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  1. Indeed. On another side note. Wtihin OCCT, the "temperature monitor" I think it's wrong. When it is set to Core0 it shows a much higher temp then my other monitoring programs.
  2. Hmm , ok. I've also noticed that when I crank up my FSB, the 3.3v rail does drop. According to my BIOS as well, it was dropping. I'll check it out with a dig. multimeter when I buy one tomorrow. Edit: I've done 1.375, and now i think it's fine. I'll try some other settings.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm doing some OCing , and I've noticed that my 3.3v rail is dropping ever so slightly. I was wondering if this is a big problem. My PSU is a PC Power&Cooling 610w Silencer. I'd imagine it's more than sufficient for my system. I've seen it go as low as 2.74v (though, my computer freezes when i does).
  4. Quit Smoking --Didn't really smoke, but I did quit Hookah. Eat Better --Not so much, my metabolism is pretty good at this point. Exercise more --I think I do well enough as it is, but a little more never hurts. Find a new girlfriend --Just got one ^_^ ...MUCH easier on the wallet compared to the last one. Break up with current girlfriend --Just took out the trash. Stop Drinking --I wouldn't say ...STOP....I cut down on the hard stuff. Drink more --I doubt I could do that... Learn a new language --I'd like to perfect my ethnic language. Buy Intel not AMD! --I'm making the switch. Upgrade to Vista --Have it, don't like it. Waste of money IMO. Migrate to OS/X --Have it, great for Mixing music! Serato Scratch Live RULES!!!! GET WASTED on new years!!! --Was my 1st day of cutting down. I did pretty good I think. But my main thing was the cutting down for this year. Hope you all do well with your new years resolutions!
  5. That is a clean sekzy case you have going on. I love the CF on top. What do you plan on doing with the fan mounts in the back?
  6. Holy cases batman! That gigantic...I love it lol. I like cases with a lot of room to work in. RoFLMAO, how could you not?
  7. Wow...12 pages of reading. LoL, took so long, my session ended XD Amazing work. Would love to see this in production, even Full-Towers aren't big enough to me =P I dont think I could ever give you enough props on this project lol. -subbed.
  8. I'm old school =P I took these with my Sony 7.2 Megapixel, it sucks though. I broke the front lens protector off by accident. It's been through a lot. I'm surprised it focused so well.
  9. Hey everyone.... When I first recieved my mobile cpu my temps were around the ~30*c (low to high). Load never really went past 41*c Right now, I'm idling at 47*c! I'm not sure how to go about fixing this problem. Should I completely remove my HSF and reapply paste? I know the screws dont hold my CPU fan in, i had to use tape because i have a vantec tornado now. I'll post a pic when I can. Edit: I removed the HSF, seemed as if I put too much AS5 on it. Cleaned it out, was extra carefull this time not to put too much. Also put a new fan on it (one that fit with the screws. Lookin good so far, 39*c, but it's sitting on it's side right now. I think i'll keep it like that until the AS5 cures? Update again: If I put the tower back up, it raises temps back to 45*c Prime95 @ 62*c max (with AC on, 59/60*c)
  10. that's pretty spendy isn't it? I just wanted something I can put up on a wall lol, with a little more authentic feel as well.
  11. http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsite...externalId=1308 that page, but it doesn't help much. It cleaned a few keys, and I deleted the Installation directory and reinstalled. I think it worked better like that.
  12. Indeed, after I installed 2GB of ram, I ran into a wall. The craptastic memory controller that mobile CPU's have. I need to keep the memory @ 150Mhz (or close to it). Also, I think my heatsink is not placed on properly, my temps have increased significantly, even at stock speeds. Thus, I had to drop my core back. I'm thinking about purchasing an IHS for the CPU so my heatsink will work a little better.
  13. Hey everyone, hope everyone is enjoying this umm "Seasonally excited" time of the year Anyways, I am going to buy my first sword (or two) as a little present for myself. I don't want to spend a fortune on something thats going to be sitting on a wall. I picked it because it's made out of high carbon steel unlike the other ones, and it has a black blade (which I find has a "unique" type of feel) As for the 2nd sword, I haven't really picked out one yet. It doesn't have to be fancy or anything, just a good bang for the buck. Thanks!
  14. I finally got the tires done on one of the cars. Falken 452's in stagger. 255/35ZR/20 in the front, 275/30ZR/20 in the back. I think i've had them over a 1000 miles already, they seem to be amazing. For the price especially.
  15. I reinstalled, turned off my AV and Firewall during the install. Works fine now. Thanks guys. Oh, I was wondering if Workstation "tools" was free. I hear it improves performance by a considerable amount, and it allows for further hardware support.
  16. Hey everyone. Just curious to see if my CPU can handle VM Workstation 6 or not. I had an error the first time I installed, so I'm not too sure what the problem was. Here's an SS of my core:
  17. Good utility for newer users... If I could make a suggestion, don't worry about the flashy colors, the bright blue is kinda annoying. I'm assuming this is for newer chipsets anyways.
  18. Wasn't in there. But I found some goofy uninstaller utility. You're supposed to use if it didn't uninstall properly (apparently it removes registry keys and whatnot). So I ran that, and happily deleted that folder.
  19. I installed the Catalyst 7.7's. Finally my source is back to 100FPS constant 1680x1050, Everything on Highest, Full HDR 4xMSAA, and 8xAF. Loving every bit of it. I didnt install CCC, as i think it's clunky and worthless. Most newer games allow you to control AF and AA, ingame. Unless they have some special feature for my card that I dont know about, I'll stick to plain 'ole drivers =] Wonder if Omega made drivers for cat 7.7's..I didn't see any.
  20. Hey, I seem to be having a problem finding a method to uninstall VM Workstation 6. There's no entry into the "Add Remove Programs" and I don't see an uninstall.exe in the program directory. Is there another method to uninstalling this I don't know about?
  21. Yeah, but the 7.11's fixed that. Just the performance is shotty.
  22. Hey everyone I have the X1950XT AGP flavour, and seem to be having performance issues. I was wondering what Drivers other AGP and ATI users have been using. I heard the latest 7.11's (or anything past 7.7) isn't too good, unless you have one of the "HD" cards. So I was wondering if it was advisable to revert to Catalyst 7.6 (or omega 7.6's). Thanks for your input.
  23. Sounds good, since I'm running at a much lower speed. I might be able to tighten up the timings a bit. Maybe CAS2:2-2-5
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