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  1. yeah, but my harddrive is in a SATA port. of which you need the raid drivers. Am i correct, or not? BTW, I can't extract it with winrar. It keeps on giving me errors.
  2. yeah, i read the guide, nothing really about nvidia raid drivers. The link for the seperate guide on slipstreaming RAID Drivers is broken. But i'll try the Nvidia Remix 9.35. thats for Nforce 3 right!? I'm going to extract all of this. btw. Thanks for your help!
  3. We'll the part I'm stuck on is the drivers portion. I have the Nforce Raid Drivers here. Do I upload it as a Text or a PnP driver?
  4. I'm having hard time with this slipstream. Manly winnt.sif It's always about Line 22, but I keep editing it, and it still doesn't work. I'm just gonna take out the section of cdkey, full name and organization. Dang, Now its line 17 =( [GuiUnattended] OEMSkipWelcome = 1 I'll just take that out too. Then this is what I am left with. Now its line 13 thats the problem! It's always the last line =( I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Is there a way for it to just grab the raid drivers from the OEM folder? without having to use this WINNT.sif? I'm going to try and just do only this line in the file OemPnPDriversPath=DriversRAIDWinXP Ok, I did that.......and its giving me an error on line-1 =( I think....im going to go INSANE Last amount of creatism....Use Bart PE, get the Raid Files off the net, and use a virtual floppy emulator to put it on there, copy it on to my USB Drive, take it to my comp with bartpe, and then copy it on to the disk!?
  5. Ok, im' installing windows, and using "keep file system" and then after its done installing, is it ok to delete my entire PROGRAM FILES folder? and all the other folders to basically make everything brand new? I had to slip stream my nvidia raid drivers due to the floppy I had was defective, or something, and i have no other computers with floppy drives. Man I wish it supported USB flash drives =(
  6. How do I create another partition? Since I can't access windows at all. And yes I am only using 1 drive. A western Digital 250gb SATA.
  7. Hey guys, I got my DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250gb (couldn't they come up with a shorter name -_- ) It came back from RMA due to my last one was DOA. I got it booting up, working decently. It was freezing, but that was due to my ram voltages being too low, I fixed that, and the timings. its working more or less. I'm going to use BartPE and copy all my essential files from C: to C:Backup to do a new install. Ok, I have everything backed up that I want to keep in my C:Backup folder. Now what I am wondering is how do i make a fresh new windows install that cleans out everything besides that?
  8. I'm a Die Hard ATI fan haha, but I suppose, Since i'm going towards intel, the best performer with the Core 2 duo would most likely be the Nvidia cards, since ATI and AMD are the same company now.
  9. Hey everyone...I'm planning on building a New Computer in the near future... It's going to be a Core 2 Duo System, E6600 to be exact (I'm a die hard AMD fan, but the figures just are too impressive to ignore) I'm wondering, If I get 2 ATI Cards (Crossfire's), Do I Need a crossfire chipset also? Or can I just use any motherboard that has (2)PCI Express 16x slots? I was planning on going with one of those new ASUS boards, the P5 series, they overclock Amazingly well, but I haven't read any reviews on the DFI boards yet. Thanks!
  10. How can I tell if my CPU works if the ASUS board doesn't POST? That board is even worse lol...the keyboard doesn't even power on, atleast the DFI's does.
  11. The computer has never posted, i've never seen anything on my screen. The standby light is always on, even after I hit the power button. As far as I know...the RAM should have been autoset on DDR400 like it was supposed to. Do you think it is the CPU thats the problem?
  12. Another stick of ram didnt work... Hypathetically...if the CPU was broken, would that cause the DRAM LED to turn on since the memory controller is on the chip? I think I might RMA my CPU then.
  13. tried the installation guide thingy, and thast what I did in the first place (for the most part, I have a different board, so I had to improvise) I tried the jumper reset, but still doesn't work. Anymore suggestions? I'm going to be getting another stick of ram to try, Geil Golden Dragon Series stuff.
  14. They sent me the wrong build guide. but I do know my way about building a computer. I'll try a long CMOS clear right now. A few hours should suffice.
  15. I have one, but I sorta made it ...after..I postd haha...I thought it would automatically change on the forums, but I edited that post... Sorry for the inconvenience.
  16. hello everyone =) I'm new to here, and the DFI boards. I just got my DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250gb, and replaced my old ASUS K8VSE Deluxe. I plugged in everything properly, and what not, and I turn on the power, and it makes beeps... It used to be 1 long beep, and 3 small beeps, but I swapped out my video card now, and now its just 1 long beep, about 5 seconds long, or it could be just a long beep with a lot of small beeps. So these are the things I tried. Replacing the Video Card Running with 1 Ram stick Taking out all drives taking out all PCI cards Unplugging everything except for CPU, Mobo, Video Card, and 1 Ram stick. Putting ram into different slots I have it sitting on my desk right now, motherboard ontop of a towel and a phonebook (just incase it was a short), with NOTHING in it, except for CPU, videocard, and a Stick of ram. Side note: The DRAM light is always on, no matter if I have 1, 2, or 0 Ram Sticks in there. The standby light was always on also, even if the computer was off, or on. Update: No more beeping, but no picture either. Please help =( __________________ Specs: AMD Athlon64 3400+ (Clawhammer Skt754) DFI Lanparty NF3 UT 250gb 1GB Corsair XMS DDR550 (2x512MB) Sapphire X850XT-PE AGP 8X Aspire 550w PSU Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Ltd. Gamer Edition
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