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  1. Hmm, I went to check out the G35 yesterday. I didn't quite like the looks of it. The interior console is what intrigued me, but that was about it. The exterior was somewhat ugly to me. I'm going to go checkout the BMW possibly over the week. Also, I have realized stopping distance is a important factor to me, but they are very close stats between the two cars. On my daily commute to school, I go between 85 and 100 the whole way (about a 20 minute drive)..so at those speeds I would like to have control over my vehicle. Also, what do you think of a BMW 335i Coupe: Exterior : Black Interior : Red Trim : Gray Poplar Wood Trim As seen (except with a different trim) here
  2. should I crank the brightness up? I have a room with ALOT of huge windows (at least 14 feet high, upto 18 feet more or less)
  3. Stopping power is important to me, so thank you for posting those stats. Yes, I've been reading around various forums, and I haven't had a chance yet to goto the dealers yet. Usually, when shopping for a car driving it isn't the most important thing (well it is, and isn't at the same time). I care about reliability, cost to maintain, etc etc. I ask online forums, because I can get insights from many different people, who bring up many valid points and idea's. It helps me figure out what I actually want. I also should have mentioned, that I only want to pick between these two cars (I'm dead set in these two cars!)
  4. I think i'll go test drive them both, and see what is going to happen. I don't need top performance, I just want something that looks damn good, works good, and is built for the driver. As, I drive a lot. So, Driver comfort is a must for me.
  5. Hey everyone! It's car shopping time for me ...which is good and bad . Good, in the sense I can get a car lol Bad, in the sense I can't pick between two cars = So I was wondering, which would you pick between these two? And why? 2008 Infiniti G37-S Coupe (MT, maybe Auto) 2007/08 BMW 335i Coupe (MT, maybe Auto) I want to keep it as close to $40k as I can. I can go as high as mid 40's though. here is my debate, the G37 comes with a ton of features for the same/less price then the 335i the BMW, is a BMW, you get a good sense of prestige, and it's twin turbo. I also love the body styling. G37: Credit to Freshalloy for the image 335i: Credit to inepiccars for the image
  6. Hey everyone, Long time not talk. I just got my TV replaced (The Old one was a WD-73727) for the brand spankin WD-73833 Diamond Series ^_^ I must say, it's amazing. I was wondering if anyone has this set? And if they've done any color tweaking to it. Also, I cant seem to figure out howto set Custom Names on the Devices anymore =
  7. Too make this an even better deal use this coupon! CRUCIAL2GB420 It gives you an extra $30 off!!! So it's like $154 after Rebates =) Hope this helps, I might get some of this ram.
  8. I thought 6420's MSRP was around $183? In any case you can't go wrong. If you want to meet like 1/2 way, the e6320 is great. 4mb Cache, just a lower clock the the e6420, you can easily OC that.
  9. Classics: WTF OMGWTF OMG H4X L33T 1RL33T C2D FTW What other massive accronyms are there?
  10. My .02 ------- Lenovo Notebooks - Great desktops especially for business. Great build, and very reliable. Decent enough features, not really for gaming. Dell Laptops - A little bit more expensive, but easy to find a 25% off coupon. For example : XPGH$C57$L1$F5 - Good for $450 off $999+ They are easily customizable, just stay away from the Geforce Go 7300, X1400 is better. IMO, good quality build, good warrenty. CyberPowerPC: IMO, Stay away. They have good specs, but TERRIBLE service. I know this first had. I had a friend who ordered a laptop with an ATI 9800, but it came with a 9700, and a different processor then the one he ordered. He was fine with it since it was a decent price anyways, but if you call tech support, be prepared to deal with ill tempered individuals. They have a habbit of hanging up on you after they've said instructions once.
  11. Forget them and their sweepstakes!!! That's discrimination! no, that's Prejudice! no, THATS RACISM AGAINST FLORIDIANS!!! I jk, very bored, and it's raining outside =(
  12. Popular dance here in Miami ^_^ They give lessons on campus, also Salsa lessons are available too. I should seriously consider this if I am to become part of mainstream society in Miami haha
  13. ShadeZeRO


    Lol! How so? ...Smell the Oder of Orcs and Undead Units.
  14. Miami area is just sad =( Most likely we'll be the last ones getting those nice services. Most you can get in the area is 6/512 (for DSL), for comcast, u can get 8/768 In my experience, you go with DSL for Reliability and Cable for Speed. I see fiber coming here within the next say..........20 years.
  15. Teamspeak, it's free, and I already have a server up that holds 100 people =) If we had some money, Vent FTW =P
  16. How far did you get your CPU? and Yes, I'll update my first thread with the new Item's I picked out. I found a place that has the Ultra-120 In-stock, and the place is reliable. I sent you a PM. I might just end up waiting for the new Ultra-120 EXTREME. As for fans, not sure what to look for. I think I might just go with something that has high CFM. I might have to cut down some stuff, as this is getting a bit expensive now... I might just take out the raptor. I'll buy the board from ClubIT.
  17. @ Iamkoza, I don't really care about noise. I have a vantec tornado right now in my Thermaltake Mid-tower =P As for 120mm Heatsinks. I think this will do the job very nicely =) http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductRevie...N82E16835109125 Thermalright ultra-120. And as for the matching fan: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835129244 @ OsamabinAthlon, how far did u OC with the DDR2-1000?
  18. @ Raiderfan: I was planning on a 22inch LCD. I could consider the 22inch version of that. And I'll check out some cases from the manufactures you named. Though, my budget for the case is not that high. @ Thasp: DDR1000 Ehh? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820150043 I'm not sure if those are using Micron D9 like it's DDR800 Counterpart, but would I really need that extra Mhz? The E4300 runs at lower FSB then the E6*** Models. Also, are those hard drives the 7200.10? I've had problems with Seagate in the past. I wanted something more enterprise class (built for 24/7 Use). Also, I read on http://www.storagereview.com/articles/leaderboard.html That the RE2's are the best hard drives for "server" class. On top of that, need a new cooler if I want to make that DDR2-1000 scream ^_^
  19. Actually, I've come to reconsider 3 things. If possible, Can someone suggest a good case (I want a big huge case! Full ATX) Also, a good CPU cooler. As you said, something maybe a better name brand. 3rd, the Monitor. Seems a bit pricey...
  20. ShadeZeRO

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    Just an Update: OFFICIAL DIY CLAN TEAMSPEAK:: There is no password, so bring your friends =) SA goes to Clan Admins CA will be given to special members that are highly active, and are friendly/helpful to the clan. Hope to see it packed!
  21. Cool, Sounds like a plan. As for the monitor, I'm thinking something like this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductRevie...N82E16824014139 has HDMI, and DVI. I can hook up my Satellite to this then! Good quality build. I'm Sure I can find a better price for it. 5ms Response is good too. Last thing besides that, is the Case. Anyone know of a good case thats large, and good circulation?
  22. 4 sticks I was talking about is, 4x 1GB sticks (if I buy 2, dual channel Kits). But I'll stick to 2GB for now. As for that EVGA thing, do I have to return my old card to get the Step Up?
  23. The G.Skill 2gb Kit is most likely the best way to go. Since they're Micron D9 chips. Not sure what else uses D9's. If I got 2 sticks of those, how good would that be for OCing? 2 Sticks is better then 4 right? Also, back to the topic of the Video Card, Should I wait for the next ATI stuff? Or Stick with this ASUS/EVGA card?
  24. Ok, seem the E4300 is about the same overclocker (since you cannot find a good conroe 6300 anymore). $169 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115013 As for ram, I hear OCZ is the best way to go. But if you could show me some godo ram that OC's form G.Skill that would be nice. I might get 2 sets of 2gb (2x 1gb) kits. As for a case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811133143 This thermaltake seems to be decent. Though, I'm always open to suggestions. This thing is huge, and I would like a Huge Case. Easy to work in that way.
  25. I picked that cooler because I think it is the same one that got a 81% OC on toms hardware. Link : http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/01/18/ove...rt-1/page2.html As for the EVGA Card: $375 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130071 I wouldn't mind an after market cooler on there. Not sure how that stock cooler would stand up to OCing. What do you recommend in the area of RAM sticks? PC2-6400 would be good. Also, a 19inch LCD, or 20.1. Whatever I can get a good deal on.
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