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  1. It's hard to explain this, but for example when I'm playing a game or windows media player is open, my computer lags every second on the second. Like in CS, my fps go from 100 to 8 every second, then randomly goes away. I thought it was my vid card, but I put in a new one and it did the same thing, then I switched my ram, and same thing. I hope it's not my motherboard cuz then I have to take everything out etc. Could it be a driver issue?
  2. Yay, I just build a new comp tonight and I decided to use the DFI Lan Party mobo. It's installing xp right now, but I got a look at the bios and it's so pretty .
  3. I figured it out. I installed a bad version of bios I guess on my gigabyte board. At first I thought it was the hd so I went out and bought a new one and it did the same exact thing, I was really depressed. But now it's up and running again, thanks.
  4. No I haven't overclocked it or anything, and when I try and install windows 98, an illegal operation occurs and I end up missing dll files > . Should I reformat again and try reinstalling windows...again?
  5. I decided to just reformat, and it wont let me do it through windows for some reason so I put in the xp cd and I'm doign a reinstall of it. But when it hits the "examining disk 0" and so on it just freezes. There isn't a progress indicator and no light/noise from the hd. Please help!
  6. I recently got a 9600xt and installed it etc. Now I'm going to sell my comp w/ my old gf3ti500 so I can build a new one. But the problem is when I put in my gf3ti500 (I uninstall the ati drivers and everything) my computer is amazingly slow and it takes about 10 minutes to start up windows, then when it finally starts up the mouse lags a lot. Any suggestions to how I can fix this w/o reformatting? and I have windows xp pro.
  7. That's the thing, I am logged in as administrator, I can't figure this out.
  8. It gives an error saying "I'm not logged in as supervisor" so that I cant change anything or even unistall it. I have no Idea how to log in because there is no option for it. I just want to get rid of the craped thing. When I go into add/remove programs and I try to uninstall it, it gives me the same error. Anyone know how to login and/or most preferably know how to just remove norton completely? Thanks.
  9. When I start up my friends computer, nothing loads but the desktop, I can get to the task manager, cmd prompt and other stuff like that, but there is not desktop and cannot load programs etc. Do I need to reinstall XP or is there an easier way? Thanks
  10. So the grease for the 9+ sucks eh? I was already thinking about going and getting some of the arctic silver compound, but I'm confused cuz it used to run around 42, I oc'd a bit and as soon as it got to 50 I let off, then I eventually just put it back to the normal settings. Now my cpu is running hot, It was crammed up against a desk cuz my mom is stupid . So I'll try all these things, the compound isnt too much. So thanks, but I would like more suggestions.
  11. I have a volcano 9+ heatsink/fan on my 2000+ xp cpu, I haven't oc'd it or anything and it's running at aroud 60 C. I put a little of the cpu compound on the cpu but not too much, and it was the stuff that came with the volcano. Please gimmie some suggestions.
  12. My mx500 pwns, and it's comfortable, and it never skips, and the buttons are purrrrfect. the only problem are the logitech drivers, they bl0w. Don't get a wireless mouse if you play games like CS, cuz they have a slight lag in them that the wired mouses don't (found this out with a ms mouse), not really sure if it's the same with the new mx700. But I like my mouse lots.
  13. I know what you mean by having a twitch problem, that's the mouse accleration that the new drivers added. I have a mx500, and I wanted to use all of the 8 buttons on the mouse so I installed the drivers. It automatically added mouse accel again even after I got it off of xp. So I went into the properties window for the mouse and it had an option to turn mouse accel off, so I turned it off and went back to playing CS....it was still on. So this is my conclusion: Logitech makes good products but their drivers are sooooooo extremely horrible. I just couldnt stand it so I uninstalled all of the drivers.
  14. Right now my computer is on broadcast, and we are trying to do a lan and he can't connect to some parts of the network. I need to find out how to switch it to multitask, but I don't know how. Plz help.
  15. Hosher

    Nintendo Sucks

    The reason I bought a gamecube was because of Super Smash bros. and Perfect Dark. But both games got all screwed up cuz Microsoft bought Rare (perfect dark, kameo), and Pikachu sucked nuts in ssbm! Bah!
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