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  1. lol, im getting into this once i get my rig up and running with the new unborked PSU (modstream if i remember right ). so far my max was 37.984 seconds @ 260x10, with a better PSU and a cooler room i may be able to trot out 270x10. i replaced the artic cermique with some shinetsu compud which is supposed to be better than AS5 and also dusted out my bunnies, so i should run better. wish me luck, the psu may be in by tuesday . im so excited, adjustable rails here i come .
  2. power cycle count has nothing to do with what you are refering to neo, if that actually went down then somethings up and its not good. here is a page i quoted from that lists the various functions of S.M.A.R.T. and what they are: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-Monitori...ting_Technology tis a good read .
  3. @GC, its possible that may be a problem, i hear a lot of people have that problem. but ive used the SW's since i got my board as stock drivers makes a (!) besides my CD-RW in device manager and i cant use it. i used the one from the 4.21 driver package. @neo, hmm, interesting read. ive always severely over volted my parts with some success, but i discovered by mistake a few days before i found blown caps in my psu that im stable at 2.4Ghz 1.625v, used to take 1.75v to get there... i can do 2.3Ghz at 1.5v even, not sure why it takes so much more voltage to get there... mabye it goes back to the caps in my PSU. BTW, whilst we are on the subject of caps neo, what caps do your board have? mine are either chemicon or rubycon, forget which but they are KZG caps, which i hear are quite good . the caps that blew in my PSU were Fuhjyyu caps, same one that seem to be plaguing antecs, and now my vantec.
  4. filtering psu rails may help a little, but alot of interference would come from the motherboard and its componets. think of the chokes and the noise they make, they may also be giving off radio waves which can cause interference or electrical noise, more so being its copper wire around an iron core (remember the home made electro magnet using wire and a nail?). thats one example i can think of, if you want another example, tunr on an AM radio with your computer off and brose around, then do the same with your computer on, insane huh? im willing to bet some of that is causing local interference. and for sceptics, radio waves can and do affect electronic devices, kinda like wifi and pace makers . im just speculating, but the other isnt exactly solidly proved either .
  5. @GC when looking at various they initaly give me the impression that all the clock work is done on the chipset itself. a good example i can think of is clockgens, notice that it lists the clock genarator as nForceII. ive looked on the board itself and found a chip by ICS but im in doubt as to wether thats a clock gen or not because it dosnt have a 14.xxxMhz crystal nearby. mabye im wrong on this though. anyhow, i got to playing with it and it looks to me that something somewhere is infact tying fsb and agp together, just because when i select 200Mhz+ FSB the AGP spread spectrum option is grayed out. other than that AGP/PCI are clocked seperatly from the FSB. i will do some more research later as this intrests me...
  6. im going with the ocz. lol im going to go into geek withdrawl without my computer .
  7. i know mack, i realy do need a job but in a small town its not easy (not an excuse i know ). anyhows, ive decided on what im getting. thanks a bunch guys! Charlie.
  8. that wont work as im an unemployed 17yr old, 79 bucks including any shipping is everything i have . i have 2 choices ATM, an antec truepowerII 480w or an OCZ modstream 450w, im swayed towards the 480w but im not deciding til i get some input and after i do some research of my own... funny i could run my system full load @ 200x12.5 1.875v (1.5Gb, my KVR hold back the G.Skill ) and never noticed anything execpt for my inability to hit 250x10 stable, but i assumed it was thermal damage to the chipset from a while back. i wonder if it was the load i was putting on my PSU or if it was just a poor quality PSU, either way, i cant afford to buy a new PSU every time one goes bad. add another dead part to the list i guess .
  9. well, as i have been explaining, i have not been able to OC past 240x10 because of what i thought was thermal damage to the chipset, i can suicide at 270x10 but its not stable (duh). well now i know why! i looked one again inside my PSU to try and find a POT to adjust my low 12v rail with when i found 4 (yes four) blown capicitors in my PSU, all 4 with brown crusty stuffs on the tops with a nice little crack, and one swolen one, one even has the bottom blown out :eek: . HAHA no wonder i couldnt OC worth crap... anyways, my PSU is a Vantec ION 2 460w 24pin, it has 30A on the 12v rail, but guess that wasnt enough for what im putting it through. i need a recomendation on a new PSU that can handle what i do. but here is the thing, i have $79 MAXIMUM... i have one or two im looking at but being my luck what it was with this one i guess i best leave it to you guys. here are my detailed system specs: -------- 3 wd800jb 80Gb HDD (1 windows, 1 storage, 1 backup) 2CD-Roms (1 Sony CD-RW and 1 LG DVDCD-RW combo) Athlon XP-M 2500+ @ 250x10 (may run at up to 270x10 @ 2v) 2x512Mb G.Skill PC4400LE Samsung TCCD @ 2.9v 247 AIW X800XT (OC to 570621 some times) 1 soundblaster Live! 5.1 digital (EMU10K1 Chipset) 1x USBFirewire combo card 1 misc NIC card 2x floppy 6 fans (2 door, 1 cpu, 1 VGA, 1 exaust 1 chipset) -------- so i have a loaded computer i guess, i was running fine at 240x10, no stability problems after i had adjusted some timings and voltages. do you guys think it would be okay to lower my computer to stock (133x14, 1.45v) and continue tou use this PSU until i get my new one? PS. you were right neo, i never noticed the smell but my grandparents did, but i didnt see blown caps either, musta been the one that blown from the bottom , mabye more went since then...)
  10. okay, im back to where i started, tictacs 3dfire. this seems to be the best bios for my board for some reason... maybe the U400S-AL operates better with different tables than LPB/UI do. at any rate, ive tried all but the official bioses, i may try those next...
  11. okay, no one still seems to be listening... how can the FSB of a system have any impact on a totally separate bus, that is independently clocked from the Front Side Bus? i don't think its a matter of your FSB speed but maybe electrical interference. i cant say ive had the same problem, but maybe something on your boards is sensitive to some local (maybe internal) interference. try the spread spectrum options, there is even an AGP spread spectrum in the U400S bioses, if there is an option for that in your bioses ( i don't remember seeing one) then by all means try it.
  12. tmod only charges (last i bought mine) $15 plus shipping to get a preflashed chip. one more thing to try is if you have an old stick of pc2700, use that and only that in the first slot, i was a sceptic myself until i treid it after i thought my bios was borked and guess what, it worked! so try that, if still nothing then a new bios chip is in order. if possible, try and trade that xp3200+ for something else, better to get a mobile if you can. the lanparty and infinity boards dont exactly like the 3200+ for some reason. ive wondered if a "reverse L12 mod" would help, defaulting the FSB to 133166 instead of 200... if i had a 3200 i would certainly try...
  13. sure you can, i did 37.984 sec: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...11/superpi1.jpg its more about bandwith, which is why A64 pwns us in it (integrated mem controller @ cpu speed anyone?). reason conroe is like "0oMg t1Z P0On5" is because it can fit all the 1million decimal digit superpi data in its 4MB 256-bit (<- i think) L2 cache that runs at cpu speed.
  14. ohh, i do have one thing! a while back, i managed to complete a aquamark3 run @ 270x10 on my x800xt! ran fine, 68k points too. took the air conditioner to do it but none the less i did do it: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...11/d101b0b8.jpg anyways, i dont see how FSB can affect agp since FSB and AGP/PCI are independent of each other. same goes for SATA, its on the pci bus so how can FSB affect it? im thinking something heat/power related or mabye some electronic "noise" or interference at such high clocks, which is what spread spectrum is for.
  15. i have a native agp X800XT i can test with, thought i dont think i can help much over 240fsb, my board has been finicky lately. i will try anyways and see what does what. BTW, agp voltage dont seem to halp anything but agp speed, for example, i need 1.6v for 80Mhz, 1.7v for 95Mhz and 1.8v for 100Mhz. i have not found it to increase stability at all...
  16. @Clay, yes, that is it. either that or the lanparty. if i get enough to buy an opteron for my SLI-DR by the time they are in stock then im scraping nFII all together... @ Gothic Casethanks for that info, i will most certainly go back to battle with that info!
  17. ok, i flashed neos latest beta bios (on last page) after wrestling with save file. so far i have had a few stability issues, new layout took some getting used to. im set it to 240x10 @ 2.5-3-3-3-7-13-15 2t and that seems to keep me okay, havnt tried gaming yet though. 1t again as with the other bios is not at all stable, but with neos bios i can actually get to the desktop with it . i think i will stick with this one and play with some things. i was informed recently that there some infinitys going on sale at an online retail store, im going to jump on one first chance i get. with better cpu power regulation mabye i can actually push this mobile IQYHA 2500+ like it should be, 270x9.5 is what im going to shoot for, 270x9 may be feasible on my current board provided i can get the alphas, slews, and drives down. any recomandations for samsung TCCD (G.Skill PC4400LE) or TCCD in general? i need somewhere to start at and being i dont know what those things do, everytime i change on i manage to corupt my bios :tooth:. EDIT: i see gothic case says something about 5-11 for TCCD, assuming thats for drives and slews, does that mean 5 is for drives and 11 for slews? what should be set for empty slots? my config is like this: :CPU: :empty slot: : TCCD : : TCCD : what do you guys think?
  18. havnt ran 277, 277 is just what my memory is rated for. fastest i have ran was for a suicide @ 280FSB. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...2911/280fsb.jpg i guess i should refine what i ment, 200-220Mhz FSB can only be ran @ 2-2-2-2-5-13-15 1t stable, anything over that up to its rated 277 i give 2.5-3-3-3-7-13-15-2t anything over cas 2.5 = do a cmos reset, never had to do this with the U400S bios :/. i have allways been using tictacs 3dfire bios, prolly would actualy be able to bench in sandra @ 280 with a better high speed bios like neos, thisone dont seem to like high speeds, or its my board one (prolly the latter). in other news, ive finaly got post 200 FSB speeds stable again. currently @ 240x10 (for low vcore & fan speed and low noise & heat ), gamed in HL2 for a little over an hour before i came here and had ran 3dmark 03 on loop mode all night lastnight. tonight im going to run prime95 & OCCT together, see if its truly stable. will shoot for 250x9.5 after im 100% sure this is realy stable. here is what im set at in bios now: Vcpu @ 1.75v @ 240x10 Vmem @ 3.1v in bios, 2.9v actual according to bios Vreadings, 240Mhz @ 2.5-3-3-3-7-13-15-2t trext 2 (leave it at that voltage) Vnb @ 1.9v 240Mhz (i leave it at that voltage no matter the speed) Vagp @ 1.8v 100Mhz agp50Mhz pci (makes PCI S3trio VX+ go nuts ) im scared to mess with the alphas because there is a setting that allways corupts the bios (case power light dont come on). guess i will set each one and find the culprit . BTW Gothic Case, liiking at your scores in 3dmark with your 6200, just noticed it preforms very close to a 9600XT, my 9600 vanilla @ 492280 did ~13k in 01se and ~4k in 03: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v206/cha...2core480mem.jpg ahh memories, thats when i was trying very hard to get a toasty... anyways, just an observation, that 9600 was more than enough to run all my games @ 800x600 with deatails maxed, but being the alyays unsatisfied person i am i got the best card i could whilst keeping the tvtuner . im off to test neos bios now, see you guys saturday (tomorrow is gonna be busy for me ) EDIT: neo, can you redo the links to your suzuna bios? tried all three from your thread in the bios factory but all three said File ID is not valid
  19. the entire PCB of my x800xt AIW hovers around the 60's (yes i said PCB, actualy very warm to touch), gpu low 70's. thats with all my ram sinked, lapped stock heatsink etc, still its that warm even with fan @ 100%. they are just hot cards, there are a couple of chips on my card that i had to sink that look like smaller than normal mosfets because at 100Mhz agp they got HOT, also one that looks like the SPD EEPROM on ram sticks i had to sink. anyhoos, background processes or a corupt DX install are unlikly but very possible problems, if you are running SATA at those fsb speeds that would also explain coruption as data in the pagefile gets corupted...
  20. thanks guys, tic tacs 3dfire rev 3 is all ive been using, mabye i need anotherone... got to try everything i can. also i believe ive found another little stability trick, setting ram speed in genie bios settings from what ever to 'auto' seems to make me noticably more stable, can you guys also test this and see if this is actualy another quirck of nFII or if its just me? im still playing with stuff, so far ive gotten into playing with trext, im going to try every logical combination. so far im running @ 2-2-2-2-11-13-15-1t and anything over that on up to 277 gets 2.5-3-3-3-11-13-15-2t. see anything i could improve, mabye something i dont see is holding me back, everything else is auto for now. im looking out for a LPB or Infinity ATM to replace this thing seeing as it may just be on its way out... its an exciting thought, something to play with whilst im waiting on some income for my nF4 .
  21. active cooling isnt a must, i for example use a pentium 166 MMX heatsink that was used for passive cooling, its huge so it does the job . if you are not using mounting holes then getting it attached can be a problem, way i did mine was a dab of thermal compound in the center and superglue on the corners. set a paper weight on top and let sit for a couple of days whilst monitering it for sliding and presudo, you gots a grade A soultion .
  22. OMG i love the heavy metal theme :D! dont know why but it looks like a rockstar on crack tried to draw the AMD logo and tiled it for the background , i love it though :drool:
  23. okay, ive refound tmods cd with all those great bioses on it, im going to test with them and see what results they produce. hopefully i can get 250x10 stable again. wish me luck!
  24. neo, i have a backup bios if you want to shoot me that file to play with , so no worries about poofing my bios.
  25. imagine over 60000 quad core 3Ghz K8L's... better yet, lets think 10 years from now when the power of todays most powerful supercomputer will be sitting on top your desk, and todays computing power is in your phone... wow...
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