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  1. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and good luck to all!
  2. Damnit forgot my answer in the first email...second attempt sent lol
  3. Holy crap where has the year gone...entered. Hope all is well with Boscoe since the flood
  4. Thanks guys, gives me a starting point...its been so long since I've really looked at any of this stuff ha
  5. Ok, so with winning a Ryzen 3 1200 in the OCC Christmas contest (woot, thanks OCC ) I'm going to give it to my son since he wants to build his own PC. Now with that being said I haven't really been keeping up with the latest and greatest so wondering about getting some ideas to help him out. This is largely going to be budget based since most of it is coming out of his pocket (15 year old with no job lol). So I'm thinking of something to get him going but with a decent upgrade path should he choose that a little down the road. He mostly games and makes videos for Youtube and such. Games are things like CS:GO, Arma (I think) and then also like Minecraft and such. Motherboard, from what I'm reading maybe a B350 chipset, maybe something like the Asus B350 Prime Plus or ASRock AB350 Pro4. Both are in the $90 to $100 range. Decent enough or other suggestions? Memory...I'm thinking to start him off with maybe a 2x4GB kit and he can add a second kit later if he wants to upgraded to 16GB just for the simple cost perspective here. Suggestions on a kit? The rest that he'll start with is a Sapphire R9 285 video card, WD Black SATA drive and I'll probably let him use my old reliable UltraX 1000W PSU for now. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Congrats to all of the winners and thank you OCC abs all of the staff. That Ryzen CPU will be perfect for the PC my son is building
  7. Final day Hope everyone has a merry christmas!
  8. Interesting, yeah I didn't get an auto reply..checked all my folders Nice list of prizes so far
  9. Good deal...maybe I'll be sure to connect my phone to a Bluetooth speaker just in case lol
  10. All cool man. Wish I had more time for tinkering and such...looks like I'm handing off duties to my son who wants to build his first PC now that he has gotten into PC gaming. So I'll be entering for him or sending him this way himself ha
  11. j2t

    WTB Video Card

    Hey a little late but thank you again. He is pretty happy with the card
  12. j2t

    WTB Video Card

    Ok, he said yes...PM incoming. Thanks
  13. j2t

    WTB Video Card

    Ok let me know how much shipped and I'll talk to him. Thanks
  14. j2t

    WTB Video Card

    I think he is just looking for something newer or more powerful than the 5870. He was looking at new cards but I told him he might get more for his money with a used card.
  15. j2t

    WTB Video Card

    Oops, I mistyped...its a 5870. here is the system AMD FX-8350 ASRock 970 Extreme3 16GB of Corsair Vengeance HIS HD 5870 iCooler V Turbo 1GB WD Black 640GB 7200 AZZA Fusion 3000 Case Reeven Okeanos CPU Cooler Ultra X3 1000 Watts 24" BenQ
  16. Ok, so my son has largely taken over the family PC and he is looking to upgrade the video card with his money. Currently it has a HD6870 running. His budget is around $120 (though i might pitch in a little to help him). Let me know if you have anything that might be a decent upgrade. Thanks
  17. Well this should be good ha Happy late New Year all!
  18. Oh, I owe a pic. Got my Tenda router a bit back and have it up and humming along...just been a crazy couple of weeks around my house. Thanks again OCC and Tenda!
  19. Well so far....nothing since I opened it up to look and manually spun the fan. I'll keep on eye on it and see if the issue comes back. Yeah, I'm really ok with the card, it has served me well for a decent amount of time.
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