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  1. i play cod2 alot and am a great rifle guy and have been in the best of rifle clans. I can run twl and have been in cal. i hope you guys a have a clan here that plays and if not lets get one going. i have a vent server and can get a ts server but heard you have ts. whats the ip
  2. I have every char with all 3 games and all beat. i have all skills and weps unlocked for pvp and hoh. I have around 50 greens and i have or used to have my money maxed. i havnt played for a couple of months but need to get it reinstalled.. whats the ts server ip by the way
  3. i dont know how its set up i installed it and put my name and the team name in and its running lol thats all i know. but i have a quad and should be able to run 4 of them right?
  4. using my quad @ 3.82 right now but how do i set this up to really take advantage of my cores and run it at top speed
  5. sorry about the posting of my vent didnt know but anyway can someone tell me what folding is and how i can get into it. i have a q6600 at 3.82 and can get stable at 4.1 if you need it. and also is there a active cod2 clan i could join. ive been in it for years and know twl and cal and also can help with scrims and tourneys and recruiting. i used to run the twl for wfc biggest clan around and know how to set up the servers as well and lst do you have a vent in occ that i can get in since you wont let let people use mine..
  6. i am in the server my xfire is wfcwolfman please add me and we will play. is there a active occ clan in cod2
  7. im mostly a cod guy and gw but have been in some of the best rifle clans here. need the ip for cod2 server and vent
  8. what exactly is folding im kinda a noob at this stuff. i cn build pc's and oveclock them and thats about it lol
  9. anyone know what driver version works best with 8 series
  10. i dont even see why this is a question quad core all the way. mine is at 3.82
  11. hi all just popping in to check ya out. Looking for a good forum that i can get involved in. Heres my sig sorry about pc. i through it together real fast and took pics. Its all cleaned up now will take more pics Q6600 @ 3.82 gigabyte p-35-dq6 3Gigs patriot extreme 4 raptors raid 0 8800 gtx oc Watercooling all system D-Tec cpu block and Zal psu block High clock 4.16 hope i can help out and stick around. 4.1_pic.bmp
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