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  1. 790Fx isn't treating many of us well here in the Gigabyte (concentration) camp... http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?p=4193933#post4193933 DC
  2. I buy everything from Newegg. HIS 2600xt AGP - 140$ shipped. 512mb 128-bit DDR3. Used for a week to get DXVA on my socket 754, which I am now selling.. DVI>HDMI adapter & DVI>HDMI cable included. This has the stock fan not ICEQ, but it is SO much quieter than the VisionTek version of this card, it's not a bother when running. 7600GS Gigabyte silent-pipe AGP - 50$ shipped. 256mb 128-bit DDR2. Had this card for a year prior to the 2600xt. Gigabyte silent-pip version; great card. Mobile 4000+ Athlon 64 (Venice IIRC) - 130$ shipped. This runs at 3gHz solid on air (Big Typhoon) with 1.5v in my DFI 250GB UT Nf3. Thermaltake Big typhoon (revision1) - 23$ shipped. Like new, but you need to buy 8$ mounting kit from http://www.thermaltakeshop.com/rep/rep-cooler.html (2) x 1GB Samsung DDR - 80$ shipped. UCCC K4H5108 chips. Part#: PC3200U-30331-E0 CL3 - These ran at 250 in the 250gb UT. DFI 250GB UT Nforce3 - 25$ shipped. Just the board; I'lll check if I have the backplate. contact: jcatuccioATtampabayDOTrrDOTcom heatware:jonathancatuccio
  3. From the VisioTek website (for the AGP 2600xt): "ATI Avivo
  4. I've got the OCDB template for my board; what do I do with it when I'm done. Post it on my website and link to it in my post? thanks DC
  5. New to SuperPi so not sure how to max out the performance but I didn't do much better than some of the under 3gHz clocks that had higher FSBs ....maybe when I add some new RAM; it will run 250x12 instead of my current 231x13. Took quite a bit of work to get this rig rocking steady with x64 Pro but I have been using it for almost two years. www.catuccio.net/1m.jpg www.catuccio.net/32m.jpg DC:cool:
  6. Same question here.....always used to avoid these but tightening up the system lately. I have the OS backedup with Acronis so I plan on installing a new Remix 11? pack tonight; I'll post back here soon. BTW - do you have any problems with a nic related BSOD? If I try to do anything manually with my current network connection I can trigger a BSOD. The newest Remix driver pack mentions a fix (for XP not x64) for a nic throughput BSOD. http://forums.nvidia.com/lofiversion/index.php?t20585.html "ETHERNET DRIVERS NOTE Uninstall your current Ethernet Drivers COMPLETELY, before installing the nforce 3/4 ethernet drivers in this pack." I think I'll BSOD if I try to do this but I'll give it a whirl. DC
  7. Patriot 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model PDC1G3200+XBLK - 120$ shipped obo
  8. "As you can see, 2-2-2-10-1T at 235MHz is quite aggressive, and was only possible on the 05/04 BIOS. However multipliers other than 13 caused instability on this BIOS, and the other options provided better performance." What do you mean by instability? RAID array errrors? I am clocking the RAM safe, know it can do 250 and still getting array errros & serial controller (20+ instances listed at post then no load past windows boot screen). I am at 250x12 so non -stock multi so should I try the 6/23? v/r DC
  9. Reset all my old settings and tunred of CPC.....was getting the Raid Array Error again an couldn't post to Win. CPC off allowed me to do that. DC
  10. The onboard NIC has always seemed a weak spot on this board, both from what I have read and experienced. BT has been acting weird lately, and my upload speed and capability got locked down by like never before even upon low upload rates. Just got a bluescreen, and then a checksum errror at post. All defaults loaded in BIOS (NOT BY ME). WTF....did my board just die? thanks DC
  11. I use a socket adapter to tighten teh nuts. It is big on top so it is like a thumbscrew; perfect for tightening them down. I plan on pulling the PC and check the nuts in a few days after a week of the Pc being on at 3gHz. The RAID array screen was maybe due to Vdimm more than anything. I get a pause at boot logo but I think this is because have 2 SATA drives; at first I thought chipset vopltage was curing this and the Raid Array error but nope. I am leaving it at 1.7 to be safe and AGP is at 1.5. I have tried 67mHz in the past and my card HATED it......ObjectBar would freeze and all kinds of problems. 66 doesn't lock it at 66? USB keyboard support is off and my temps are a little high, but this thing is on TIGHT...the core is probably about to burst at the seams......:eek: And I'm at 1.5 Vcore....adding some new fans next week so we'll see. I'll try the nail polish especially if the nuts have loosened, or even if they haven't ....yet. DC
  12. I do but ruined the mount for it. You'd have to add spacers or shims where I sanded it down. 20$ shipped.
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