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  1. Some more lighter music to help me study: Study Mix: The Underdog Project - Miami The Underdog Project - Remember The Underdog Project - Saturday Night The Underdog Project - Summer Jam FlipSyde - Train FlipSyde - Angel FlipSyde - Someday FlipSyde - Skippin' Stones =) Enjoy.
  2. I'm glad you seemed to enjoy it :angel:
  3. Whats the difference between a Dog and a fox? ...About 12 shots =) Yes, I'm an alcoholic.
  4. I use myspace, sorta. I think its a load of crap, but Since I can't do photoshop with crap, its really the easiest place to let a little creativity get out. www.myspace.com/bhavikb I usually just swap the music out with whatever I am enjoying currently. I use my current web hosting so its good. I use facebook, but I think its turning into a pile of 'poo'. Since they have this open sign up policy now. I liked it better when it was only for us college students =(
  5. There are two identical pictures that will appear on the screen. Almost 8,000 people were tested to see if they could find the 3 differences in the two pictures and only 19 found all 3. See how observant you are. If you find all 3, you're one of very few people who are able to do this. http://members.home.nl/saen/Special/Zoeken.swf If you do find it, don't spoil it for the rest of the people!
  6. ...umm...thanks for the input? I guess. And Yes, I get great frame rates also, but I've alwaysed dreamed about OC'ing my comp. Though, my dream is somewhat shattered =( Damn C0. But w00t, 1.65v Here I come!
  7. You have the c0 also? Also, my ram is designed to run at CAS 2:2-2-5 at @DDR400. It has some Samsung K4H560838F-TCCD DRAM. I think it just has too much voltage on it right now, 2.8v (Thats it's rating at 550Mhz)
  8. The AMD opteron 165 is a living legend in the OC Database on the forums. You should go down there and check out some of the OC's people get. But, also, take a look at the Conroe Sticky, just incase you want to switch back to intel.
  9. This is a screenshot of it. I have SuperPi Running at 8M, and I have Prime95 Running, 2 CPU-Z, my antivirus was scanning too lol. So I figure that would be 100% CPU usage and then some. And freaking, I can never do the torture test on Prime95, even at stock speeds =( I just go by the 'start' and leave it on for a while, it causes my CPU to goto 100% and my system resources to high.
  10. .1v at a time good? Or .05 ? I put it on 1.6, and then got another 100mhz, but seriously, is raising the core to 1.6 worth it for 100Mhz?
  11. This will help you out. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=47099
  12. Yeah, but it still pisses me off that I have this great cooling, Amazing Board, Kickass AGP card. And my CPU doesn't OC past 100 Mhz. =( is 1.6 Volts really safe? Or should I stick to the 1.52 I have right now? also, is there any BIOS that can possibly help me out?
  13. Yes, if I ever get to 900Mhz (On bus), I always turn it down by 1.
  14. @ branjo : I have an ALPHA Heatsink (its some japanese company), they made custom heatsinks with some type of special metal rods back a while ago. I also have a vantec tornado on it. Also about 7 other Fans in my case. I've basiclly tweaked the hell out of my aircooling. ofcrouse AS-5 is on it too. @ Maarek: I have the c0 I'll try raising the FSB with vcore and seeing what happens.
  15. Hey guys, I've been trying to overclock my AMD64 3400+ (Clawhammer 754). I can't seem to get it past 2.3Ghz =( Right now its set to 210x11 FSB, at a rock solid stable 2.3ghz, I ran Prime95 all night, even played some source on my server. I tried messing with the CPU multi's. I tired 235x10, which freezes also, it seems like, no matter what I can't get past 2.3 =( --with my memory dividers Anything else I can try?
  16. Do you have the IDE drive in at the same time? What are your boot priorities? Which SATA ports are you using? In the bios, are SATA 1 & 2 (Or Sata 3 & 4 if your Oc'ing) Enabled?
  17. yeah, but wouldn't the timings just be horrid? Its cas 2.5 : 4-4-8 @550MHZ on the thing. I hear its better to have tigher timings at a lower freq on the AMD CPU's then it is to have higher with loose timings. you're google was too quick. My CPU is at 1.5v its supposed to be anyways. It doesn't OC very well though. I'm not sure what is the prob. Even at 215FSB, it freezes and restarts on SuperPi 32million. and I have my voltage set to 1.48 and it goes to about 1.504. Fluctuating. I should probly raise it a bit, (These voltages are what CPU-Z tells me) I tried OCIng my CPU by Raising the FSB, and adjusting the dividers accordingly. But, no matter what I do, I can't pull a stable OC over 210FSB. But, I'm not sure if I'm doing somethign wrong or not. Does this have stable AGP/PCI locks? I set it to 67 in the bios, but i'm not too sure if there is anything else to do. I even tried, dropping the multiplier to 10x then the HTT/LDR to 3x (to help it adjust), then the FSB upto 220 (for stock speeds), then 235 (equiv to 215 at 11x Multi) and it would still hang up. I have no idea whats wrong.
  18. yeah, about that. Should I trust what I see in CPU-Z or what I see in the bios? I swear, there are like 3 differnt numbers I get from them. I read the guide. Right now I'm just starting, but I have my memory Divider at 9:10 with my ram at 192mhz CAS2:2-2-5 (I dont know how to turn on 1T, I just turned off the command rate thing in the bios). I got the FSB at 210mhz. This is my goal, Max CPU, but keep the memory dividers going. SO my ram stays at 200Mhz with tight timings.
  19. I have a problem. I made my C:Backup with all the stuff I needed to keep. But well, looks like everytime i click on it, or try to move stuff inside of it. I get an error 'access is denied' ...thats brutal. Anyway to change permissions and what not ? ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fixed that one : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/810881/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Also, I seem to have a unknown device, that is by far...unknown to me. It has no information what so ever . What would be the best way of figuring it out? ^^^ FIXED THAT TOO!!! ^^^^ Time for some tweaking!
  20. Weird , i thought it was supposed to put my CD key in automatically. Hmm....I hope all the other settings i chose go over through the install.
  21. I got it to work, its fine. I'm burning it now. Hopefully it detects my hard drive this time. As I dont have the drivers on a floppy. YES!!!! its installing!!!!!!!!!
  22. ! C:Documents and SettingsOwnerApplication DataDesktopnForce 9.35 Unified Remix.exe: Cannot create 9.35Ethernet ! C:Documents and SettingsOwnerApplication DataDesktopnForce 9.35 Unified Remix.exe: Error - operation failed I'm on a different comptuer right now. The one i'm trying to install windows on is down, because I put a new motherboard in it. It used to have an ASUS k8vse deluxe. I got it to work! I'm extracting it all now and doing the NLITE Process.
  23. But my windows CD doesn't detect my mass hard drive. Whats the f6 stuff that i've been having problems with. I don't have another floppy drive, i'm just doing this because of that. In the windows SETUP, you need the drivers so It can detect my hard drive.
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