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  1. LMAO, the area i live in is nothing but the "old folks" part of town, and since i live with my grandparents i get to have lots of fun doing nothing but nerding out all day :tooth:.
  2. heck, i cant get a signal out im my driveway with broadcast power at a little over 60mW. depends on the hardware really, but i personally incur a performance hit with wep. i guess my above post was a little unclear above, sorry. i didn't mean cramped subdivision in the literal sense (i was actually poking fun ), let me reword it . if you are far enough away from other people that someone would have to pull in your drive way to get a signal (like me), then disable wep... if you do notice a performance hit, but want security, use a mac filter, set it to allow only macs you specify, its what i do to be on the safe side. EDIT: momoceio beat me to the mac filter bit .
  3. 4th sucked here, because of fires and crap in south georgia, fireworks were banned and patrols were setup to search all people coming from out of state to prevent smuggled fireworks. was the quietest 4th of my life, the city didn't even put on their usual show .
  4. oh man, i love my WRT54GL, its flashable to a WRT54GS and can run linux firmware . Firmware Version: v4.71.1, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c i love my wireless, though before i got it i researched my behind off on ways to make it work. currently running a 3meg dsl connection to it, which is broadcast to my file server, which runs through a 24port switch from my server and gives the other computers an internet connection and leaves me plenty of room for customers computers to be worked on and have internet access. my ping in games is usually around ~56 unless my sis is eating up bandwidth on youtube :sad:. BTW, unless you live in a cramped subdivision or apartment i would just disable wep. i have allways had trouble with wep crap, plus you get a slight performance hit, especially in games...
  5. the K6 was actually not bad, but they had dismal floating point units. since gaming back then hammered the FPU (among alot of other apps) many enthusiasts turned to the coveted pentiumII which had an awesome FPU. amd tried to make up for it by tacking on more cache in the form of its K6III and then a die shrink in the K6X+ series, which were great overclockers (i have seen 700MHz from one). something that does bug me though is how some people hold "loyalties" to a certain company, i was talking to a guy that works for MTC thats a die hard InTeL fan because of the days of the 8088:drool:. a friend of mine i think said what i feel best, "i hold no loyalties to a company who holds none to me." sorry for the rant, been a while since ive been forum hopping, little over excited i guess .
  6. I do agree that Cmedia's oxygen is good, i had a chance to play around with one not long ago. but a card is only as good as its DACs IMHO. but as far as gaming, creative really has no competition unless other companies implement EAX in software...
  7. Ace, im afraid i have to disagree, i see this as a move to try and force users to purchase their X-FI sound card. kinda like they are saying "either you buy our newest, overpriced sound card or we will charge you money to download software that will make our perfectly capable but older sound card work with your system even though we could have done so in the vista driver release." its crap like this that makes perfectly honest people into software pirates. creative really needs some competition...
  8. well... there is such a thing as a motherboard with 6 ram slots, and its on that same thread: http://www.ukgamer.com/picture.php4?source...board_large.jpg if im not mistaken he said "show me any motherboard with 6 slots"... BTW, not many boards or cards that used agp 8x pro were there? strange little board...
  9. @osamabinathlon-as i said, its not my place to OC it, because if it breaks that would just extend their downtime, and time is money. besides, who is to say that ASUS motherboard with custom bios crap will even accept another CPU? @exrodie- it booted just fine with that cpu, bios even named the cpu properly at POST (though it said 3200+ instead of 3400+). not i cant comment on how it would behave when stressed since that screenie is as far as i went with it... now about the bios stuff, thats gonna screw people like us over. we do after change bioses often... or at least i do . @angry- i was aware that the winnie was crap, how high did you get yours? thing thats tempting about this sempy is that its a 90nm palermo... @thasp- i was not aware that the winnie was that much of a crapper . reminds me of the division error that the original pentium had .
  10. many thanks ace, i will definitely look into that . after i get done playing i may invest in a cheapo motherboard and build a folding rigfile server, i already have enough spare parts laying around to do it . speaking of building a rig, my SLI-DR went down after an OC and i couldn't for the life of me get it back up. tore it down and bench tested if for darn near a week for hours on end trying to figure why i was getting 4leds... well, i figured out i left the cmos clear jumper in the CLEAR position . thats how i got around to taking off my big typhoon and putting a sempy under it . seems the most simple things give me the most trouble, but i can almost always figure out the complex stuff .
  11. ah, see now thats the part i was wondering about... about where they come from and if they were silently released or something. i wish to god i could find one of my own and clock the crap out of it, but i wont do it to this part, as its not mine. but i bet a little over 3GHz is certainly not unreal! oh my, is it wrong to want to do such things to such a virgin CPU?
  12. well, i got ahold of a compaq for repair with a sempron (which i assumed was a 754) that kept shutting down, turns out the HSF was slap full of dust and stopped the fan... anyways, as i was cleaning it out i saw it was a 939 part, and was stumped since i thought semprons were 754 only, and this is a new 90nm 64 part. so i put it in my SLI-DR and it recognized it at post and booted, here is a screenie: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...9sempronOMG.jpg here is whats on the chip: SDA3400DIO2Bw LBBWE 0550VPMW T687047L50128 im not going to overclock as its not mine, but thought i would post what i found . man, i wonder how she clocks though... :drool: has anyone else got a glimpse of these? they are obviously rare as i found very little info on any 939 semprons...
  13. im going into the navy. i was in ARMY J.R.O.T.C. for 4 years and served as a captain (platoon leader) on staff (S5-Technician). i wouldnt go, but i feel i could use the experience, confidence, discipline, etc. that is to be gained from the military. not to mention the benefits for my family and myself. i have had this on my mind for a while, but have decided that it is what i want to do. good luck to all those who will be going in, and maybe i may see some of you, you never know! :tooth:
  14. well, im going to summer school... and after i get home at 4:30 i have to work outside until late. then on the weekends i get woken up really to do more work outside... i have not had a day to myself yet, really sucks .
  15. ok, lets cool things down, im not the type to argue . i was stating in reference to the article that i do notice above 75FPS, i was commenting on the article, nothing more. you said it was in my head hence my reply, even though i was talking about the article. i also said that i DO agree with you about the LCDs, but i do notice a difference from 60Hz and 75Hz, fast, sudden motions are smoother. you are right, there are certain exceptions, and FYI there are some nice CRTs out there that do nice high resolutions, but are a strain on my eyes. sorry for the misunderstanding, no harm done i hope:rolleyes: .
  16. no its not in my mind. i admit that LCD panels are the exception, but i want to see YOU work with a CRT @ 60Hz. i bet you would be more than happy to get a hold of one that has a higher refresh rate. and the statement that displays go no higher than 60Hz is also untrue, when i set my LCD refresh rate to 75Hz it shows as such in the OSD. having a higher refresh rate and hardware to push the frame rate to match DOES make fast movements much more fluid, as im sure any FPS veteran who games on CRTs can attest to. no offence, but to tell me its all in my head is a bit undermining... :angel:
  17. i agree with this, playing a game at 150FPS+ is worlds more fluid than 85FPS, more so when there is allot of movement.
  18. clicks from me! good luck angry, hope you win! i personally never win anything, EVER! well i did win one time in a BF2142 game, but thats about it .
  19. i also wonder that, its nothing but a dothon core... mabye its version of vista is really trimmed down...
  20. i also love sci-fi stories and the such (halo book series being one). i also like to write, but i end up getting caught up in something else and forgetting all about what im writing, thus leaving my work unfinished forever... great stuff BTW, i would like to see some more if you have any .
  21. it comes true, and some high, drunk, and delusional idiots, who are inspired by a slipknot concert, mistakes the worlds nukes for giant fireworks and set them off. this in turn causes a nuclear winter, wiping out most the worlds population except a select few which are horribly mutated, myself being one of them. i wish i was back to normal along with 2 good looking females whom i dont know, so we can repopulate the world with an endless store of resources at my my disposal....
  22. congrats! personally i look foward to being at least 35+ before i go through that, being im only 18 and all . best wishes to your family terry!
  23. This is very old information considering that AG no longer works for DFI. Try contating DFI USA directly. there you go .
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