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  1. Sabmac

    A Simple And Ridiculous Question.

    Bloody hell, nice work guys. My thanks is with you all.
  2. Sabmac

    A Simple And Ridiculous Question.

    That's what I was thinking. It's a tool-less setup so it has clips (thermaltake armor) and I figure, I would rather have an internal drive than an external...
  3. I simply hooked up my old drive, set the new drive for boot in the BIOS, and was away. Amateur but got the job done. Had a lot of issues with setting ownership to the fies in the old My Documents folder, but that was fixed with a google search and a safe executable. I can't boot XP properly from the old drive though, computer says no.
  4. Is it possible to store a 3.5" HDD in a 3.5" optical slot? I'm at work now and this question has arisen, figured I could get an answer quicker here than waiting 6 hours to get home...
  5. Sabmac

    Building New Gaming Pc

    Get the e8400 instead of the e8500. I wish I did. The performance difference is minimal, the price difference maximal.
  6. Sabmac

    Champions League Final

    Well, I at least am glad Man-U won. Can't stand Ronaldo, but can't stand Chelsea as a whole. Big year for Man U, well done to 'em.
  7. Sabmac

    Upgrade Time

    BFG will probably work better in DOOM.
  8. Sabmac

    Gigabyte 8800GT Contest

    I could enter this competition, but then I'd be sending in a photo of my graphics card to win... the same graphics card. Actually, I like how awesome that sounds.
  9. Sabmac

    Best Fps Game?

    LOL, fair play, fair play.
  10. Sabmac

    Best Fps Game?

    Ahh, but some conjoined twins don't have one!
  11. Sabmac

    Cod4 Players On Occ?

    I used to play hardcore TDM almost every day, but my new box booted with Vista can only find 700 odd servers so I can't even connect to a server via inputted IP. If I boot from XP (dual booted) it finds close to 18000. No idea why. Haven't played in a while.
  12. Sabmac

    The Age Of Console Gaming Is At An End?

    Which ended up being a bit of a disappointment.
  13. Sabmac

    Best Fps Game?

    Oh yes. i used to be a big CS and BF2 player, but CoD4 has them sorted (if you're playing a game mode that suits you).
  14. I've got Vista Home Basic 32 and XP Pro 32 dual-booted on my system.
  15. I use a DVI ---> HDMI cable and it works flawlessly.