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  1. i also found the site on newegg. my problems really came from the bios though, DFI really did a number on the U400S-AL . nearly two years later i flashed the LPb bios out of frustration and ended up with a 250x10 toaster . of coarse, it was great people like (in a completely random order) playah, A_G, shinobi, dr_bowtie, CPU-Z, sounx98, and many others, i wont list them all because i would be here all day! but you guys know who you are, and thank you !! we ought to have a thank you thread where you can post up all the people on this forum that have helped you, and give thanks of coarse . im mainly a lurker now, ever since i have gotten a job on top of school, plus spending time with Amanda, i don't have as much time as i used to. i ought to have more time after while though!
  2. oh wow... here is my first post and the beginning of the 2year war i had with the U400S-AL... and won . http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7936 i was such a noob (still am )... rereading that makes me feel ashamed of myself .
  3. if im not mistaken, the opterons don't play nice with low dividers (you said you were using a 100div)... that could be your problem right there .
  4. hey darkorb! i had thought of that, but i have had a low voltage binge as of late . im declaring 1.5v my max, and maybe 1.55 for laughs! but i definitely need better cooling and PSU to get it there .
  5. hey thanks raiderfan, but my gramps will only order from newegg... will this work? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835119079 thanks all
  6. thanks that is an awesome guide... i will be ordering the BT in a few minutes, any recommendations on an VC-RE alternative from newegg? VC-RE is out of stock and i want a HSF that wont block my PCIe slot . thanks again
  7. its a CCBBE 0616XPMW well, guess i installed that thermistor for nothing . so you do recomend a HSF then? is so i will be ordering that big typhoon today. and mabye a PSU next month if my pay is big enough. i have the max overclock of my ram (225MHz @ 2.5-3-3-6 @ 2.6v). timings, or voltage and any combination of the two dont increase its OC either. the ram is 2x1GB Hynix CTP-D43 BTW. i have a small fan that fits the PWMIC area perfectly, just looking for a way of attaching it... my side is on BTW. the evercool has been out of stock for a while now... any other recommendations? but about the PWMIC, she runs a little hotter with the side off. the entire front of this coolermaster centurion5 case is like a big vent, with a 120mm exaust... it works VERY well . i have a small fan im going to attach to the PWMIC heatsinks, did a test with bread ties and it works well, just need some superglue to make it "offical" . im still testing some stuff, im thinking i just may drop back down to the settings at my sig for an OCDB entry until i get a better PSU and HSF to work with. hopefully i have been blessed with a good overclocker . thanks for the replies guys! keep'em coming . Charlie
  8. im on the stock heatpipe (same as FX line) cooler modded with an 80mm fan (from 70mm). i lowered my OC to 324x9 1.45v and she went 3 hours in orthos before crapping out. would secondary timings play a role in this still? since i got this new ram (uses hynx CTP-D43 chips) im not sure what to set, so its on auto. anyhow, i bumped the vcore to 1.475v and am reruning orthos (about 15mins through at post time). about the temps, here is Smart Gurdian wile going through orthos: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/charlie22911/sg.jpg will post some more as soon as i get back from work... thanks guys
  9. well, since i got my flat panel in i thought i would shoot for an OCDB entry (since i can run 3dmark 06 at its native res now ). well, im shooting for a 3GHz entry, so far its not looking good. *Disclaimer* In no way do i intend to remove my IHS, i have no way in crap a way to replace anything if it goes south *End Disclaimer* im doing 334x9 1.5v with my ram sitting on known good settings, so i have rooted that out. also, core temp shows one core WAY hotter than the other, here are some before and after images: temps before (stable core0 loaded) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...2911/before.jpg temps after (unstable core1 right at fail) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...22911/after.jpg **took a couple of tries to catch the temp of core1 before core temp updated ** now i have a thermistor glued to the side of my IHS with AS adhesive, max temperature it has recorded is 41°C... a big difference from core temp, and also only 2°C off from bios readings. so guess which once i believe . anyhow, its weird the failing core also has a higher temp then the stable core, i have seen the failing core go as high as 78°C before, yet my trusty thermistor records a max of 41°C. so i took off the heatsink and double check everything, cleaned and reapplied AS:C... same results. so to get to the point, do i have a lazy core or you think mabye something is up with the IHS, or maybe core temp is crap? BTW, i realize my PSU is scraping by (plan to upgrade soon), but at the settings in my sig, im sure a fully loaded x1950xt @ 660MHz 1.475v core and 1008MHz ram, and a 2.88Ghz dualcore @ ~1.4v draws more than a 3Ghz dualcore @ 1.5v. but then maybe im delusional because its 2:16am and need to get my butt in the bed . thanks for the time you take to reply guys . Charlie. EDIT: BTW, i just looked at my temps, thermistor reads 35°C while im idle, browsing in firefox @ 334x9 1.5v...
  10. i hardly that ipod is going to be free. if they are paying you, i bet its coming out of your check in some form or another. they will just purty it up so it doesn't look like it .
  11. i have always been weary about acer stuff. our school is nothing but acer, and being that i work there, i have seen more acers with troubles (the veriton 5100 especially) than anything.
  12. im going to take some before and after pictures once i get it. im so excited, no more eye bleeds from my CRT .
  13. they are awesome. still running at my sig settings until i get a better PSU, i dont want to really push the one i have (though its an Beast of a PSU). the improvement over 1GB in BF2142 was awesome, no more lag . the kit i ordered was out of stock right after i got mine in the mail too... lucky me .
  14. @UD218, i have heard many good things about them (execpt for a certain CRT), which was the main reason i chose them. all thats left to order to complete my rig is (in no paticular order), a Zalman 9700, AC Acellero X2, VC-RE, and OCZ 700w PSU. my old CRT was really holding my X1950XT(X) back though @Pyro, i read up on that as well, since my setup is rigt by a no-longer-used glass door, i made the appropriate preparations for that, i covered it with a rather dull sleeping bag . no light getting through there .
  15. well, after much research, and looking at one in person, i decided to get this baby: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824002129 NEC 90GX2 19" 4ms display. this will be replacing a Samsung 55E that was manufactured in November 1999. it has a absolute maximum resolution of 1024x768 @ 72Hz, 800x600 @ 85Hz recommended. lately this thing has been dimming more and more, and setting the brightness in games to the max no longer helps. so what do you think? did i make a good choice? im expecting it to arrive Monday via UPS .
  16. i was short on cash so i got the G.Skill F1 3200 ram (NS). poped in and changed timings to 2.5-3-3-6-9-16-2-2-2-2 1t @ 2.6v, reboot, and all is well. im in love with this ram, it came with a case badge and a glow in the dark sticker that goes well with my UV lighting. BF2142 has absoulty no lag at all in it now, and i can multi task better as well. just for the heck of it, i added my 1GB kit with it, and booted into bios, changed to 2t @ 2.5-3-3-7-9-16-3-3-2-3 2.7v and bumped my cpu vcore up .05v. booted into windows fine, loaded BF2142 and played about 15mins before a crash. i took the 1GB kit out as i didnt notice any kind of gains from 3GB. this isnt overclockers ram, but like angry said, the added boost from ram speed is not noticable enough to matter (so true). right now im still at the speed in my sig. going to retry overclocking slightly within the next couple of days. once i get my new flat panel in i will start on my OCDB entry as well (so much i cant do at a limited 1024x768 res limit). next after that is an OCZ gameXtreme 700w and 2x160GB segate 7200.10 raid0. then i will be finally finished with this rig .
  17. @RubberDuck, uploading to photobucket kills quality, so i hunted it down again for you: http://www.digitalblasphemy.com/graphics/1600/spark1600.jpg enjoy .
  18. @Kulo, it would be best to go for the 2x1Gb. the only reason i am going to try it is because im a curious nerd who wont take no for an answer, even though it gets me in trouble alot. its not so much as what brand ram you get, but more about what chips you get. do some reasearch on what chips the kits you are interested in have. look at the average speed people attain with them and go from there. it is real easy .
  19. @RubberDuck, not sure if you are talking to me, but if you are, i dont remember where i got it . if you want it i can upload it to photobucket for you .
  20. believe me, when i get my mind dead set on something usually i get what i want or come close. im not sure if i can do that in this case, but i will try, its the geek in me .
  21. thanks angry, advice taken. i had a feeling it would work, but didn't know the gory details. but knowing me and my bullheadedness i will probably try it anyway . besides, what kind of nerd would i be if i didn't try to push my computer under every possible configuration available? by the way, this is the kit im getting: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146034 so far i have gotten my apparently failing 1GB TCCD kit to work 11Hrs orthos stable in the blend test at 320x9 1.4v 166 div @ 3v. once i get the new ram and OCZ 700w to replace my 450w modstream, i will shoot for an OCDB entry. i know this is not my max as i have two limiting factors going on. i must admit though, this OCZ can take a beating . EDIT: i went to save that screen and saw where i had allready tested those settings! Grr. oh well, guess i will tighten down the timings now .
  22. well, i had spent dang near an hour trying to throw my current sig together and make sure it lined up and stuff... hope my siggy can help support the street at least a little bit.
  23. thanks for the replies guys. if it will work, its all i want. for what i do ram size matters over ram speed, and right now im running my ram at pc3200 speeds anyhow. im thinking of doing it like this: 1GB kit in orange slots, 2GB kit in yellow slots. i see 2x 2GB kits as a waste since windows wont even see it all anyhow, hence my question. thanks guys, ive run odd sticks in pairs fine on nF2, just sisnt wont to try myself for hours and it not be possible in the first place. Thanks, Charlie.
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