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  1. MCSA question. My company does IT support for companies, which are mostly using Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. Very few of our customers use Windows Server 2k8 and Vista. Is it silly of me to take the MSCA exams for the Server 2003 track when 2008 tests are available? I figured that the 2003 exams would accomplish two things: (1) get me a certification that might help me advance and (2) give me direct knowledge which might help me fix our customers computers.
  2. Yeah, that's a great idea. Btw, why is Windows Server 2003 telling me that KRAMER is an invalid domain name? Not enough characters? Do you know of any quick start tutorials for Server 2k3 that are available online? Perhaps a PDF or something. Also, do you have any book recommendations?
  3. Thanks 'PyRo_MaNiAc' . I think I found the command: VM -> Settings -> CD-Rom -> Use ISO image <button> -> browse to ISO image, <click> OK Btw, what raid scheme are you using? As I mentioned above, I'm thinking of getting a workstation with 4 SAS drives (hopefully 15k RPM). My theory is that I'll be able to run these builds with more efficiency that way. I need to learn this stuff for my job and I plan on going for a MCSA (microsoft certified systems administrator) certification. http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcsa/Default.mspx
  4. O.K. I figured out the answer to #1: The files that you will download are in ISO image format and should be burned to a CD-ROM before installation. To burn the ISO file to a CD, you must have a CD-RW drive (CD burner) with appropriate supporting software. #2, I'm still trying to figure out. On my way to staples to buy new dvds.
  5. More questions: (1) How do I install an .IMG file AND (2) how do I install the file in the virtual machine, not the host computer?
  6. VMware Disk Capacity, should I leave the default setting of 8.0 GB? On this current computer I have 51 GB free out of a 250 GB hard drive. The host computer's OS is Windows XP Home media center edition. On VM I'll only install Windows Server 2003, Exchange 2003 and possibly Solaris 10. I don't plan on adding Windows 2k8 and Exchange 2k7 until after I have my new Dell Precision workstation.
  7. Hmm... I completed the VMware installation, but now when I attempt to create my first Virtual Machine, I'm asked which Network type I'd like. Would do you think would be more appropriate for a network lab setup? Use bridged networking Give the guest operating system direct access to an external Ethernet network. The guess must have it's own IP address on the external network. Use network address translation (NAT) Give the guest operating system access to the host computer's dial-up or external Ethernet network connection using the host's IP address.
  8. Yes, you read that correctly; the Dell precision and many high-end workstations can have 64 GB of RAM. Matter-a-fact, Dell will soon be releasing 8 GB modules that will allow their T4700 model line to have a combined total of 128 GB. One question I have, in your company, what model line is that? I worked at a company that was constantly replacing power suppllies and parts for dell dimensions, but I have to admit that I've not heard of these problems on the Precision line. I totally agree: The dimension PSU's suck BIG time. I just installed VMware about ten minutes ago, and now my system is awaiting a simple reboot. As for the Dell workstation, I have to admit that initially I was going to purchase a 2U Dell Poweredge rack mounted server, but those things can be noisy, and I don't have a cabinet for it. But one day I plan to have a whole bunch of rack mounted server; probably when I upgrade from an apartment to a house (I live in New York City).
  9. I just got a new job for IT support and in an attempt to get up to speed on networking/server apps (e.g. windows 2003, exchange 2003, active directory, etc) I'm planning on installing evaluation copies on my home computer. However, I'm planning on taking my tax refund check and purchasing a computer that I can dedicate to a networking lab. I will use this computer for setting up domains and attempting different exchange migrations. I'll purchase the computer off ebay or craigslist. My question: Do you think the specs listed below will meet my needs? I plan on installing multiple OS's using VMware, hence the huge memory requirement. I would consider purchasing a machine with only 8 GB, but then I'd probably purchase an additional 8 GB kit from crucial. Thanks. Dell Precision 690 or T7400 WINDOWS XP PRO x64 two quad core xeon (TWO XEON 3.00GHz QUAD-CORE PROCESSORS) 16GB/32GB/64GB ? 15k RPM HD NOT Refurbished * Admin, I apologize for double posting and also if this question is in wrong forum. I couldn't find a better forum on the site to place it.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm seeking primer for dianosing outlook 2003 problems for Level I helpdesk. I'd appreciate if you guys could post a few links. Thanks.
  11. The streaming video that my dad watches on his computer is very choppy, and I'm not entirely sure why (specs below). I think it's probably caused by one of three issues and I'd like your opinion: (1) His video card is very outdated (2) He has a ton of processes in his start-up, which perhaps are eating cpu cycles. Unfortunately Microsoft didn't include the msconfig program in Windows 2000, so I don't know how to otherwise disable programs in his startup AND (3) Even though his computer has the new Verizon 20 MBps FIOS service, his internet seems very lethargic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dell Dimension 8100 P4 1.7 GHz 768 MB RAM 40 GB Hard drive 64 MB nvidia geforce 2 mx graphics Verizon FIOS internet service Windows 2000 * This computer was purchased in Nov 2001 ** The streamming video that appears choppy is seen on www.msnbc.com.
  12. I thought about going for the Samsung 245BW, but I'm still hoping and praying that they are planning on releasing a 246BW (similar to my 226BW) with 2ms G-to-G response times. I called Samsung customer service, and they admitted that they had no info on such a model; they couldn't even confirm a new model being in the pipeline. I'm also looking at one of BenQ's 24 inch models.
  13. I just checked, ClubIT is definitely out of stock on all the 8800GT's except for one XFX model. I'm hoping that NewEgg will get the eVGA 700 MHz model in stock after the holidays.
  14. Could anyone else figure out another solution? I just had two more students who lost their school work due to this same problem; it's Finals time.
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