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  1. @n_w95482- thats what i thought, lol. thing is, save for ebay, there are not many places you can even find a northwood . @Angry_Games- i have two boards for you, both from biostar. the first is the PCIe version of the board i have (which i am EXTREMELY pleased with): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813138079 the second is the board i have, the agp version: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813138262 the P4M80-M4 is not red, but has the same color scheme as the PCIe board, and %99 of the DOAs are probably because of either them using a willimette or because they use PC3200 ram, which you have to set manually in bios as PC3200 or you have issues. BTW, say you were selling that 3.4c, how much would you want for it angry? @Mack27- i have already drawn up a hole for a 120mm fan in the VGA area, and plan to add maybe a 92mm over the cpu heatsink. i can overclock in bios up to 3.02GHz, but im having heat issues :drool:. now one project i want to get into is modding my coolermaster centurion 5 case, but thats another story .
  2. @dr_bowtie- i have a couple of 120mm fans just laying around, i was thinking of cutting a hole low so it will blow on the slots. one of them is an ADDA brand fan and its whisper quiet but moves a very large amount of air. @diff_lock- Northwoods are supposedly faster clock for clock than a Presshott, but by todays standards it is a dog. once i get the cooling situated i *may* be able to reach 3GHz with it. if not i would probably just drop in in a cele' D machine i also have laying around and buy a 3GHz Presscott for ~$70
  3. well, i had a bunch of parts laying around and decided to throw them together. i had an HP case here, so i used that (looking to mod all the HP logos off somehow ) this is intended to be a mediavalue gaming PC for lan's when i have friends over. here the specs: Biostar P4M80-M4 m-ATX Motherboard (socket 478) Pentium4 Northwood 2.66Ghz533FSB @ 2.7GHz (heat issues with small POS HP case) 2x512MB Micron PC3200 Seagate Baracuda 7200.10 160GB SATA All In Wonder X800XT @ XT PE HiPro 300w PSU (12v @ 19A) HP DVD DL Burner WLightScribe DVDCD-RW Combo HP a705w m-ATX case the plugs on the HP case fit the board headers perfect, its pretty snappy too, scores 4513 in 3dmark05 (cpu bottleneck). its a nice PC, but the case has BAD airflow, everything runs HOT, heck, the side of the case is near as hot as the air coming out of the exaust :drool:. i have a mid tower dell ATX case that is pretty nice, i may move the parts to that... here is the best pic i could find of the case, http://i.walmart.com/i/p/00/82/91/60/70/00...584_500X500.jpg anyhow, what do you think? if you have any suggestions please feel free to post, i love input .
  4. sadly, if both drives PCB doesn't have the same firmware, it is a very real possibility that it may not work. also, once you expose the drive internals its usually only a short matter of time before it dies anyway. BTW, what drive brand is it? if the motor that spins the platters is shot then a new PCB wont do anything. another thing to think about, take off the PCB and look for any kind of dust or iron filings on any of the PCB components, i had 2 WD800JB's go because moving them from 3 different rigs wore down the threads and filings ended up frying both drives PCB. also, i have seen alot of the school's acer computers have the PSUs fry the HDD (AcerPower 4300), we ended up replacing all the HDD and PSU in one with dead HDD and PSUs in the others (which all used deer PSUs BTW). what im trying to get at, make sure your PSU is ok.
  5. thats the software version of directx you have installed, but whether or not it can be run in hardware depends on the card. in your case it does not, so it will only run directx 9c calls in hardware at best. you could run direct x10 in software rendering mode (requires directx SDK), but you may only get .001 FPS .
  6. hey, no prob. let us know if you decide to experiment with a OS install, and let us know how it goes .
  7. try FAT32, if that dont work then just reset things to the way they were as partitioning may not work on removable drives in the same way it does for fixed disk drives because of the different policies for each type.
  8. i would say dust out your heatsink, if that doesn't help then redo your thermal compound. if you do the last suggestion, then both surfaces need to be as clean as humanly possible in order to get best results, even a speck of dust could screw it over if it got in between the CPU and heatsink during reassembly. also, i prefer negative case air pressure since the entire front of my case is one big mesh with places for dvd drives... and touch the side of your heatsink, if it feels as or close to the hot water in your house its too hot. i personally don't trust my bios or software, they all read well over 60°C and sometimes past 70°C, though its cool to the touch and a thermistor attached to the IHS reads no higher than 38°C... and im using a big typhoon @ settings in my sig. if you have a thermistor or an infrared thermometer use that. the thermal sensors in todays hardware is not calibrated, so its not uncommon to get inaccurate readings .
  9. sure, it uses network sharing (NAT), or you can set it to access the hardware directly through the emulated VM network card. to share files, VPC2k7 has "VM additions" which allows to share a drive or folder as a "network folder", or you can drag and drop right to the VM from host OS and vice versa. the guest OS does not see a multi core system as having more than one core, how much of the cpu and number of cores it uses depends on how much the VM allows it. so other than performance, you wont see any difference between multisingle core. thx . i always try to keep things simple... though sometimes i feel a need to punish my keyboard so i type alot more than usual...
  10. hey thanks for that! will give it a try the VPC client creats a "virtual HDD file", kinda like a *.iso image thats writable and that the guest OS sees as a standard IDE drives, so it "formats" the file and installs it there.
  11. just keep in mind not to base performance and features within the VM to what it will really be like, because you are very limited by the nature of the VM itself. i have played around with vista native installs, and its much nicer than on the VM, but the VM lets you get a feel for the differences between it and XP.
  12. no, its ok , i always welcome questions. the guest OS doesnt see any of your real hardware, its has its own emulated hardware set that the os detects and uses. when you download the vista trial (~1.6GB) its already a precongiured virtualPC file so all you have to do is run it. but after that you have to go through a setup alot like an OEM PC, that takes an hour or two. other than the setup, i can boot VPCvista about as fast as my host OS (XP-pro). its quite snappy really, so far i like . here is a screenie of device manager and VPC emulated hardware: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...t=untitled2.jpg i may migrate to vista soon after this 1 month trial, more so i can get OEM home premium for $115 on the egg .
  13. BTW, here is a screen of vista on Virtual PC for you http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha.../untitled-1.jpg
  14. oh man its great! currently running: windows98 second edition windows2000 professional windowsXP professional windows vista enterprise (MS trial) ubuntu 7.10 i can run all of them at once without a slowdown (except for vista :tooth:), its awesome, ultimate bragging rights . that enterprise trial is a treat, like try before you buy . so far i like, its pretty snappy to be a VM of its caliber :drool:
  15. @InFeKtioN, i have been looking for something like that, i could use that for sooo many things :tooth:. thanks man!
  16. @syngensmyth, thx for the congrats . im sure i can get more, i mean, how much more voltage from 1.35v would i need for just 200MHz on a good PSU, bet its not much over 1.4v... i have been meaning to manually set alot of that stuff, but have been way to lazy to touch it :dog:. BTW, this F1 3200 i have overclocks like crap, my max is a blistering 214MHz on all voltages under 3v . @krazypoloc, his link is his picture of the newegg userbar (as is mine). if clicking his dont work, try mine, if mine dont work then IDK...
  17. thats what i don't get, why on earth would that fix it, i never changed any of my hardware, or even opened the case :confused:. just left it running (like always, 247) and the next morning no sound :drool:. hope that don't happen again, bookmarked your link just in case though . BTW, that OCDB could have been better, but was all i could work with considering my 450w PSU . the PSU handles the load fine, but any higher (like 3GHz 1.475v) and she starts straining :tooth:.
  18. @syngensmyth, first link goes to my ocdb entry :confused:... second link was helpful and lead me to think about my desperate solution (many thanks )... though it didn't open in my firefox either. @KimTjik, i tried a live 64-bit ubuntu distro i have laying around, never thought about trying that though . the soultion was me getting desperate, acting on a whim, and enabling "reset ESCD data" in the PCI configuration page of the bios, rebooted, and she works fine now :drool:. why on earth would this come out of nowhere... weird to say the least :confused:. anyways, thanks again for the replies, all better now :tooth:
  19. i have tried everything that i know shy of a reformat (which i REALLY dont want to do)... my current card is an SB Audigy 2 ZS on winXP pro. when i click my user icon, i hear the first part of the "login tune", but as soon as the welcome screen goes off all sound dies. media player, windows sounds, even on other accounts. tried also on onboard karajin, SB Live 5.1 digital (EMU10k1), and an old ALS4000 pci. im not sure what the problem is... and its horrible . ive thought of a virus, but outside of the sound issue every thing is great, no weird activities or internet activity, no unusual processes etc. my specs are in my sig... any help would be awesome. BTW, speakers are fully functional and still capable of knocking things off the walls...
  20. on the 0°K superconductin bit, i have very limited knowladge on this sort of thing from the reading i do... but here is my theory, feel free to correct me where i may be wrong: 0°K is absolute zero, which is defined as the point that all energy is removed from matter. near that point all sorts of weird thigs begin to happen, like the formation of metalic hydrogen, supersolids, superfluids, and biose-einstein condensates. at that point the atoms in the various materials would fall apart into elementry particles since no energy holds them together. i don't know about you, but that doesn't sound too good to me...
  21. too bad it does nothing really useful if you cant boost transmit power client side .
  22. never said they beat a PII (cause they didnt ), but they weren't that bad. here is something of mine i dug up just a sec ago, my K6-III+ @ 600MHz vs other K6's and a 600MHZ duron... LMAO @ results , cant believe those results versus a modern quad core :drool:. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...=Clipboard4.jpg oh man, she overclocked like a dream, that wasn't my max, but i was limited to 100FSB and 6x multi. i eventually killed the mosfets on my PCChips M599LMR because it couldn't handle the current draw .
  23. what power? mine has to go through ~4 walls from the back room to get outside. im wondering since this house is older, if it has that wire mesh in the walls that wreaks havoc with high frequency wireless (faraday cage anyone?)... or maybe local interference... IDK. here is what i got: power settings- http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...current=wrt.jpg signal strength at router- http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...urrent=wrt2.jpg something don't seem right does it? BTW, my ICSFile Server is "server2", im on the other side of the house from my sis (marti)
  24. yeah, i love my audigy2 zs, just wish i could find a way to connect the dadgum thing to my front audio ports :mad:. im not really an audiophile, though i love in game effects. helps me pinpoint where an ingame sound is coming from (or im just whack... probably am :drool:). the thing i like about alot of the other high end card thats not by unCreative, is the fact you can swap out DACs if you wish. im actually thinking of getting one of those cards and put it in with my AUD2 ZS and have the ZS run in the other cards line-in. one for music, one for games, best of both worlds . now take some of those nice 700W 5.1 creative speakers and a turtle beach, and you can screw with bats sonar if you wish, because the highend on those speakers are crazy...
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