer is accessible with a password. That other featurews are accessible through a network. The network seems to be a modem. Has anyone got any advice
  20. I have heard that vista utilises flash memory sticks. My system has just 500mb memory. Would a flash memory stick be just as fast as installing a memory chip
  21. I know where top look for cameras online to check quality. I go to www.dpreview.com Is there any site that shows you examples of video quality or gives reveiws of vaiuous camcorders
  22. lucky me. Though it does seem to boot very slowly. It seems to take ages to pass the bios. Once it failed . But next time I booted the drive reappeared I think there maybe something wrong with the jumper setting that is making it boot slowly. I think I have it as slave yet it is set for master. It works so I am reluctant to touch it.
  23. I am trying to buy a computer on ebay. Some come without copies of xp. How do you go about buying copies. here are some questions. 1. Can a copy of windows xp be transferred to another computer. Say if I bought another computer and took off xp from that and placed it on the new one. 2. is it safe to buy on ebay from the higher priced sellers. 3. if a got a computer without windowes on would I have to phone up microsoft. What happens then?
  24. I was checking out a friends hard drive and in doing so disconnected my own. When i reintsllaed my own hard drive I noticed that one of the connector pins was broken. It does not seem to affect the hard drive. Its broken half way down. Should I start to worry? Is it likely to break at any time?
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