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  1. i may just do what youve done and buy a desktop barton. you know it may take a while but when you go to bed run a stressing program like toast or 3dmark 2001se (uses a lot of cpu) at a high voltage overnight, around 2.0v to burn her in, ive gotten insane overclocks on all kinds a cpus by doing this (250Mhz overclock on a socket7 K6+ for example). just a tip, be careful though as the heat is what will kill a cpu, not voltage (within reason ofcorse).
  2. i ended up with the exact same problem i had on my ECS k7s5a, when still in dos and the windows 2000 'boot status' bar gets 100% full it hard locks. so i put in my CAS 2.5 KINGmax 512Mb Pc3200 ram, formated and installed winXP home well after it installed i went to device manager and my SONY CRX216E has an (!) on it, error message is 'this device cannot start' tried everything but smashing it and nothing works, could the sony be part of my problem? XP seems stable so far but after 30days its going to lock (not intended for perminent use) so i have plenty of time to sort things out. i cant find 'CPC' or anything that may be realated to it in the bios either, just loaded fail safe defaults and turned on DMA and took my FSB to 133 and multi to 12 (default). ive changed out every part excpt for cpu, graphics and cd drive, i hear DFI boards dont like mobile cpus, could that be a problem? im going to clean up my sig later, im going to try another CD rom drive right now... EDIT well put in the old panasonic 8x drive and she works just fine, although painfully slower than my 48x sony . ive gotten all drivers updated and installed now, time for stress testing. if this fails im may have to resort to buying a desktop barton, as i have modded the bridges so i can get any multi by pencil on my k7s5a before i got the dfi, its modded for MP ablity and voltage & multi by bridges, thats a lot of cuts... could that be a problem source? lastknight i ran memtest86+ (dual channel mode on the kingston's) from a cd bootable, it ran 5hrs 45mins 32sec before it hard locked, i did it at 200x8=1600 for cpu to run the mem at its rated speed, no errors were reported when i awoke to the frozen screen, the test ran 8 times... im going to try it on the kingmax cas 2.5 ram tonight, BTW hows my new sig ?
  3. at first i was having OS coruption and instabilitys, but setting optimised defaults in bios then disableing everything (execpt sound and usb) seemed to fix that. in mem test dual channel has no problems running, im using slot 1 and 3 for it, tried switching around a single stick in each slot then running mem test to make sure the slots were ok, all slots and mem are fine. its cas 3.0 ram so the bios wont set it any higher, what is cpc?
  4. sorry about the sloppy sig, its 4AM here som im tired . any ways my PC crashes out of 3Dmark05 now, it didnt do that before, when the startup logo comes up and the floppy drive lights up it hard locks everything. also grand theft auto vice city and call of duty crash to desktop sometimes even hardlocking after ~5mins play, temps never see above 43° cpu and 27° for case. ive formated many times and reinstalled windows 2000 pro (need to add that to my sig) with no change in results. since nvidia and ati are rivals could it be possiable they are having a conflict, for example i have an asus (NFII) that kicks the multi and FSB to 6x100 and HARD locks it there when any ati card is installed, not even software can change it. could i have a simular issue?
  5. same problems here, diabling all onboard but usb and sound seems to have fixed the problem. im running a mobile 2200+ 1.6Ghz that will do 2.6Ghz with 1.9v core. also i cant run dual channel no matter what speeds i run, you have this problem too?
  6. my system specs are: DFI NF2 U400S AL, 1Gb Kingston Value RAM, ATI AIW 9600 128Mb, Sony CRX216E, Westarn Digital 80Gb W/8Mb cache PATA, Athlon XP Barton 2200+ (1.6Ghz) overclocable to 3700+ (2.6Ghz), using all onboard devices and no add in cards, 450W roswill value series PSU. my problem is that not only can i not run in dual channel mode but my system is unstable at stock speeds, while 3dmark 05 runs stable with no problems (score: 1043) call of duty crashes out with an error message 'this program has genarated errors and will be closed by windows'. everything excpt for the mobo is known good, replaced ECS K7S5A because my OS always got corupted no matter times i formated and clean installed, same thing happens on my DFI, i disabled every thing but USB and sound and the coruption seems to have gone away. can you help? flashed to latest bios...
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