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  1. That's too bad that site had amazing quality.
  2. Nice this looks like it destroys the cloudbook which has some weeeird touchpadding on it. I'm excited to see MSI's offering in the tiny laptop department.
  3. Thanks for the info ^_^ . After reading through the PDF and finding that " Apple has NOT tested the Apple Studio Display (21" CRT, 19.8" VIS) with USB-equipped PC-compatible computers nor with an older Macintosh using a USB card, and cannot guarantee its proper functioning. This is NOT a supported configuration. " And reading about all the problems PC users are having with them, I decided to hold off and wait for a p1130 or a g520. It's a shame really since this guy has like 6 of them for ~ 50 bucks each, probably a bit less if I bought all of them.
  4. Hi guys theres a deal on craigslist for the mentioned monitor and I was wondering if it were worth $50. I was wondering if anybody has this display hooked up to a PC. I hear the Apple M4868 has picture problems because you adjust the screen size etc with apple software. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can't seem to find anything online. Or maybe there are some computer-monitor forums that you can direct me to :thumbs-up:.
  5. Oranges/Oranges! Tangy pulpy juice is awesome.
  6. Haha, I want to see this, but I dont at the same time.
  7. Scary movie was good up to #2(david cross was in it). But after that everything went downhill, date movie, epic movie, etc. was horrid.
  8. Haha you like that guitar hero eh.
  9. Same thing happened to me when I sold an ipod on ebay, except I had the tracking # and delivery confirmation. I got my money and a + feedback .
  10. Ouch, that's a big dent to the wallet.
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