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  1. seems one of my personal resolutions are completed... im non depressed and happy again
  2. i have found out you can load "custom firmware" in the A570 IS, which gives extra features... i have been playing with it and here is a shot i came up with using some exposure settings: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...nt=IMG_0221.jpg
  3. What are some of the resolutions you have in mind for the new year? share them here! mine: well, i have had a bit of an attitude this year, and am still on the virge of losing someone close, so my resolution is to pay more attention to the people around me and not be so selfish... :drool:
  4. well, since i got a A570 for xmas, i guess i can post in this thread now . here is a shot i took a few mins ago at my PC, my first macro really :. havent been anywhere to take a pic so this is really all i got (besides some a pic of my compy) old intel pentium MMX (photobucket resized it ) i will have more shots later, this was just an experiment .
  5. I got a Cannon A570 IS with a 2GB SD card, a 2000mAh battery kit, tripod, camera case (duh ) 80GB external HDD, logitech G5, Crysis, COD4... havent even installed COD4 yet, been enjoying crysis .
  6. im sorry to hear all these stories, and best wishes to all here who are have loved ones who are not in good health. personally, i think life is a "B", seems to me it loves to throw things at you to tear you down, but there are things that will always get you back up if you have the will. when my mother passed, it tore me apart, but it brought me to the woman i love very much. there will always be ups and downs, some pretty insane at that, but hang in there, what is past cant be changed, but the future is waiting to be what you make it.
  7. if im not mistaken, alcohol dilates blood vessels, hence that "warm feeling" and risk of hypothermia for drunk nuts who run around half naked in winter thinking they are warm... cigarettes on the other hand do constrict blood vessels and drop external body temperature in the hands, feet, and other limbs. on the other hand, scholarsother science dudes are always in debate about what is good for you and what is not. and btw, you are correct that breathing is bad for us because we have been dumping toxins and carcinogens into the air since the industrial revolution... we have so many luxuries in this modern world, but most comes at a price to our health... go figure :drool:.
  8. ^ im with you there, alcohol smells and tastes bad to me... fruity drinks included... too much burnbad tastehead ache etc. what county are you in BTW? randolph here... maybe you are right, though around my area, there isn't a store where you cant buy alcohol (except on sunday, sale is illegal then)... our drug store even sales it... imagine all the people that buy a beer to take their medicine with:sweat:.
  9. well, box art doesn't make the product great, but if an average consumer so a doo doo brown AMD Phenom x4 PC, and a intel pentium MMX PC with a slick blue finish, which do you think they will buy? looks help sell a product, they make it stand out to the consumer.
  10. i was inspired to download some more gadgets and change my walpaper, so here is the new one... i love the way the green pops on my lcd . http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...urrent=dt-1.jpg
  11. here is mine, simple, neat, and been running for 89days straight (according to a lying counter :/) http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...rrent=dsktp.jpg
  12. i know a way to make yourself 100% safe! move to the moon and get satellite internet, everyone knows that storms need an atmosphere .
  13. its not the first dumb law and certainly wont be the last.
  14. man o man i could use one of them there things. i have so many DVD's (a bunch on their last leg) that i could archive uncompressed... and then there are those who will use it to download all of the worlds pr0n. if things keep going like this i will be able to archive the internet :tooth:
  15. hey ace, as i have never smoked or become addicted to anything, i can not possibly understand how you are feeling now. but think about how vibrant things will taste and smell, how you will ultimately feel better at not only conquering something that so many have failed at doing, but how you wont wheeze after a 20ft dash. :drool: not only that, but you should stop getting annoying calls from road construction people things that want you to run up and down a work site coughing up tar from your lungs for their roads :tooth:. J/K. but anyway, keep it up, you have a HUGE support group here and we are all rooting for you!
  16. not sure how to explain it, other than this small hell hole in randolph county: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Cuthbert,+GA...oi=map&ct=title i used to go a bit north of atlanta to norcross, ga for my braces (which, pardon my french, was a POS job they did. :mad:) i stayed up in atlanta once for a few days, i cant stand it, the air plays havoc with my sinuses... its the only up side of cuthbert :drool:.
  17. LMAO, i stayed at their house, so i got home about 12pm the next night... we have been dating for ~2 years, but have know each other since before we could talk . about mr. wrestling, i think A_G did an excellent job picking it, i fought with my old DFI U400S-AL for a LONG time to get my toaster sig :. just do a search for "U400S-AL", you'll see . BTW, nice bike. i wouldn't get on one though, a friend of the family just died ~ 1 month ago on one, idiot pulled out in front of him. i didn't personally know them though, just the wife, she cut my hair.
  18. here is me and my prom date: horrible quality, horrible scanner...
  19. this new heatsink from zalman ought to keep even a stove's eye at room temprature:
  20. "super cooled" seems wrong. when an object enters earths atmosphere from space, friction super heats the object to the point of vaporization. one could surmise that matter from space, once it hits earth should hardly be super cooled, or am i misreading... :drool:. BTW, i cant read the article, get a server timed out thing, wont work on any computer here it seems...
  21. best thing i can think of is use something like partition magic to do a partitiondrive copy to an internal drive... best i can think of :
  22. :eek2::drool::eek: i actually understand, if i had that i would probably want more just to keep someone from buying it. i know if i had an engineering sample of anything, i would hang on to that baby . i remember when C2D ES was going on ebay for crazy prices :eek2:. by the way, i have narrowed my OC problems to more than just heat. anyone that OC an lanparty S462 board (and more) knows that it forks over the SATA controller. well looks like i have that problem even though the PCIAGP bus is locked . i have a 80GB WD IDE drive i can put in it and just do a partition copy (which is what i did when i built my raid array), but that 7200.10 drive is a nice one . im going to try a bios upgrade or something, maybe that will help...
  23. funny read, but that article is BS. now i admit, right after playing a game like doomIII or watching a very scary movie at night, i do get jumpy, but only because my adrenaline is pumping IMHO. heck, i feel the same way after getting off a roller coaster or a ferris wheel, im not to fond of heights . but it having a long lasting impact on post adolescent individuals is crap. now if you expose a child to such things constantly while his mind is still developing, that is something that may be possible i guess. heck, im no psychiatrist, but blaming video games for murders is about as bogus as someone suing mcdonalds for having coffee thats too hot. oops, looks like i turned a simple thread into a rant, allmost kept on going with that one . just ignore that .
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