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  1. Hi, Just got a Wacom Cintiq 12WX and would like to know which direction I should go with it; animation or graphic illustration. Thanks.
  2. I7 930 foxconn flamming blade gti 6gb Gskill pc12800 cl6 ram and 6gb Ocz platinum pc12800 cl7 ram 2tb Seagate Hd 750rasurbu psu Utgard case Watercooling setup Dvd drive 24" Ld screen
  3. I know what you mean,. I've been flying alot lately and it looks good in that there doesn
  4. k2ray

    Hello Again

    Not really that new just haven't posted much so what to reintroduce myself to the community. British lad now residing in Finland (my lady is Finnish). Don't know why I neglected these forums as there seems to be a lot of atmoshpere out here compared to others I have frequented.
  5. I'm aware of the tax laws here (and it's pretty steep), that's why I want to carry it as hand luggage & then try my luck!
  6. Hi, I'll be off to Seoul, Korea for xmas-goo idea to purchase a monitor? Sounds crazy, but with the weak wan n all I'm thinking this could be a good time to purchase something in the land of monitors (Samsung, LG prehaps they even sell Dells cheaper too). Thinking about bringing over to europe (Finland) as hand luggage so looking for a monitor no bigger than 23-24". What do you think? Thanks
  7. Looking forward to this and Bosco & Co. ,thanx for your generosity this holiday season.
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