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  1. The Zen Vision M looks very promising, even though its getting dated, it still supports a hell of a lot of video formats (which is good, because I hate converting stuff, and losing quality, and all that jazz). The screen is smaller, but I suppose it might be worth it just for the functionality. @ AG, yeah, I have been mislead. Thanks for the info. @ dr_bowtie, You mentioned on the gigabeat s, if I already have downloaded music, I have to burn them to a cd, then re-rip them? or did I just misread that? So this is what we're at right now Votes: 1 - iPod Video 1 - Creative Zen Vision M 1 - Toshiba Gigabeat (new model) 0 - others.
  2. the only reason I am against the iPod is because of iTunes. If you get an iPod you are forced into using (and I assume only purchasing from?) iTunes. I also hear, if you add your personal collection to it, they tag it.
  3. Hey everyone. Before I start talking, please no Hardcore I <3 THE IP0D iT R0Xx0rZ my B0XorZ, and no M$ bashing. I was wondering if I could get some insight on my soon to purchase mp3 player. There's very few criteria I want (besides the obvious good performance) : 20GByes or more memory. : Easy to connect to windows : Allows for all my music (mostly CD rips, I don't know if they are "protected" since I don't use WMV for it). : A good PLAYBACK Battery life (None of that 12893 hours standby, 1 hour played). : Most importantly, it just play video's, in as many formats as you can get it in. -- WMV, and AVI would be good atleast. A couple of players I was looking at: -Creative Zen Vision: M (If I could get the W, it would be sick, but its expensive) -Microsoft Zune -Toshiba Gigabeat S (but is it considered old?) -Mabey the Apple IPOD (but not really). I don't want to spend more then $249 retail, but If possible, keep it close to $200 as possible (links very much appreciated). Thank you =)
  4. I think it was "super string theory" that the scientists dubbed it.
  5. Oh wow, I just realized you're from MN. Lol. South St Paul? I moved from MN 3 years ago (come December). I lived in Minneapolis most of the time, then moved to Plymouth/Maple Grove. If you ever go see the ice castles, please take a few pictures. I haven't been to MN for the holiday's in a while.
  6. I was going along the net, and I came across this. http://www.tenthdimension.com/flash2.php I found it somewhat interesting. Not sure if you're all into that sort of stuff, but it seems pretty cool to me. It's a concept on the universe, and all possible dimensions. Don't forget, Hit " Imagine the Ten Dimensions " On the left navigation pane.
  7. I miss X-mas (though I'm Hindu, I do it for the presents RoFL, and the spirit of it all) Up north in Minnesota. We used to get real X-mas tree's, and lights and what not. X-mas in Miami is kinda...well dumb =( . No snow, no real tree's...doesn't seem like the holiday spirit. We had this thing called the ice castle. Basically, it would be this massive castle made of ice, with lights, projected video and all types of other fun festive things. It was real nice and fun to go to it. Sort of a mini fair. :sad:
  8. Same, I love the color black. As you can see by my desktop lol. I do not go one day without wearing some kind of black accessory or shirt.
  9. IMO, A8's are just as sexy as S550's or 750Li's . I love the A6 too. My younger cousin has one. Its great, and highly rated by edmunds. And somone is trying to do DoS on me...will post back later..
  10. He also said he was using it to host a 28 man server also i think.
  11. I have a regular PC for doing 'minor' DJ mixing, and what not. But for when I DJ live and use mixers, or produce, I use a Mac. Seriously, no way to do DJ anymore without it.
  12. Nice, I was thinking about doing something like that, but I have no cars that it would be worthwhile in. replacing 14-16 speakers is just too much work : I might get a G35 coupe instead of the BMW, but not sure yet. I'm pretty sure you can do much more after market stuff to a G35. I definitely want some Kicker Solo-Baric subs.
  13. here, i finally uploaded pictures onto Imageshack this morning. Sorry for the Double Post. The cadillac The Benz
  14. I finally found the Winamp Skin that was supposed to match my Windows theme =)
  15. You mean, you add subs to the car? I can't do that with the Benz or the Cadillac. The reason mainly is that they have BOSE systems which run 1 OHMs, and if I put in an extra amp it will burn out. I have the other adapter, but it makes it worthless, you lose like 75% of the quality and power. I want the new s550 and 5 Series because they have harman/kardon LOGIC7 14 speaker Systems.
  16. I've been through 2 cars in 2005. But that was because I didn't need a truck anymore. I had a Nissan Titan for work, then I got rid of it for the SRX. The 2001 is family car now. My sister drives it mainly. I don't like the sound system.
  17. Primary Car : Cadillac SRX (2005) -Stock 18" chrome rims Secondary : Mercades-Benz S500 (2001, don't drive it much, its getting old) -Aftermarket ADR ST-10 GRANS 20x8.5 Rims. Next car to buy: BMW 530I, and M-Benz. S550 AMG I'm trying to get pictures off my Digital Camera, but its being stupid. I'll post tomorrow.
  18. Hey everyone! :angel: I've read around about 'software traffic shaping' They say, it can help lower pings, have steady browsing capabilities (even with full upload), and helps you maximize your bandwidth. So I have 2 questions: 1) are these claims true (and or worth using a software program to achieve it). 2) If so, What are some recommendations on Traffic Shaping software? thanks .
  19. ShadeZeRO

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    Sorry I haven't been around in a while. classes have been intense with all the papers and midterms these few weeks. I hope everyone is enjoying their gaming together. one thing I've noticed is that a ot of people in the clan do not wear tags when they're playing games. I was just wondering is it because you do not wear it when you pub, or do you not like the style. We are open to all suggestions so drop me a PM if you have any idea's on improving the clan.
  20. Dutch you should edit your previous post haha, Double poster =P Ehh, only thing I don't like about is is the design. We need a toaster on it, or atleast some kind of OCing symbol.
  21. I have a friend who put 2 PSU's in his case. Turned out quite well. I think both are 550w Antec Neo's. Cooler Master cases are massive lol. I do see the downside of having to have 2 power outlets for the single PC, but it is a good solution. Oh wtf, comes with water cooling. Now I suppose you have to buy the pump separately.
  22. I used to own the Nissan Titan. I had the crew cab with the Rockford Fostgate sound system and the Rhino Lining. Believe me, that truck is AWESOME. I traded it in though about a year ago for my SRX. But it was a good truck while I had it.
  23. I used to work at magnolia home theater. I was one of the "professional's" I guess that was what they put on my badge. I personally DON'T recommend Bose. For the 3 main reasons: 1) over priced 2) over rated 3) Sound is plastic-e type sound Are you going to be blasting these around everywhere? Or do you just want 2 main towers and a sub? or is it a 5.1 system you are looking at. You have an amazing amount of high quality speakers you can get for 1-2k Each (if you are talking about towers). I personally like Definitive Technology Speakers if you are just into blasting sound. It's wide dispersion sound (you don't need a center focus point for the amazing sound). Also, most of the speakers have a sub-woofer build into it. Albeit, it might be a bit large, but the sound is there. If you are looking at something smaller, Mirage does some damn good stuff wit the omni-directional sound speakers. You have a few options there also. I'm somewhat short on time, so I will just come back later to help you further =)
  24. Ministry Of Sound - Clubbers Guide 2006 Also doing some of my own Remixing.
  25. ShadeZeRO

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    I restarted the server today, and I connected into it fine. It should be working fine now. What new CS:S menu? and Yes, I do hope you enjoy getting torn up by me =)
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