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  1. Hmm , ok. I've also noticed that when I crank up my FSB, the 3.3v rail does drop.

    According to my BIOS as well, it was dropping.


    I'll check it out with a dig. multimeter when I buy one tomorrow.



    Edit: I've done 1.375, and now i think it's fine. I'll try some other settings.

  2. Hey everyone,


    I'm doing some OCing , and I've noticed that my 3.3v rail is dropping ever so slightly.

    I was wondering if this is a big problem.

    My PSU is a PC Power&Cooling 610w Silencer. I'd imagine it's more than sufficient for my system.


    I've seen it go as low as 2.74v (though, my computer freezes when i does).


  3. Quit Smoking

    --Didn't really smoke, but I did quit Hookah.


    Eat Better

    --Not so much, my metabolism is pretty good at this point.


    Exercise more

    --I think I do well enough as it is, but a little more never hurts.


    Find a new girlfriend

    --Just got one ^_^ ...MUCH easier on the wallet compared to the last one.


    Break up with current girlfriend

    --Just took out the trash.


    Stop Drinking

    --I wouldn't say ...STOP....I cut down on the hard stuff.

    Drink more

    --I doubt I could do that...


    Learn a new language

    --I'd like to perfect my ethnic language.


    Buy Intel not AMD!

    --I'm making the switch.


    Upgrade to Vista

    --Have it, don't like it. Waste of money IMO.


    Migrate to OS/X

    --Have it, great for Mixing music! Serato Scratch Live RULES!!!!


    GET WASTED on new years!!!

    --Was my 1st day of cutting down. I did pretty good I think.


    But my main thing was the cutting down for this year.


    Hope you all do well with your new years resolutions!

  4. Hey everyone....


    When I first recieved my mobile cpu my temps were around the ~30*c (low to high). Load never really went past 41*c


    Right now, I'm idling at 47*c! I'm not sure how to go about fixing this problem. Should I completely remove my HSF and reapply paste?


    I know the screws dont hold my CPU fan in, i had to use tape because i have a vantec tornado now.


    I'll post a pic when I can.








    I removed the HSF, seemed as if I put too much AS5 on it. Cleaned it out, was extra carefull this time not to put too much. Also put a new fan on it (one that fit with the screws.

    Lookin good so far, 39*c, but it's sitting on it's side right now. I think i'll keep it like that until the AS5 cures?


    Update again:

    If I put the tower back up, it raises temps back to 45*c

    Prime95 @ 62*c max (with AC on, 59/60*c)

  5. Indeed, after I installed 2GB of ram, I ran into a wall. The craptastic memory controller that mobile CPU's have. I need to keep the memory @ 150Mhz (or close to it).


    Also, I think my heatsink is not placed on properly, my temps have increased significantly, even at stock speeds. Thus, I had to drop my core back.


    I'm thinking about purchasing an IHS for the CPU so my heatsink will work a little better.

  6. Hey everyone, hope everyone is enjoying this umm "Seasonally excited" time of the year :rolleyes:

    Anyways, I am going to buy my first sword (or two) as a little present for myself. I don't want to spend a fortune on something thats going to be sitting on a wall.

    I picked it because it's made out of high carbon steel unlike the other ones, and it has a black blade (which I find has a "unique" type of feel)

    As for the 2nd sword, I haven't really picked out one yet. It doesn't have to be fancy or anything, just a good bang for the buck.


  7. I installed the Catalyst 7.7's.


    Finally my source is back to 100FPS constant

    1680x1050, Everything on Highest, Full HDR

    4xMSAA, and 8xAF.


    Loving every bit of it. I didnt install CCC, as i think it's clunky and worthless. Most newer games allow you to control AF and AA, ingame.

    Unless they have some special feature for my card that I dont know about, I'll stick to plain 'ole drivers =]


    Wonder if Omega made drivers for cat 7.7's..I didn't see any.

  8. Hey everyone :)


    I have the X1950XT AGP flavour, and seem to be having performance issues.


    I was wondering what Drivers other AGP and ATI users have been using.


    I heard the latest 7.11's (or anything past 7.7) isn't too good, unless you have one of the "HD" cards.


    So I was wondering if it was advisable to revert to Catalyst 7.6 (or omega 7.6's).


    Thanks for your input.

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