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    How O Chnage Back From Ntfs To Fat32

    Partion Magic (and maybe other) utilities can ( theoreticly) help you convert back (errors may occur) what ever you do BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP! Why do you want to go back?
  2. T-shirt

    Water Pump

    while it will look cleaner, it won't swicth off and on with the computer. swiftech and acouple other places sell a relay box that does that. And I would be pretty simple to make your own, several guides exist on the web. One (I forgot where) included an inline flow swicth to prevent "I forgot!" or pump failure disasters.
  3. T-shirt

    Whats Up With This ?

    I guess you don't have to sell many at that price?! Look at the number of auctions/ratings that guy has! I guess there really is a sucker born every minute!
  4. T-shirt

    Tray Prob On Dvd Rom

    do you have to pry even after using a paper clip in the "emergency release hole?
  5. T-shirt

    Tray Prob On Dvd Rom

    Just like a cd there is a little latch/cam action inside (to insure the drive is fully closed, sometimes a little dirt gets in there an the tiny draw moter cannot overcome the extra friction, or if it belt driven the belt stretchs/slips too much. You wiil need to take the cover off the drive and play with it (gently) to figure out whats wrong. Sometimes a dab of grease on the cam part helps (for a while) or cleaning replacing the belt and pulleys. Depending on the age of the drive it might be time for a replacement
  6. T-shirt

    What To Do? A Few Problems

    Here's The info on building policies and profiles in NT4 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;en-us;Q161334 You may find a way around it in there somewhere What sort of directory/info are you trying to share?
  7. T-shirt

    What To Do? A Few Problems

    I think there are some utilities that can automate the login, the only danger being (maybe) the loss of some security ( what NT was designed for) Both win2k and xp have better security, and controls. Linux or freebsd would also work, but would require you to learn a new system.
  8. T-shirt

    What The Hell?

    The ready for P4 PSUs have an extra connector (4 wires in a 2x2 square connector) It is required for P4 MB's (their are a few non-standard MB's that can use a molex type instead) and meets a minimum rating on the 5volt in that connector during "sleep mode", to allow wake on LAN,Modem,or timer. if you want you can ignore that connector, and use the PSU with an AMD MB. But it wouldn't make sense to Buy a new P4 PSU for an AMD box as they cost slightly more for the same size/quality
  9. T-shirt

    Anybody Else Having Prob's With [email protected]

    They had some severe server problem in December, and sometime could not accept results, or send new work. Seems to be fixed now. Also make sure you are using the newest client, each upgrade works a little better
  10. T-shirt

    Water Cooling System

    I saw a couple reviews on those awhile back (can't remember where) I think your better off without one. Seemed like a good idea, but needed work. Stick with the big boys Swiftech, innvotech, cpufx, etc Well done, water cooling is awesome! cheap parts, or bad assembly is a disaster. ( like a new system )
  11. T-shirt

    Temp Problem

    What MB/chipset? some still have problems reporting the temps correctly.
  12. T-shirt

    Best Cd-rw

    TDK, TDK, TDK Better than Lite-on (which I think are pretty good) equal to Plexor with more features for less money. TDK all the way!
  13. T-shirt

    Post Edit Not Working?

    Never mind I think it's working for me now, thanks tested and approved
  14. T-shirt

    Bending Plexiglass

    the oven works pretty well, heat it for a while at 250
  15. T-shirt

    Anybody Else Having Prob's With [email protected]

    I find the GUI runs better for me on Win2k, I just close the display window and let it run.