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  1. see its allways the exact same files that have no sound, but the files it picks seem to be random, no paticular format or anything. the others that do have sound always play fine, so im really frowning on the possibility of a hardware problem. BTW i cant swap, he is funny about me opening the case on his baby. im going to dell now and loading up a newer driver if they have one, and BTW i have tried at least 4 other players (nero, windows media, winamp and real) all with the same problems with the same file. he has tried reloading the files and deleting the old, which are known to have sound but still same problem. LMK what other ideas you may have, the above have already been checked .
  2. you see my gramps is limited to one media player, since he uses it to burn and play music and took him the 2 years of owning the thing to learn to use it. he is 70yrs old so learning a new peice of technology isnt easy for him. ive tried every player under the sun, all do the same thing. i hate putting up with dell because they do ask idiot questions like "are your speakers pluged in" even though i may have just stated its a completely random problem. im shooting at a driver update next, if that dont do it im stumped. thanks for the help guys.
  3. well, im stumped. there are a couple of movie files that have no sound at all in them. he uses MP10 but i assumed it was the player and tried another, same problem. im completely stumped, what could this be?
  4. okay, i offically hate shin etsu thermal compound my temps at 2.5Ghz can go as high as 60°C eventhough i have an SI-97 and a 120mm fan, grr. looks like it just dried up... anyways, ive come to the conclusion that any FSB OC above 210 demands single channel and one stick of ram to be 100% stable. go figure, looks like the orginal problem still exists to some extent. if i can get a hold of 1x1Gb then i will shoot with that, cause i need 1gb ram min for the games i play... so here is how its looking, 250x10 100% stable 1 stick of ram, 210x12 100% stable 2x512Mb dual channel. BTW, @ 270FSB, i pass memtest all the way into test5 before i get millions of errors . guess the chipset cant handle it. havnt tried for 260 yet, need some TIM
  5. these stick i have are G.Skill PC4400LE using Samsung TCCD (440) rated for 277Mhz (ive seen them do 300 easy in nF4). i will do a memtest before i leave tonight and post my results. going to try first for 270Mhz, may even post a pic of it, and my rebuilt rig if i can find that darn camera...
  6. woa.. i did a 3dmark bench @ 270x9.5 and got through until the last test and it BSOD, arg! i may be getting some dry ice soon so i can go for some insano clock speed . ohh 3Ghz on a $60 board would pwn :drool:
  7. okay guys, woth this pwn'in PSU i have rocked away in halflife2 deathmatch for about an hour and a half (man i suck ) @ 260x9.5 1.85v with no hickups. 270 isnt stable enough to game in yet so thats a no go.
  8. okay, the PSU came today and it simply pwns. i have seen a MASSIVE increase in stability, no more background noise in the sound, max speeds have gone way up as i hit 270x9.5 right off the bat, doing 260x9 apparently stable as i did some benching and gaming no problems, will prime later, higher needs too much vcore. this thing is rock solid, but im guessing my cpu or mosfets may have been damaged by the old PSU, 2.5Ghz stable is a no go for now, 2.4Ghz seems to be the limit at the moment. BTW, all of this is in dual channel, no single channel runs here .
  9. there are several windows tools that will do that without WP credit. nFII tweaker is one of them. its buried in one of these older threads here somewhere... BTW what problem do you speak of? i may set that and see what i get as well. EDIT: here is the thread with the program, http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...nForce2+Tweaker
  10. ok, please don't take this as an insult to your intelligence or anything, but purely for the sake of making sure everything is covered and the fact im grasping at straws, have you done the following: -clear cmos for 30mins or more -re flash your bios -checked cpu temps in bios (what are they) -reseated heat sink with fresh application of thermal compound and cleaned both cpu and heat sink surfaces with alcohol. -made sure cpu temperature shutdown not set low in bios -reseated pciagp cards, ram, cables etc. -made sure nothing is being shorted by you case standoffs (had this prob once) -tried running with bare minimum components (main board, video, 1 stick ram, mouse/KB) ------------------------ im probably getting repetitive but there isn't much else Iwe can recommend at this point. best of luck and keep us informed. Charlie.
  11. all i can say is that i want to live my life as long as possible and die a natural death, not be blown apart by a nuclear war. i swear, all the human race thinks about is power. be it money, respect, lots-O-women, even stuff like our uBer rigs and cars, it all equates to power simply others envy it. i also think its fear, we naturally want to get rid of things we fear right? looks like we are predestined to extinguish ourselves... go figure.
  12. if you can make it into the bios, go and look at the cpu temperture and the shutdown tempture. try a long cmos clear as well. it may be a case of someone setting the cpu shutdown tempture to low (like the test option). give that a try and see what happens.
  13. bios caching is useless as well, there is no need as windows does not use it at all. way back in the day it did speed up DOS apps and other programs that accessed bios, but now the bios is used for booting only, its the main reason hot flashing is possible and im thankful for it . anyways, just something i spotted when testing it. something of interest, is there a hidden option for setting AGP aperture size to 0Mb? i seem to remember talking about it some time... anyways im wondering how it would work on a PC with 256Mb Vram...
  14. bad thing about is that its expensive and power loss=data loss. at the price of ~8gb space, i wonder how many raptors you could get . solid state will probably be the next storage medium of choice once life expectancy and density has improved. good idea for people that edit movies or use photoshop, or just for pagefile. but i most certainly wouldn't use it for data storage .
  15. @GC, 100Mhz AGP a PSU killer? i had no clue, more research is in order! i hear that nFII pulls mostly off of the 3.3v line anyhow, i bet i was straining the living crap out of my PSU, no wonder the lines dropped so hard under load. so guess which setting will be stock from now on .
  16. kobalt is right, SATAII was more of a future proofing thing in my opinion, there is nothing that can even break ATA133 as far as i know, not even the new 150Gb raptorX.
  17. it does in fact cache to [email protected], an oldie but goodie, i love this page, lots of good info: http://www.adriansrojakpot.com/Speed_Demon..._Caching_01.htm while it in theory help your situation, i dont think 64k would help . BTW, i thought the exact same thing about that setting until about a month ago . EDIT: it may only steal that 64k during 3d accelerated operations... not sure but that should maybe tell us something. i can tell you that you wont notice a real world difference outside of sandra and super pi. know what they say, don't fix what ain't broke .
  18. clay... [star-trek voice: Data] look inside your power supply unit and investigate the possibility of capacitor rupture. i find it probable that the symptoms you are enduring are caused by an anomaly in your power supply unit. the above symptoms you give are very reminiscent of my own problems, which led to the discovery of 5 dead caps even though i was currently running my computer at 240x10, 100Mhz agp before my decision to investigate the possible existence of a potemeter on the back side of the printed circuit board. please investigate this and report back the results of your analysis. [/star-trek voice: Data]
  19. hmm, you should look into getting a custom boot logo for your bios too . that would just be dandy! about ram caching, it uses the cpus L2 cache to store part of the video ram for faster acess, but being we can run 100Mhz AGP and completely cap any other bus in terms of bandwidth, it really wont offer up any improvement, and reason i said it may hurt is because it leaves less cpu cache to work with. same with bios caching. any-hows, i just learned that myself a month or two ago when i was browsing around a bios terms page. what card are you using and how did you screw it? my GF4 MX440 croaked because i shocked it somehow, or either OC it way too far one...
  20. @GC, what PSU do you have? the 9600 is no toy i tell you, even though its old, its also powerful IMHO, played every thing i had on max details @ 800x600, HL2 would be max EVERYTHING @ 1024x768 and hit 40+ fps. FEAR is different though, 800x600 with all maxed except soft shadows and no AA. i would defenetely look into that vcore, either its read wrong, or as in my case, a dying PSU. wouldn't hurt to open it up and look for dead caps. i SERIOUSLY doubted mine were bad in any way as i had no serious problems, but lo and behold they were . @clay, im gonna have to pass on a new board for now, i have spent this weekend treating my GF to some trips to the mall and i only have ~45 bucks left. i also got myself this jaw breaker that a bit bigger than a soft ball (gasp). anyhows, i actually had some one come up to me and ask me if i wouldn't mind working for them (in a retail store called freds), so im going in for an interview and becoming part of the employed peoples click (yay, money!). once i get that job im saying "good by nFII". since i have an SLI-DR, 1xWD Raptor, and these TCCD already to build around, all i need is a case, opteron 165 and X1900XTX . my grandma is also running an add in our local paper about me doing computer repair, thats about ~$50 a pop there depending on the problem (max i ever charged was $50 bucks anyway). i seem to have become somewhat a legend in my small town where there are no mom&pop computer shops, nearest one is an hours drive away. anyways, things are getting interesting for sure . oh boy i hope i get that PSU soon, my B-Day is coming up on the 14th of this month and im getting some logitech Z2300's (no room for 5.1, that the best 2.1 i could find), something from my GF (im thinking a game system of some sort) and since i need my comp for both, it would really suck if i didn't have it . anyways, i made a neat little stereo thing out of the old PSU and an old creative drive that has multimedia buttons on the front, then hooked up a old PC speaker to the audio port in the back (though i had to modify the speaker leads) and BAM! instant stereo!
  21. you are cert at 2.5Ghz cpu before, it wouldnt take 252x10? just out of curosity, have you ever checked the caps in your antec true blue? badcaps.net dosnt have much good to say about them...
  22. 5.10 gives me troubles so i use 4.31 SW's. i have troubles without the drives so i havnt much choice... for some reason my sony CRX216E wont function without it, weird if you ask me.
  23. okay, the PSU is a problem as it has a load of blown caps in it, should receive a replacement early next week. i also had tested neos suzuna, bios layout is strange as im used to the LPB bios . any hows, there are some things i noticed that were set default like video memory caching enabled that puzzle me. that option provides little to no gain and can even hurt performance from my research and personal experience. any hows, something is in there that my board dont like, after a couple of reboots i get a corrupted bios... i will run a battery of tests once i get it in just to see how much my PSU was holding me back, i have a felling 260x10 may actualy be reachable. one question, do any of you guys see a need for massive voltage increases after 2.3Ghz? here is what mine is like for stability: 2.2Ghz=1.55v 2.3Ghz=1.60v 2.4Ghz=1.75v 2.5Ghz=1.85v 2.6Ghz=2.0v+ 2.7Ghz=not doable im not sure if this is because of the PSU supplying dirty power, but like i said i will work those out again when the new one comes. before i found the caps i had 2.4Ghz down to 1.65v game stable, never got a chance to try prime...
  24. @GC, dont have the PSU yet, but the girl is okay i assume. mabye it wasnt thermal damage after all but a borked PSU. when i set vcore to 2v cpuz tells me its at ~1.93v but i measured it with a DMM and its actually overvolted to ~2.15v. that was measured at the leg of a choke beside the cpu socket. also measured at the head of a cpu mosfet, same reading. EDIT: heay that rymes... [sings]that was measured at the leg of a choke beside the cpu socket. also measured at the head of a cpu mosfet[/sings]
  25. if that also fails to run, you may also try a stick of crap PC2700 ram after a clear cmos. brought me back from hades more than once. you might also try powering on with the cmos jumper in the clear position if all else fails, never hurt anything for me... good luck with this and let us know how it goes.
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