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  1. Hey everyone, I just wanted your opinion on what I should do. Apparently my mobile CPU has a craptastic memory controller. I can't boot 2gb unless I have a divider going on. Anyways, these are the choice I have setup: Either run my CPU @ 2.65Ghz and Have 1GB memory @ 188Mhz or Have my CPU @ 2.65 and 2GB Memory @160Mhz. Which would you rather recommend?
  2. 1.55vCore? Isn't that a bit excessive from a stock of 1.35v, or is that what mobile CPU's can take?
  3. What would be the "top" voltage I would want to watch out for? Would 1.5 be ideal, as I'm going to be using this OC 24/7.
  4. Weird, i wonder why my sig wasn't showing up, but here it is anyways! Anyways, I'm stuck at 2.86Ghz, but it's unstable, I can hold 2.8Ghz Stable though. I'm thinking I should drop the multiplier and go up from there? Or should I just up the voltage to the CPU and the Chipset?
  5. Hey everyone, I'm currently overclocking my CPU, Currently 2.80GHz, the temps are the same as when I went past 2.4Ghz. Stock is 2.2Ghz Multi : 11x FSB: 255Mhz HTT: 3x FSB Ratio: 3/4 (Keeping memory tight at DDR400) vCore: 1.4v OCCT Stable, Prime95, SuperPi, and CS:Source! Just curious what are the chances of getting into the 3Ghz club with this cpu? I haven't seen many benchmarks yet on the newark mobile cores. Any tips are welcome, as I'm a newcomer to OCing (this is my very first rig I've actually Oc'ed)
  6. I also have the Athlon Mobile CPU line. More specifically, the 3400+ I dont have the stock retention bracket, I'm currently using a bolt on Alpha 8150T heastink. I actually have a Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme sitting here I might install (might as well, if I'm not going to use it till my next Core2Quad build), but I figure, I should get an IHS for it (the one from MSI). Otherwise I'd crush my chip. Even my 8150T isn't sitting right without it =X
  7. Bump for a good prince, and a better trader i'd buy it if I had PCI-E =P Just picked up an X1950XT with the same cooler actually (AGP tho)
  8. I'm actually about to upgrade my HSF as well.. I'm debating between the Thermalright Ultra-120 ,or the Ultima-90 (not the ultra). Basically the Ultima-90 is a smaller (and much cheaper) version of the 120-extreme. both will be paired up with a 1600RPM scyth 120mm fan.
  9. Wow! Exactly what i was looking for! Good find
  10. Well, my NF3 board just went out (I think?), I'm waiting to see if I can RMA it. If not i might be interested.
  11. I ditto that... I have DDWRT on more than one router i've worked with. They're superb, and have a ton of settings you can mess with.
  12. Hey everyone! I plan on doing some OC'ing sooner or later (once my new CPU comes in). I currently have an Alpha 8150T heatsink (it's not too bad)... but I plan on upgrading to an Thermalright Ultra-120. here are the dimensions for my case: and these are the dimensions for the Ultra-120 Would I have enough space to make sure this cooler performs adequately? Or should I just go with the XP-90 instead? Ultra-90 Dimensions: your inputs are always appreciated =]
  13. Well, i ended up with an Athlon64 3400+ MOBILE (Newark Core). Hopefully I can OC this sucker!
  14. I get my HD from directv, OTA locals, and my HD-DVD player (soon to have blu-ray!) Can't wait till everything is HD =]
  15. I'm just excited to get my Newark 3400+ soon =] I'll pop that bad boy in, and see how far I can go. Anyone have experience with them? As my Sig says, I have DDR550 Ram right now.
  16. Socket 754 CPUs are excessivly over prices on Ebay, and other sites (that I've seen so far). I'd much rather get a cheap one someone's trying to get rid of. I've seen around on some deals people getting rid of their Socket 754's for between $10 and $30
  17. Just curious if anyone is throwing out a Socket 754 CPU. I have an Athlon64 3400+ (1MB L2 cache) Socket 754. Looking to find anything better in that range...nothing too much.
  18. Ok, I'll buy the PRO version, I'm not the one paying for the card btw lol. It's a friend paying me back for giving him some other parts. Out of curiosity, why does the XT outperform the PRO at higher resolutions? Is it because of more pixel shaders? Or the 400Mhz higher Ram speed? The way it seems on these forums Quantity > Speed
  19. I've read plenty of reviews saying the single slot coolers are insufficient. I'm pretty much dead set on the X1950 PRO even though it doesn't OC for it's life. Actually, I don't' even think I have enough space for this after market cooler, i think i might have to make some modifications to my case... Here is a Comparison of the XT and the PRO incase some of you didn't have all the details.
  20. Sounds about right, even though the 3dmark scores show otherwise... As for my last question...how do you think I should go about with the X1950 Pro? Purchasing the HIS Version (Available in 1 or 2 slot designs), or the Sapphire, and adding a ThermalRight cooler?
  21. Ok, the advantage of the extra 256 is good for AA and AF am I correct? Or does it help with higher resolutions as well? I was looking at some benchmarks of the two cards and here they are : After reading alot of newegg reviews (many say the XT has a design flaw when it comes to cooling), Even though I want the XT so bad lol. The XT Oc'ed is only more or less 6% faster when OC'ed. 6% for $13 more for a card? As per reading newegg reviews, I am starting to lean towards the PRO. It seems to have less issues overall, but then again, I'm not too sure. I guess I'll try it out and see what happens. Actually, I had an idea to buy one of the cheaper 1slot Sapphire X1950 PRO's, and put a new cooler on it. Is that a good idea? Thx guys! Any further opinions are welcome!
  22. hmm, but I'm on the old school Socket 754 = Wouldn't Mobo + CPU + Vidcard be more expensive than this? I am planning on building a C2Quad Rig soon anyways, this is just a little cash to blow. Also, ReInstalling/Activating windows doesn't sound to appealing =X
  23. Hey everyone ! I'm planning on upgrading my current build with a new AGP Card (sort of a retirement present). Anyways, Current specs are in my profile (except I'm going to add another 512mb ram) I was wondering what are your takes on the X1950XT [256mb] (By GeCube) vs X1950 PRO IceQ3 v2 [512mb] (by HIS) I'm having a very hard time making up my decision on this. Do I go with more RAM? or do I go with more power? My ideal situation is to play games on 1680x1050 @ Medium/High Settings as I have a 22inch Gateway LCD (using DVI). Is the XT worth the extra money? Thank you for your help ! -Shade p.s. yes I know I made a typo in the thread name =P
  24. LoL, I don't really go that fast, It's a bit exaggerated. I take the turnpike everday. Traffic is usually around the ~80 mark. I hope I get some time today to go check out the BMW 3 Series, I'll test out the 335i Coupe with Auto first, then i'll try the manual gearbox later on.
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