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    cpu... pentium D 925
    mobo... asrock conroe 1333 d667
    cooling.... arctic cooler pro 775
    ram..... 3gb ddr2 667
    psu..... bestec 300w
    optical.... 1x dvdrom sata
    hdd....... 1x seagate 7200 160gb ide
    case....... unknown atx
  1. skunksmash


    i will give it a go....... i have ordered a copy of mirrors edge, i will use that as a bench cheers.
  2. skunksmash


    no 3dmark doesn't not support physX but i found it strange i got better fps with the ppu on this bench even though its un supported...???
  3. skunksmash


    yep...... its strange, i ran 3dmark06, now this does not benifit from physX but the fps i was getting was by far the best i'd ever had with the ppu..... my fps wa tipping 104fps quite a lot, the most i ever reached befor that was about 80fps, yet when the bench finished i had a lower score than normal..?? yet it was visually the best run..?? it could be wish full thinking but im sure i see more happening with it in... :thumbs-up:
  4. skunksmash


    i agree, but ive been trying to sell the card for months on other sites & gave up.....the market is flooded with G92s now, i payed
  5. skunksmash


    lol....... i know i know, im just impatient i ordered a HX620, this has a 50A 12v, that should easily be enough for the 2 cards.....
  6. skunksmash


    hi all, been a while since i posted..... i just installed an 8800GT i had lying round for physX along with my GTX260 as the primary...... but i suffered a 400 point loss on vantage..?? my PSU is a bag of . ...
  7. skunksmash

    Running Vista x64?

    vista ultimate x64 .. i have 3gb this is mine idle oh and an ASUS P5K PREMIUM
  8. skunksmash

    3DMark06 Scores

    check my E2180 go.......... and im on vista
  9. skunksmash

    voltage query

    hi ...... i have stumbled upon a few things in my bios i dont fully understand tried to google it but could not get a straight answer really ok 1.... termination voltage 2.... pll voltage 3.... southbridge and northbridge (what do they affect) will these things help my overclock or are they best left on auto..... thanx...
  10. HI EVERYONE just want to get a general idea on my new ram will be delivered next week........ i heard a rumour about them being rebadged and that the rated timings 4-4-4-5 were unatainable yet i hear other stories of them going to 1.2ghz @ 5-5-5-15 does anyone have this ram and if so whats your rig run like with them thanx... http://wzeu.ask.com/r?t=p&d=eu&s=u..._kit/index.html
  11. skunksmash

    Vista 32 and 64 ?

    i have had no driver issues AT ALL running vista ultimate x64 great OS !!!!!! cant get coretemp to work or tat.... thats my only gripe (if i can call it that) apart from that i have not downloaded 1 program that has failed to load and it found all of my hardware and installed most without the driver discs problems with vista are usually hardware related and as such vista gets trashed cos their rigs wont run it go for x64 ...at the rate new hardware is being churned out wont be long before x32 is obsolete
  12. skunksmash

    any downsides to 64bit?

    ive got ultimate x64 and ALL my games work apart from far cry but i think there is a known issue with that i have had NO driver issues ..never worked on a better (faster) OS x64 definatly speeds things up
  13. skunksmash

    x86 vs. x64 OS

    this is what mine uses idle with sp1...... its not a problem though i have never worked on a quicker machine....
  14. skunksmash

    Socket 775 Oc Competition Thread

    thought this was quite nice nearly 100% on fsb just installed vista ultimate x64 sp1 the combination is quite beutiful .....
  15. hi all........ im just so happy with this board and chip (p5k premium) i would like to know how it looks this will stay orthos stable all day long at priorty 8 and not break a sweat 18c idle 40c barely underload (bit different than my crappy asrock) oh i got a 3dmark06 score of 11405 sweeeet... is there any way i can get a bit more out of my ram.....? thanks sorry i thought this would bring up my ram and board specs as well it is currently at 1-1 with the ram i have 3gb pc5300 667mhz so its currently underclocked just been put right on the ram its actually overclocked