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  1. Ok heres what im attempting to do: I want to boost my dads old p2 233mhz gateway up to at least 300mhz, but I have heard that the P2's are locked. Is this true? Also i think i can still up the fsb, but this is a project that im doing over the summer so i haven't started. Just getting some facts strait and some ideas. Thnx
  2. That would be a sweet idea!! Macs do have good cases just crappy OS's, etc. at least for any real gamer. Yeah post those pics when ur done that should be interesting!
  3. Srry heres the pic. I found out that this is not actually in the water but in a seperate compartment. Well this is still sweet!!!!!
  4. I found this when i remembered ur idea so i had to show u! http://www.pimpedoutcases.net/gallery/show...to.php?photo=75
  5. Thx I'll keep the VIA in mind. I think im going with the Zalman and look at that more and get water cooling for my computer im using right now a little later. I think i'll choose the Thremaltake system since its cheap and should fit into my Antec case. I'll Try to make it fit hehe
  6. I thought bout the Zalman products but this case has a heat duct that would block the 92mm fan mount. Plus im not sure that it would keep my cpu around 45? Does any have one that can tell my what its like for them? thx
  7. I am trying to build a server like system that will be on all night and need it to be quiet and still be fast. I plan to get a AMD Xp around 1.4-1.7 ghz depends on the price. The case is what i plan to use it has 2 120mm fans in it with a ducted blow hole on the side. The Cpu fan i looked at was the Cooler Master DP5-7JD1B-0L and its around 24db which i like but if you ppl think other feel free to type back. Thnx
  8. DUDE AWESOME!!! Thats what im looking for. I only have a abit and Fic motherboards so i don't knw what other manufactures are good. Thanks for the info!!! OH YEAH whats the sound qaulity like on the motherboard?
  9. I am trying to get a motherboard that supports sdram and runs the Xps. I have looked at the ECS motherboards and heard both good and bad things about them so im up in the air on getting one. This is going to be my temp system untill i get more money to get a kick . system and a ecs combo at tufshop.com is around 100 bucks i can go 120 but would like to stay around 100. Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for the info. I was thinking of putting up a forum and a bunch of different stuff to download, at least thats my goal. Right now i'm trying to come up with a cool smooth flash into that shows my site. I like making anime music vids so i starting putting them up and then saw how cool moding computers was so i am gonna add some php galleries. I found a pretty neat looking menu that i can use. I mainly have trouble designing cool looking logos they always end up looking wierd. So im thinking of not making that main animations for starters. But thanks for all the comments. And sorry for the caps i type like that everytime i chat to ppl.
  11. OK i guess my las t post got deleted because it affended ppl well srry! I just wanted ideas on whats hip in web design i wasn't showing off. I was getting ideas on how ppl design pages either Flash, Javascript,or all the other various programing languages. Thnx Anyways i guess im on my own lol.
  12. OK i have my linux server up and all that as a webserver and the big question is what now. I have the beginner stuff but I need something cool. ANY ideas are welcome! And I have been working with some flash but its too time consuming. So is there any Java that does some pretty cool stuff? My Webpage
  13. Thanks anyways I got a crappy one laying around I found out. Thanks for the info!
  14. I was thinking: Creative Labs Ensoniq PCI 16 Bit Sound Card at staples.com
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