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  1. ok, i will list the entire genie bios settings page for the sake of completeness _______________________ (genie bios settings) FSB = 300 LDT ratio = auto LDT transfer = 16/16 cpu multi = 9 (default) PCIe = 100Mhz CnQ = disabled cpu startup value 1.4v (current voltages reported by bios monitering) cpu= 1.38v ldt= 1.2v chipset= 1.62v ram= 3.04v (Genie bios setting cont.) cpu vid= 1.4v ldt= 1.2v chipset= 1.6v ram= 3v (tccd, have to have this to get into windows no matter the speed) (dram timings page) dram frequency= 166 dividor cpc= enable tcl= 2.5 trcd= 3 tras=7 trp=3 trc=12 trfc=14 trrd=3 twr=3 twtr=2 trwt=2 tref=3120 bank interleve= on dqs skew= auto skew value= 0 dram drive= auto dram data drive= auto max asinc latency= 8ns dram responce= normal read preamble= 6ns idle cycle limit= 256 dynamic counter= off r/w wueue bypass= 16x bypass max= 07x 32byte granularity= disable -------------------------- how does that look? i still cant quite grasp the purpose of each ram timing, but i have an idea of what they should possibly be set to. im out of ideas... but still very pleased with this rig . thanks for your help! Charlie.
  2. okay, i thought i was stable, im not... not at all. i get sudden restarts, no BSOD, just restarts. i have tried every setting in the OCDB that has an opty 165 and TCCD... all a no-go. i think i may know the problem, but would it happen at 290x9 at stock volts (im referring to PSU, i hear its a beast)? the PSU fan doesn't put out warm air like its struggling, not even full bore with orthos, or 3dmark06... but this is still a possibility right? it doesn't happen under load, as a matter of fact, just the opposite. anyhow, im wondering if there is one setting im missing in the sea of options that will help. ive been reading and toying with this since Christmas... school starts back the 3rd and im afraid i wont have as much time. thanks for any suggestions you can give, you all have allways been helpful. Charlie.
  3. @CPDMF, so basically i am going to have to tweak a lot harder . its just a matter of me jumping in and learning each setting i guess, because i still cant get 3GHz into windows. heck, unless i have 3v to my TCCD i cant get stable at what it is now. oh well, im just going to read and experment before i start clocking again... had to do the same on my nF2 rig .
  4. ah, okay! my stepping is a CCBBE 0616 XPMW, i understand that this is a good stepping (all CCBBE 06xx if i'm not mistaken). i cant seem to get to 3GHz, 333 works fine but as soon as i hit 334 it crashes out. i think its my ram, i already have it at 270 (166 divider, hear lower ones dont work well) @ 2.5-4-8-3-11-13-3-3-2-2-3120 cpc 2, 3v (with fan). i pass small fft's at cpc 1 but fail the blend test, so I'm at cpc 2. seems like I'm completely relearning what i thought i knew .
  5. lol, yeah, the modstream can take a large load! i was also worried, but truth be told, i got it to put out more warm air on my nF2 rig than i can on this one! im back for good, i finally have dedicated Internet now, so all is great! the transition went well, except for the ram settings and stuff, im still getting the hang of it. right now, surprisingly, im actually blown away, 2.88GHz is very satisfying! im still shooting for max, but after an OCDB entry i will most likly revert back to 2.88Ghz. here are some rig pics too, sorry for the crap images, sucky cam used http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...11/SUNP0004.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...11/SUNP0003.jpg oh, and by the way, what voltage is safe on this max for 24/7 use? i understand that these chips cant take large volts like A-XP's can... i have read and heard crap ranging from 1.5-1.6v, but i would like something more clear and agreed upon... so what would you guys recommend for 24/7 use? thx for your help guys, once i get rolling i wont bug yall anymore i promise Charlie.
  6. haha, i hope its that easy! all i had to do on the nF2 was set the multi, FSB, and volts. now i have a bunch of timings i have no idea what they do, but i will learn. i have been reading up on A64 cooling and i think im going to get either a freezer 64 or sp-97(?). im going to run orthos tonight, see how she goes .
  7. currently at 2.88Ghz, same voltage. mabye i can make the 3Ghz club! only ~200Mhz away... EDIT: in my first post i listed vcore as 1.4v, its 1.45, typo
  8. i gots me a Opty 165, X1900XT, and a cooler master case to finish my new rig with, wireless router and card for dedicated internet
  9. well, this morning i woke up to find every last part i need to build a but kicking machine under the tree (specs in siggy), an hour & a bit later it was built and running window$. i immediately began OC'in this thing, which with the exception of all the weird memory mumbo jumbo, was a cake walk compaired to my nF2! well, my opty 165 has been running at 300x9 1.45v now all day, no problems after i copied memory timings off of a similar setup in the OCDB (tweaking later). im using the stock cooling for now, which never goes much over 45°C even at full bore. here is a screenie of what im at, benches, rig pics, and an OCDB entry are next. here is a cpuz screenie teaser for now: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/charlie22911/nF41.jpg i must say, these boards are rock solid, im so proud of this setup, and this great information rich forum is the reason its up! thanks to Happy_Games & forum members for this forum & contributions! more to come Charlie22911
  10. thx guys for that info! its so weird how easy these nF4 DFI's OC. i was reading angrys thread about timings and dividers, and boy have things changed from nF2 (what could one expect though?). i was fully prepared to do 1:1, being used to hearing horrible tales about what they do in nF2... i can wait to sink my teeth into this thing! also, one of the guys i work with at school (i intern at my school) bought me a handy dandy DMM w thermal probe! its awesome... will help great in finding hot spots instead of probing with my pinkie finger! gots lot more reading to do, i want to make sure i can get up there with you guys (if that's possible ). i will be sure to take pics as i build, this will be a build to remember!
  11. main thing that has kept me away is lack of free time & no dedicated Internet (which will be solved real soon ). dr bowtie, is 300Mhz fsb hard to hit on the SLI-DR (like 250x10 on nf2)? i have this TCCD here that's rated at 275Mhz 2.5-3-3-7, im wondering if its a stretch trying for 300 1:1... i have not had a chance to read up on nf4 yet, but will be doing that now. see you guys around, i have some reading to do . on the U400S-AL side how ever, i have defiantly found settings that make the U400S-AL 100% stable not only with 2x512MB but dual channel as well. if i set ram at 200Mhz @ 2-2-2-5, 2.6v, with fsb asinc at 133Mhz, it works fine! no crashes, no locks, stable. as a matter of fact i have ran it 3 days straight now and gamed on it plenty (HL2, serious sam 2, and some DooMIII). ran occt with it at 133x16 @ 1.525v and its stable. though the asinc bus is a bottleneck, its more than enough power for my sis. its a shame i had this SLI-DR starring at me for a year before i could build around it. at any rate, im back, thought it wont be til after Christmas until im regular here .
  12. well, the parts for the SLI-DR are ordered and on the truck. by Christmas, i will be giving the U400S-AL rig to my sis. if there are any last benchies, photos, whatever, just drop a line in here. i did add some caps to the board (4 3300uf rubycons), but no improvement. anyways, here are the specs of the new rig: OCZ modstream 450w (all ready have) opty 165 2x512Mb G.Skill PC4400LE (already have) DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR (already have) 250Gb western digital drive (8MB cache, allready have) ATI Radeon x1950xt some cooler master windowed case new CRT (Lenvo brand, saw some good online reviews). and some wireless equipment so i can come back to these great forums like i used to be ! im gonna try to get a new 600W PCP&C psu later on down the road, as well as a replacement cpu HSF (may try my SI-97a), chipset HSF, and a GPU cooler. all i have to say is GOOD RIDANCE U400S-AL (it was a HUGE learning experance though, and a lot of fun ) (edit) by the way, i noticed a resemblance between the "lanparty face" and the "serious sam bomb" . anyone else notice that?
  13. Iron, some may disagree, but here is my take on the situation: socketA and everything about it is very dead, so is 754 and soon to be 939. in all honesty, dont put more money into sktA, sell all your old stuff, save up a bit more case and bare being without a computer, and go either AM2 or 939. AM2 will probably be your best bet, but anyway, I have already seen where my PC just cant keep up. things like oblivion are simply killing my system, its not playable, and that's just the first of things to come. AGP is dead, the fastest cards are X850XTPE and a 7xxxgt card. if it is at all possible, use this as the perfect reason to upgrade. my two cents man...
  14. you make sure that the clear cmos jumper is in the correct position, just switch it to be sure, powering up in the wrong position wont hurt anything, as a matter of fact that was the only way i could come back sometimes . if that does not work, all i can say is move on to testing individual parts in another board if you can.
  15. that does not work, if he tries to use it it will simply hard lock his PC. Maudit, too bad on the ban, but in the entire forums defence, you agreed to the very rule that he banned you for breaking before you were allowed to post.
  16. wonder if anyone bought one... they are not serious i hope .
  17. no, its a laptop only feature, the chipset itself does not support the rapid voltagemultiplier change for such a thing.
  18. strange, mine does that every once and a while, reboot allways brings it back, or if it boots, put it in standby and it comes back. not sure why, mabye something simular? i do have my AGP overclocked some, do you? try setting that back to stock if so (66Mhz, doh ).
  19. i know a dead drive sucks, 50Mhz PCI seems to have killed both my WD800JB's, lost EVERYTHING . so i replaced them with a faster wd2500jb and a seagate 40g for storage (the 250g is as fast as a 36g raptor, execpt for acess times, they are a little slower ).
  20. i had mine removed last year whilst they were in the bud stage, and it was still terrible. woke up the next morning with this nasty fat clot of blood in my mouth and on my pillow. mine were about the size of a large pea. edit @ KC: i have herd some kind of stories about them stones, something along the lines of "its worse than a female in labour". i had a really small one about the size of a grain of sand that caused a UTI and kidney infection, been drinking water ever since .
  21. well, the drive came faulity... i have been very short on cash to build with, also been watching the new AM2 socket to see whats up with it, which seems to be nothing besides better overclocks. im going to get an opty 165 and a DX10 card (going to use a S3 trio 64 2MB until then) and i hope M$ sends me the vista beta like they said they would. anyways, things have been real hectic, almost no free time anymore. i will keep you guys posted...
  22. been real busy, doing C++ at the moment as well as staying after school 3 of the 5 school days, and computer repair on top of that. anyways, i had both my HDD go out on me this week, makes me sick. both are WD800JB drives. i have a 250GB WD on the way, should be here tomorrow, and now im going to purchase a SATA PCI card and a WD 150 raptor to last me until i get the 939 up. going to use the 150g as my main, 37g raptor as my vista play drive and the 250g as storage. all i need now is a GPU, case and CPU, the rest is taken care of.
  23. "aeka", you seem a lot like neoaether... okay guys, i have said this alot, but now, unless something changes, im not going to fool with computers for a while. school has been in for a while and im working my A-Double-S off trying to get caught up. unless im get on the ball and back on track its likely i will be a failure in the workforce. sOoOo, that why i have been absent, i want get in collage, get A+ cert to start with and go from there, something like maybe a novell cert since i have some experience in that. reason its so hard is because i did no work, i was socially promoted all the way from 3rd grade, and only because i could pas some tests, no, some years later i cant multiply OR divide much less all the nifty little other things that go with it and im screwed. so here i am working like a freaking diesel engine trying to get caught up. so thats the way it goes... these last two years are going to be hell.
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