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  1. im looking to upgrade my ram to a 2GB kit soon, but have this great 1Gb kit already. so i was wondering if it would be possible to run the two together. i dont mind running at 2t, as long as i can do at least 200 (400DDR). so what is you guys opinion? will it work? if so will it bring my overclock down and require my voltage to the CPU (memcontroller)? Thanks, Charlie.
  2. yeah, thats right... 2 years. try not to pick at me to bad, i gave two pints of blood today at school for a blood drive. i cant exactly think straight because im so drained .
  3. wow, i have been here allmost 3 years... and not much has soaked through my hard head. i give it another 5 years before i learn enough to mingle with you guys . i remember my first posts about my U400S-AL, man that thing was a (insert word of choice here) to get going stable... which by the way playah, your girl is starting to get old and just isn't as fast anymore . running 220x11 1.75v for my sister just to be stable. so i dumped her for this new chick, man she can do 312x9 stock voltage easy! she wants to fuss about voltage at anything faster though, women these days ...
  4. sorry A_G, i thought i had never posted that thread the first time...
  5. So are we still folding with 45454 or will a new team be made?
  6. personally i have never read a manual for anything unless i absolutely could not figure it out myself. im a gluten for punishment though... only time i have ever really read a manual properly was when i was finding out the keys and controls for X2:The Threat... still have that manual beside me
  7. So what now, will we still fold under DFI-Street or is there a way to change the team name? I'm still folding for 45454, and will be until something changes... Charlie.
  8. I'm glad this forum is now open to all products, i have always been curious about other brands but because of this forum, i have always been attracted to the DFI line. no longer so though, i cant wait to see this wealth of information here expand beyond DFI .
  9. so did i, apparently that was for the older cards if im not mistaken. i sat and looked at those pins, jumper in hand, for a good 5mins before i chickened out. i JUST built this rig... it would not be wise to do this yet... anyhow, i guess this is destined to be a mystery until ati says what it is or we can find a data sheet...
  10. WOOOOHOOOO!!! 14hrs stable at 311x9 stock volts baby! boy these opterons LOVE the clocks http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...1/14hstable.jpg i still cant get my ram stable though at high frequency... so the general consensus is that i should still get a new PSU and ram later? i think im going to shoot for a new flatpanel first if this modstream can last a few months, this old 1995 CRT is beginning to dye one me, gets dimmer and dimmer every day it seems... once i get the new PSU though you can count my OCDB entry in at 3GHz, maybe more if i can get better cooling (zalman 9700 has my eye). anyhow, im happy here until i get a PSU, i think i will ram up the HTT a bit just to get the ram at 200Mhz even, didnt notice it was slightly under clocked until i opened up cpuz for the screenie . anyhow, i think im getting the hang of this now!
  11. @ drbowtie, im currently at 310x9 1.35v on a 120div with tight timings... everything is lovely, orthos runs to come. BTW, i just got 2 CCFL tubes and a dual CCFL 120mm fan by logisys, they are great. i OC my x1950xt to 7051000 100% fan and ran 3dmark06 no problems... this PSU has to have been mis advertised... i have never witnessed a 450 watt PSU do what this thing does . @ollietwinam, i would but the 610w continuous that the PC P&C gives just makes my mouth water . @TheWizzard, maybe we can compare notes! ima add you to my msn...
  12. wasn't there a setting in XP to make text appear properly on *flat panel* machines? maybe it was font smoothing?
  13. if a fan didnt kill it, i doubt a jumper will since they basically short the contacts in a way. i may muster up some balls to try it later...
  14. so that would make it a digital I/O port of sorts huh? i saw that, but the guy was not 100% sure so i overlooked it. im not much for speculation. . thing is why is that same jumper with the same label on the x1600 with a jumper on pins 2&3 but absent on all others? maybe it disables a quad?
  15. uneedav8, we know thats on the back side of the card near where the core is. the 3 pins we are refering to are near the FET's heatsink and the PCIe power connector. i searched through all of 2 pages of googles results, and lackobreath is right, most are in foreign languages that are not worth crap once translated... guess its time to search for a data sheet (is such a thing exists).
  16. VERY interesting! hmm... who is willing to ship me a replacment if i try adding a jumper . im going to do more searching, i hope something turns up as it seems to bug everyone .
  17. im going to breakout the DMM today and see how much voltage it outputs... maybe it has something to do with vivo?
  18. if a fan fixed the problem, its obviously not permanently damaged, but overheating. best suggestion i can give you is to find a way to but a 80mm or so fan on it, or buy an after market heat sink. about the psu, im not sure about the present state of caps in antecs, but in the not so distant past people had floods of bad capacitors in them. that may also be something to check as well. a google of "bad caps" will give you everything you need to know about that. EDIT, X800's are pretty hot cards, i cant imagine the temps on a passive card, much less over clocking. generally you will artifact real bad (unless the core cant handle heatclocks) rather than reboot. besides those it may also be something as simple as a bios setting like memory timings. also, just because its memtest stable does not mean its window$ stable. im not sure if i can be of much more help but i will try. to sum it up, possible problems i can think of are: PSU Drivers Heat Bios settings Combination of two or more of the above.
  19. yeah, i was thinking that too about the fan... but scared to try it, im not ready to fry this baby yet . maybe its a feature connector of some sort? think it may have something to do with HDCP? i cant even find a data sheet on this thing .
  20. i have noticed that on all x19XX series boards that follow ATI's reference design, there is a 3 pin connector near the PCIe power connector. (photo with jumpers in question circled) i have searched Google so much the text on their search button is worn off. my question is; what is that 3pin doodads purpose? i also found a dip switch with 2 switches in it, its supposedly for video region coding (NTSC, PAL etc). Thanks for your help, Charlie.
  21. ok, just as an update, i ran memtest (all tests) at 3-4-4-9 54 passes no errors! so scrap the new ram, i need a new psu... i am currently back at stock 200x9 1:1 1.3v with ram at 2-2-2-5 @ 2.6v. do you think that i can run safe like this until i get a new PSU (a month or so) provided i do 0 3d gaming? BTW, this is the PSU im going to get: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817703005 that is the absolute best i can afford, should be more than enough as my specs wont change execpt for a viewsonic flat panel to replace this crap CRT (1996) i have .
  22. ok, test 5 2 errors in 25 passes. test 8 0 errors in 82 passes (fell asleep ). i updated with your settings thraxz, going to loop the whole batch while im gone. brother esau, i sure hope not, but i cant afford something as good as a psu like that! will report back soon! Charlie
  23. runing as i type (psp). so far 2 errors on test 5 in 7 passes... i will keep it going unless otherwise instructed . Charlie.
  24. ok, that was a no go. test 5=14 errors, 8=0 errors i couldn't boot windows with those settings at stock or any voltage you think i killed my ram in my nF2 rig (ran at 2.9v 247 365 for a year)? if i need new ram, does this look okay? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146970
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